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Prayer for Family Salvation and Healing

July 29, 2014

This prayer is for my mother in law and my father-in-law. My mother-in-law grew up in a wonderful Christian environment with a minister as a pastor. Over the years she has made some mistakes and wandered away from her upbringing with Christ. She still holds on to a lot of regret from her past and is currently dealing with the loss of her wonderful mother which she is taking hard. She was also diagnosed with epilepsy about four years ago and is still dealing with the effects of this disease on her daily life. Please pray that her relationship with the Lord would be restored and that she would rely on him to bring her through these difficult times. She is married to a wonderful man my father in law. He was not raised in a Christian home and does not believe in God. I have been praying for his salvation for a long time. Please pray with me that his heart would be burdened to hear the Lord and except him as Savior and that the seeds my husband and I have planted would grow in him.

Calling the things that be not as though they were

July 27, 2014

My husband loves me and the lord like christ loves the church. My husband desires me and me only as his wife and only woman. My husband hears gods voice and only gods voice and a stranger he will not hear. My husband seeks no other women for himself. My husband is a godly man and gives no place to satan. My husband puts the the lord first and seeks godly wisdom. He has understanding of what a marriage is and how to treat me. He hungers and thirsts after righteousness. He detests evil and its desires. He hates sin. He has agape love. He is coming home in jesus mighty name. He puts the lord first me second and family 3rd. I declare and decree these all all so in Jesus Name.

son and granddaughter

July 26, 2014

I have asked prayer for my son before because he has been dating a girl that will not go to church and his daughter is not really happy when the girl is around. Now he is starting to miss alot of church and keep his daughter out of church. when I say something he start find fault in the church. Please prayer that he will please stay in God,s will. Please prayer for the sick in my family


July 25, 2014

This afternoon I am going to record a CD of Christian songs that are special to my heart. I am very anxious about it!! I haven't recorded but one time previously and it was many, many years ago. Also a bit anxious about the person doing the recording...will he think I am nuts for attempting to do this? Please pray for me that throughout the whole process I will keep God in the front of my brain and heart and that the end result will be a blessing to those I will share it with.

Protection and Truth

July 24, 2014

Please pray a hedge of protection over my family and I. Pray we are kept from harm and those planning harm and doing harm are exposed. Please pray healing over my family and for relief from our current situations. Please pray God intervenes and keeps us safe. Pray our babies are covered in the blood of Jesus and never harmed and live a life full of love and happiness.

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