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When you don't know what to say...

August 29, 2014

I am at a strange place situationally and spiritually, I thought I was placed where I am, to reflect, grow in my relationship with God, learn of and lean on God's peace, grace, and favor,but it seems I have anything BUT any of those things right now. I still try to praise God through the trials, but there are things I just DON't understand. I know that I am instructed to trust in GOD with all my heart, and lean not on my OWN understanding. I have so many questions and so few answers... but mostly, I can't help but repeat the question constantly, WHY? I and my family, have been moved or should I say, up- rooted more times than I care to mention or remember. Although God has always had our back, I still do not quite get what the "lesson" is. I know there are seasons that we all go through, but mine has seemed to last for longer than I can bear.Would yiou pray that GOD provides for our needs, and that I will clearly see what good can come of what we are going through. Thank You

Daughter's Operation

August 29, 2014

My daughter has to have blood transfusions for the next few days before she goes for surgery on 2 Sep. Please pray for all to go well for her and that God will increase her faith, she is very anxious about this experience.

Family Healing and Restoration

August 29, 2014

Please pray for healing and restoration for my family. The devil is attacking us and we need prayer for Jesus to be victorious and deliver us. Please pray that our family is reunited quickly and that the devil is stopped from hurting our family any more. Let God's will be done. Thank you.

abcess tooth no means for operation

August 29, 2014

Abcess tooth

Daughter needs prayers

August 28, 2014

I do not know much except my daughter sent out a request to pray for her and her family -- she said that she does not want any questions asked -- just send out prayers. I greatly appreciate jour prayers! Thank you!

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