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Please continue praying for us, please

September 30, 2016

I ask that you please keep me in prayers. I have been battling with my ex-husband for child custody over 1 year. When we separated, he took me to court to take our daughter away from me. The last time in court we were given a 50/50 custody. I appealed the case and it was heard in circuit court. In circuit court I was granted Primary Physical Custody, and now he appealed "the APPEAL" so that it is heard in Courts of Appeal. To cut the long story short, I have spent over 30k in attorney fees. He want to take my daughter for the wrong reasons. He has so much hate towards me that it scares me. Lastly, he has filed a police report against me accusing me of financial wrong doing or something to that extent. I do not have a lot of information on this since it is still under investigation. There is so much hatred in this man's heart and he will not stop. Every day is something new. He is always thinking of a way to hurt me through our daughter. He knows that by t rying to take my daughter, is the only way he can hurt me as nothing else will. I am still awaiting of what will happen in the latest appeal. I pray that he does not accomplish his evil desires to put me in jail so he takes our daughter. I also pray that this latest appeal goes nowhere. i am up to my neck in debt for attorney fees and I cannot continue spending more money as his accusations have no base. I am a good mother, I attend to my daughter's needs. I provide for my daughter and have provided for over 1 year on my own without him paying or contributing to anything for her expenses. I have not put any child support on him AND offered not to put child support as long as he stops taking me to court. He declined this offer so I asked my attorney to put child support on him because he does not provide for my daughter but YET he takes away money by taking me to court as he wishes and this results in significant legal expenses that I can be using towards our daughters education and general expenses. I am praying, fasting AND I have my trust in Jesus Christ. I am asking for prayers. In the name of Jesus Christ. Please pray for me and my daughter. Amen

Hunger and Thirst for Jesus

September 29, 2016

Please pray that Natalie would have a hunger and thirst for Jesus and would be drawn to reading the Word of God on a regular basis.

Healing and Restoration

September 27, 2016

Heavenly Father, Three months ago, my world was turned upside down. The one I was committed to for life...walked out of my life unexpectedly. Hurting our whole family. I have finally seen in him what brought this harsh and sudden decision. He has distorted beliefs/thinking. And he doesn't see them, he only reacts to them. I recognize it clearly as I went through therapy for my own. Father, please take those unhealthy thinking patterns away from him. I believe he is hurting deeply inside. I feel an overwhelming heaviness for him. I ask that you take those burdening feelings and thoughts, casting them far away. Allow love, peace, and a renewed hope to take their place. Protect him. I love him dearly and pray for doors to open, and walls to be knocked down. Reconnecting our hearts once more. Cast out the evil that is trying to destroy. In Jesus Name!

Healing for Kelsey

September 27, 2016

Pls pray for immediate healing from recurring stomach pain and discomfort for my daughter Kelsey. Pls pray she is healed healthy and whole. Pls pray she finds immediate relief and healing and will be pain free from any stress, anxiety, illness or any other matters causing her stomach pains. Praying for comfort and peace of mind daily. By Jesus stripes, I declare complete and total healing upon Kelsey's mind, body, spirit and soul. In the mighty name of Jesus! Amen!

Gods Favor

September 27, 2016

Lord Jesus I bring my son Leland to you. I pray You would exult the power of the cross , the blood of Jesus, your protection and your favor upon his life. I pray by Your resurrection that You would cancel his debt and clear him from charges pending against him for his upcoming court case on October 13th. Shine your face upon Leland and help him to acknowledge You as Lord and Savior. Use this time in Leland's life to bring him to a saving knowledge of You. I invite you into the situation and for the blood of Jesus to be upon the lawyers, judge, court documents, etc. and pray Your love and grace will prevail and there will be alternative resources provided to Leland that will allow him to rebound and rebuild his life in a positive manner to glorify you. Praying for godly mentors and angels to surround, encourage and protect Leland during this time of difficulty. Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy upon Leland. In Jesus name, Amen! God is Able!

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