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peace and patience

October 17, 2014

Please pray that I can keep my mouth shut and be respectful of my person I work with. I have really been struggling this today with her mouth and attitude.

A Gaston church needs your help

October 17, 2014

Gaston Evangelical church in Gaston SC needs your help. We want to be able to provide exercise classes to people in our community that would not otherwise be able to pay for something like this. We are looking for exercise instructors of any type of exercise that need hrs to get their cert. or just someone that already has their cert. and wants to simply just help a community. The need is great here with adults and children alike. If you are interested or know of someone that would like to help have them contact me Robin Lucas at or call 803-917-3583 We want to start in Nov. Please help us help our community we also want to have a health fair to screen for Diabetes , high blood pressure, celiac disease , nutrition needs

need pray for our home.

October 17, 2014

my husband took a chance and try to refi or do a loan modification on our home. I am fearful now that they were a fraud things are looking bad they are talking about lost migration sending papers on a short sale etc. My husband has put his trust in these people and sent them money to help us and the only contact we have are through email and some phone calls. he is fearful and will not call the co. directly that owns our loan. I just want him to stand up and be proactive and head this thing face on and get it straight this co asked for money up front to help get this loan mod done red flag o# 1 for me now we have not made a payment in over a year and we owe over 18k there is no way on earth we can pay that like the co is asking for now. This is going to take shear act from God which I know can happen I just hope my husband can with stand whatever comes out of this . He is weak in that he is trying to over come alcohol and anxiety issues. please help us pray

Latest update from Rick

October 16, 2014

I posted a request asking all of you to pray for me as my creditors are threatening me. Latest update, Benson gave me till Monday and SF gave me till Tuesday to pay. Please continue to pray for me that YY Joeline and AY will not be nasty, especially YY Joeline, I need God to soften her heart. Please pray that the court case that Benson took up against my sister (she is my guarantor) will be close and dropped miraculously. I also need God to send me a huge financial miracle. Please pray for me! Thanks to those who are praying and continue praying for me, it is once again proven that prayer works! I really appreciated it!

Move on...

October 13, 2014

I need to move on God, break this wall in front of me. I'm tired of the bad memories coming back in my mind. Lead the path God. My name is Jason. INJIP, AMEN

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