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Please Help Me Be Strong

September 29, 2014

I have posted prayers on this site for friends and family, but it has always been for others. Now, I need your prayers. I am facing the greatest challenge of my life where those who do not even know me constantly attack me because I am standing up for something I believe in and that I know is truly right and just. They hurl insults and untruths at me. They degrade and attack my moral character, but still, I believe that God is aware of my suffering and is by my side. Still, it is a daily struggle. Sometimes I find it difficult to get out of bed and face the next day's challenges, which seem endless and relentless. I am asking for prayers to help me be strong, to trust in Jesus to give me strength to persevere and to prevail. I turn to Him in my darkest moments, but lately, they are too many. Please pray for me to always draw on my strength and on my faith in my darkest hour. Amen.


September 25, 2014

Pass Quiz and Test in Math class this Monday and in Oct, Lord you know the details I more than do my part do yours! Please. You know the details of how bad the test are that are given by the prof and that it has nothing to do with the material yet we are suppose to be able to read her mind lol. Homeless, secure a home for me or tell me what to do, I am staying with an elderly lady helping out in exchange to sleep there, I'm never there and shower but I am not paying rent, although she is well to do, she expects to be paid, please resolve this, may she decide what to do or open a door for me to live in. I have no on and am a mature female that returned to school. Had to. Touch my son and deliver him from drugs and alcohol completely, Salvation for him always baptize him in the Holy Spirit and his 2 year old daughter.

Praise Report: "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning." (James 1:17)

September 25, 2014

By the Infinite Benevolence - Grace, Goodness and Mercy of our Almighty Heavenly Father God, that endureth forever in Jesus Christ: our Saviour, our God, our King, our Lord and our Master: My beloved daughter/a child of God by faith and repentance in the ATONING BLOOD of Jesus Christ, is scheduled to move into her "new" apartment on October 1, 2014. Faithful, Heavenly Father God: I THANK YOU, for loving all of my precious children so much more than I ever could and certainly much, much more than I do. Please continue to bestow, upon my beloved daughter as she travels to and fro, wherever she may go, whatsoever is necessary, so that each day of her life, she may always bring maximum Honor, Praise and Glory to YOU. --- "Even every one that is called by MY NAME: for I have created him for MY GLORY, I have formed him; yea, I have made him....... Ye are MY witnesses, saith the LORD, and MY servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe ME, and understand that I AM HE: before ME there was no God formed, neither shall there be after ME. I, even I, AM the LORD; and beside ME there is no SAVIOUR. Yea, before the day was I AM HE; and there is none that can deliver out of MY HAND: I will work, and who shall let it? (Isaiah 43:7, 10, 11, 13 KJV) AMEN

Prayer for a Friend

September 25, 2014

I have a friend who has a pretty tough time with life and how busy it is sometimes. She doesn't have the most supportive family, and her grandmother is having some health complications as well. She is battling depression (and has been for some time, by my understanding) and while she's doing better right now, I want the best for her, and I know that the best always comes through God. I would appreciate your prayers for her to find God, for her life to be manageable, and for her to overcome her depression. Thank you and God bless.

Pray for depression to break off

September 22, 2014

I am pretty sure I have been depressed on and off my whole entire life. I still suffer from, what I am guessing is, Post dramatic stress ( Very rough child hood growing up.) I shut down, take offensive, over think everything, feel very bad about myself, unmotivated, unorganized at times. Basically, I have more bad days then GOOD. My mindset effects everyone. I am like a wild wolf running around in my mind at times. I just want to be stable. I had counceling before, I do not know if I can fit that in my work life. What do I do? Please pray that GOD would heal me, I just can't keep living this way anymore. I do not have hobbies, I really worry to much about what others think of me, or I always assume I am in big trouble when I make a mistake. I am to hard on myself. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!

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