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Direct deposit

October 25, 2016

To go through without glitches or stops tomorrow 10/26 as it has done, God knows the details and how we are living month to month. Also for school grants and loan due on 1/11/2017. Permanent long term employment by first quarter of next year. If rapist, murderers, illegals, or worse can be employed and have job security to the point of punishing the victim for being the victims and continuing this behavior and reward them! mind you; than God has to show me something.


October 24, 2016

My dear Father in Heaven , I come to you in Jesus name , to ask you guidance from your Holy Spirit , Guide me in all aspect of my life , i need your light to show me the way always , talk to me in many different clear ways , talk to me even in the night dreams , i want your guiding voice to surround me and overwhelm me totally , recommend your angels to take charge over me because you are Lord of hosts , recommend your angels always to show me the right and fruitful way in every thing the way where i find you always waiting me in it , the way which please your heart towards me , Fill my life with miracles and wonders i want the following wonders and miracles in my ministry , bless my life more and more spiritually , financially , socially and practically .. In Jesus name i ask you to bring me the desire of my heart and to remove all the hindrances and obstacles , Support me to overcome every challenge in my way and life .. I know you will answer my request .. In Jesus name ..

God's grace

October 18, 2016

Dear Beloved. Please pray for favor from God to break & destroy obstacles of me and my beloved well wishers and make our work done fruitfully with great success permanently, for protection everywhere and please pray to break all my addictions and restore my & my beloved well wishers all good, health and finances and make all my odds to evens forever permanently at all times and for a good job and career plan for me and please pray for the strong favor of god upon me and our sins to become virtues every time with out any hassles and disturbances for us and salvation of us each time forever permanently at all times. Yours loving brother, Kiran.

Opening the doors for marriage

October 24, 2016

Stand in agreement with me for opening the door for marriage , i am single and have not been married , and i am a christian minister and want a girl from God to bless my life and my Journey in full time ministry , most of girls i met concerns about marriage from pastor , i want holy friendship with holy and clean love story lead to marriage .. In Jesus mighty name , Amen

This week

October 23, 2016

Please pray I have the strength and energy to get through this week. I am so broken right now and in extreme pain. Dear god please help me. I need you father. In Jesus name please send me the miracle I need right now. Carry me through this week as I don't have the strength or energy to carry myself.

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