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Facing Eviction...Help Us Save Our Home

July 10, 2014

My Mighty Prayer Warriors, I know that I have posted many times still hoping and praying for an (URGENT) financial miracle. If there was ever a time that I need a mighty, mighty prayer army its now. Around 9:30 pm, I received a notice that I had been fearing. The landlord affixed a delinquency notice to my door demanding payment of rent (4 months) in order to avoid eviction. As you can imagine, I am fret with worry for I have nowhere to go. My new job is scheduled to begin 7/14; and, I am expecting a small refund between 7/18-21. I am planning to speak to the landlord later today in hope and anticipation that she will have some compassion; and a mutual agreement can be reached so that we can stay in our home. I reached out to my parents whom again, turned their back on me. My father's response: 'Ok. When is this going to happen? Oh well, what are you going to do?' My uncle, Tim, said that he may be able to help next month; but, right now, unfortunately, he can't help. Yet, he let me know that he would if he could. Members of the church have asked what I need to 'keep me going'; but, the mere mention of money, they disappear. I have now turned to crowd funding in an effort to raise monies. Please continue to hold us in thought and prayer that God will send me an 'angel'. Also, please stand in agreement with me that the landlord will have some compassion and agree to some form of payment arrangement so that we can still have a home. I will be extremely grateful for your continued thoughts and prayers. Thank you and may God continue to bless. -Deb & Lil Man

Diet and Exercise

July 08, 2014

I have been off my diet and exercise plan resulting in me gaining the weight back. I am struggling with being consistent. I want to loose weight to get healthy and lead healthy lifestyle. Please help me with getting back on track and being consistent and have this be effortless. Thank you

Chemo treatments

July 08, 2014

I am taking adriamycin for cancer. This is my third treatment with this. Each time I loose my appetite and loose weight because I can't eat. I keep all the fluids I can drink but no taste for food. Last time I had to get two bags of fluid and a steroid to pull me through. Today the doctor called me in a steroid to take at home to boost my appetite . I feel like this chemo is literally drying me up. For real my cells are dying! I need prayer that I can eat tonight. I feel like a fish on sand trying to get back in the water to live. Please pray for me.

Daughter and Daugther-in-law

July 08, 2014

Asking prayer for my daughter and her children. My daughter has two children out of wedlock. She is currently living with the father of both children and they plan on getting married which has been in progress for several years now. My daughter was brought up in a Christian family and knows God disapproves of the living together without the unity of marriage. Please pray that my daughter and her fianc would put God first in their relationship. Pray that both would attend the same church worshiping God together and dedicate their children to God. Praying for God's wisdom on how to communicate with them on this issue.

Lot's Wife

July 08, 2014

Please pray for my deliverance from homosexuality, for humililty and Godly sorrow to flood my heart. For my repentance toward God and faith unto The Lord Jesus Christ. I am a stiff necked, stubborn, proud,stone hearted backslider. The LORD delivered me before but I foolishy turned away from him in pride. When I try to repent and draw nigh to Him I, like Lot's wife, look back.

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