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Pray for kittens health

September 17, 2014

Four weeks ago my mother in laws neighbor had kittens under her shed, the mother cat was hit out on the road. Vet said they were only about 2 weeks old. One only made it a few days and another one only made it a week. The other two have been doing really good and now about 6 weeks old. Just found out the one kitten is now sick. Vet said it could be feline leukemia, but they are too young to test for that. The kitten I have is still doing good and seems fine. So please pray for Nate the sick kitten, and for Rileigh my kitten. Pray it is not feline leukemia, and that they both will continue to grow and get strong. Pray Nate will get better he is on an antibiotic now. Thank You!

Prayer needed Urgently!

September 16, 2014

My husband and children and I are losing out apartment over an incident I had no control over back in July. I was only given ten days to move and it's the 7th day already and we have nowhere to go! Also children services esbroufe emprise deug test from me, although i alreafy passes one, due to me being pulled over and arrested in my husbands truck because he left paraphernalia in it! And I'm being charged for it though it was NOT mine. I am desperately asking for prayer that CPS will close my case after I pass another test and prayer that the prosecutor will drop the charges I'm facing. Our family needs financial help right now too because I was laid off work and haven't been back as of yet. Our family needs major prayer. My husband is trying to stay clean but the stress I'm afraid will cause him to relapse. O' Lord please help us... :(

Blessings again

September 16, 2014

Just over two years ago I was blessed to have a wonderful family join my earlier childhood group. I have worked really hard with this family and child. Now out of any of my control the mother has lost her job and the child will no longer be coming to my program. It is a huge loss for everyone. I pray the best for this child and her family but also for the rest of us that is losing a really good friend. I am very sad but I pray that another blessing is coming to join us really soon and the that God has this in his plans. Trusting and not worrying is really hard this change is going to be hard all around. Bless us again I pray

Prayer for forgivness

September 11, 2014

I made a mistake. My boss told me something, and my coworker knew about it and she asked me, because she was blessed with a good oppurtnity at work too. But I told her not to tell anyone because she ASKED ME NOT TO TELL ANYONE, and I promised my boss I wouldn't say anything and my co worker told another coworker, and I told her NOT TO SAY ANYTHING because I want my boss to trust me. I feel bad. :( I am more sad because this person is a believer and she should know better, she shouldn't do that to me if she didn't want me to do that to her, which I have not. I just pray that my boss won't find out that a few other coworkers know, I would hate to disappoint her. :( Please Pray that thigns will be okay, I am prolly over thinking but why not pray about it since I am worrying, its useless.

Brother's surgery

September 09, 2014

My brother is having another surgery on Sept. 15th. He has been sick for over a year now battling an infection in his leg. The surgery is to hopefully get rid of the infection that he got in his leg after breaking his femor about a year ago. He just got out of the hospital with pneumonia and now he wants this surgery done in the worst way because he's had a pic line in for the last year and has had to infuse antibiotics in everyday for that time by his wife, who is an R.N. He is very tired of getting this and it is the second time he's had to have it done. He broke his femor and has a prosthetic knee in due to arthritis - years ago. Doctors are afraid the femor may come out too when they take the knee out to get rid of the infection once and for all. Please pray that all goes well for him during this surgery in Jesus name. Thank you for your prayers!

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