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Hedge of Protection/God's Work to be done

July 08, 2014

I ask for prayer for my husband and my family. My husband has been free from the bonds of pornography addiction for over a year now. In that time he has truly been repentant and has a heart change. I can see God working in him. The Lord has granted him mercy and forgiveness and so has our family. Our marriage has been restored and our family united. He has been asked to speak on several occassions and has recently accepted an invitation. I am certain that the devil has been working on him and he has stated so with making him nervous about speaking and playing mind tricks to doubt that God can use him. I pray that the Lord will send a host of angels to surround my husband and my family. That he will not allow the devil to touch any of our lives and that he will continue to stay away from these sins. That God will annoint my husband and use him as a tool to share the gospel and further His kingdom. I pray that the Lord will give me peace and understanding. I ask you to join me in prayer. In Christ Love, a Thankful and Blessed Wife


July 22, 2014

I am really in need of prayers right now. I am very close to my monthly goal at work to get my bonus for next month. I could really use the bonus because my wife and I are expecting a baby in September.

update / urget change

July 19, 2014

Please lift me up in prayer. I am at the in of my rope with so many things in life. I thought I found a smaller , less costly school to send out school to . My husband and I have been fighting over our son's education and money for over 2 years now. My husband is a proud man , he also lives in denil about all the issues our sons has, he often babies our son and is doing him more harm than good anymore. I was told by my husband this morning that , there was no way , our son would go to any other school but the one he has been going to. This has drained our bank account so bad the last 2 years , we no longer have enough to keep going from pay check to pay check. I have gone without seeing my doctors for almost 3 years now, or getting any screens that I need. It is getting to the point now where I am having to go 2 days without my pills now, because with school getting ready to start back , we got to get uniforms for school and supplies. I just feel so burden down now. I want to be around for my son,but feel everybody else would be better off if I wasn't. My husband wont listen to me . He treats me like I have cost him so much ,because of my health issues , family history , lack of a good education , and some poor choices I made years ago. I am doing my best to be a good wife and mother ,but it is never enough for my husband . I just want all this to stop !


July 16, 2014

God, I ask for prayers for my daughter that she be guided my hand to her future husband. She prays for a loving, non smoking non drinking no tatoo man with whom to share her faith and life and raise a family. She is at point in her life that this is the only person that can fill those voids in ther life. There are several guy interested a church but apparently have not been really commited to her as a person. Lord, please give her strength and guide to the person you have chosen for her so that she will be able to praise you for the rest of her life. She has been alone and trying to solve older adult in life issues. She needs that special listening ear. Thank you Lord for everything. This I ask in your name Amern.

my beautiful daughter has lost her belief in God and is making bad choices in her life that is hurting those who love her only God can help her she is lost

July 16, 2014


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