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April 15, 2014

I have to have another surgery on my neck in June & now going to see oncologist cause after 28 yrs. the lymphomatoid papoulous has returned to haunt me again. I am hoping that the Drs. have different ideas now instead of chemotherapy. I pray daily several times why all this now.Amen


April 15, 2014

Thx to the scheduling dept messing up on my assingments, Iv been charged with person al miles.I recieved an email stated they r planning to take almost $200 out of my next check??That;s our gas and grocery money!! MY ONLY HOPE IS THAT WHEN I call them this am, thst they will agree to do it in small increments??If not, I will have to resort to using my emergency money, which is alocotted for other emergencies?? And hubby STILL hasnt heard from anything eihter?? My income is the only income we have. And to lose $200 really hurts----Pray that God will provide thru another way------

Please Pray for me

April 10, 2014

I have a job that I do enjoy. I work in the beauty industry. The job I am at, is very passive aggressive. The management team has about 4 people plus 2 bosses. Today I needed to get my car into the shop so I could have it fixed on my day off. Well, I let my manager know in the morning if I could leave early to get it fixed or in the shop so I was able to come to work Saturday without any problems. Well one manager then told me know, then another told me yes, I didn't get a break and I was starving, so finally my manager said I could go when my coworker came back from lunch. Then I saw my coworker come back from her break so I talked to the other manager and he said " Well I think you are gonna take a lunch " and I was so frusterated becaues I was hungry, confused and worried. So I started to cry. Then my manager said " breathe, its okay, I will be right back." So they are all in the back and my boss comes out and all the manages said I could leave because my boss was going to come out and work the last 1hr 1/2 shift I had left. So I go in the back and my female manager who is really nice, told me that they were irritated with me because I cry all the time? Through me off, because I am a genuine soul, and that is only because of GOD. I cry here and there at work, ( yes I am sensitive.) but they said I "Cry all the time at work." what the heck? I felt bad leaving to take care of my responsblitie and I started to cry even more, because I knew I would be thinking about that my boss was unhappy with me . I seriously am such a team player, I am a great worker and they all know that. But to talk down about me behind my back really hurts because I do my best and I bend backwards for them. It was just like a slap in the face, and its making me not even want to go back to work on saturday. I feel totally disrespected and unappreciated. Not exactly sure what to do. Please pray for me and write me some encouraging notes, because I need some. Thank you.

freedom from cancer, pain, and guidance for a couple of my dear friends.

April 10, 2014

My Pastor has been recently diagnosed with uteris/ovarian cancer and needs full hysterectomy. Another dear friend has a young mentally challenged daughter, who witnessed her father on his day of visitation; try to commit suicide. I just heard of both of these last night and could use great multitude of prayers. Thank you

Anxiety, Panic, Fear, Being alone

April 09, 2014

I have been divorced for five years now to a man whom I still love. Our second daughter will be getting married next year. I am still alone, and he will be bringing yet another one of his gf's. I am not to bring anyone, and I am afraid to travel all the way to the wedding alone. I am not an outgoing person, and will be there five days. I have been having regular panic attacks over this, experienced nightmares, have been fearful as well. The other thing is that my sleep is way out of sync - I cannot sleep until wee hours in the a.m. I used to never miss church, and now I have not gone except twice in the last two years or so. I never see hardly another person and spend too much time in my apt. I cannot get up in time for my bible study. I need a miracle in my life. Please, would you pray for me? My daughters do not want anything to do with me as they all side with their dad due to the divorce. He has the house and I have a low income apartment. I do not even have my little dog any more so am truly alone. I will just lie in bed and shake for hours, dreading the sunshine outside as I have nobody with which to spend it. Please, pray...

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