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need your prayers

October 31, 2014

Please pray for me, I have a lump in my left breast.Pray that the Lord will just dissolve it miraculously.Please pray for my mother in law too.She has some problem with her lungs, nodule.Please pray that it is not cancerous.Please pray that she will be healed too.Please pray that she will open her heart to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Please pray for my mother who has some thyroid problem causing her to have palpitation and that the Lord willl give her wisdom to take care of herself and that the Lord will provide their needs.Thank you.God bless you.

Pray for ex daughter in law and her baby and my son

October 30, 2014

Pray for ex daughter in law in the hospital. she had emergency C-section yesterday. and baby not doing good. Pray for my son who didnt know she was pregnant as this is hurting him. Pray for my sons peace in Jesus Name

Please have favor at work

October 30, 2014

I really try to bless my coworkers, but then something always comes back to bite me in the butt. I just do not understand how some people through others under the bus? I just do not do things that way, please help me understand, forgive and be a blessing to my coworkers. In Jesus name I ask, AMEN~

Two Things

October 30, 2014

I have admitted to a very close friend my abuse issues with specific medications. ( plus my spouse) I pray to be delivered from this addiction and that I will be blessed with the ability to never depend on a substance again. I pray the Lord will heal my mind. and The 2nd thing is- I was praying for things to change in my work environment, and then this week my boss told me she will no longer be our boss, because she is changing locations. Now we have our specialist who works close with my boss, I hope she becomes our BIG BOSS because she is lovely and has somewhat of a relationship with Jesus. I pray that She would have FAVOR and be a BLESSING AS A GREAT LEADER FOR OUR WORK ENVIRONMENT. Thank you so much. Amen

Grandson's behavior in school

October 30, 2014

Please pray for Daniel who is in 7th grade. His biological father is in prison for child abuse. Daniel has not seen him for 4 years. He was adopted by my son in law. He has been going to counseling but he does not want to open up to anyone about the things he saw his biological father do to his 3 older brothers and himself. He also has dyslexia and is in some special ed classes in school. He does not like to ask for help. He seems to rather be known as the naughty kid instead of the "stupid" kid. That is a label that his father had put on him. He does attend a youth group every week at our church. He is such a good kid otherwise and amazingly has been passing his classes. Please pray that he will open up and make the right choices when he is in school and other social settings. I have been praying that he will know that Jesus loves him and he is not stupid and worthless. God Bless, Karen

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