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Please pray we will adopt our daughter. Thank you!

April 09, 2014

I am writing to ask prayer for our foster daughter who we've had since she was 3 days old. She's almost 11 months old now. We are the only parents she's known, however her birth-parents like the care we've given her, and her birth-mother has expressed a desire she stays with us if they cannot get their lives in order. We love this baby very much. A petition for her has been filed from another family member. Friends of their family warned this would be bad for the baby. Please pray we will adopt her. Thanks.

financial need/or will be homeless

April 23, 2014

i am working a part time job but unless this financial need of 700.00 is met by May 10, 2014 i will be homeless.

prayers for our son Dillon

April 23, 2014

Please prayer for our 18yr old son Dillon. He went to the ER with chest pain. His EKG came back abnormal.the biatrial valves on his heart are enlarged. He is at the Cardiologist now. I know God is in control. But we need prayers. Thank you

Please pray for our little girl. Thank you.

April 23, 2014

Hello. I am writing to ask for prayer regarding our foster daughter who we've had since she was 3 days old. She will soon be a year old. As this baby's parents, we have nurtured her, loved her, and protected her. At this time, we stand a possibility of losing this child, who we know as our daughter, to circumstances which I fear will be traumatic, and could even be harmful. In addition, these circumstances may cost her a relationship with her siblings who live in another home. This baby is our daughter. She knows us as her parents. This is absolutely tearing our hearts out, and we're asking God to please extend mercy to both us, and to the baby for her well being, her future, and her safety. Please pray that God will protect this little baby, spare her from trauma, and that her world will not be ripped away from her. Please pray that eyes blinded by selfish hearts will be opened, and that we will adopt our little "Dessie". Thank you!

Nursing School Final Exam in med-surg

April 21, 2014

Please God in Jesus name and all the prayer warriors that see this please please pray for my daughter and her fellow classmates to be victorious on their med-surg final in the morning!! In Jesus name guide them and take away their anxiety and help them to choose the best answers from all their preparation and study!! To GOD be the GLory!!!

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