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help please

July 18, 2014

there are multi parts to this request. Please pray for my ex husband he had a rough childhood, and the last year and a half has done may wrongs against our children and myself. Please pray that he find god and do right by our children. My ex husband left for another women when I was pregnant with our second child, and during this time I met a kind loving,honest and respectful man given the circumstances at the time we did not work out, please pray that this man and I find a way back to one another and have a long joyous relationship. god bless you all.


July 16, 2014

I know that god has a plan for me, and I know that he brought a certain person into my life for a reason. Please pray that this person and I find a way back to one another, and have a long joyous relationship. Please pray that I am on his mind, and that he is missing me as I am him. Thank you!

family Reunion

July 13, 2014

That God will have mercy over my whole extended families, so that we can be happy with one another. AMEN

week of stress

July 13, 2014

Another week upon us. Another week of stress. Our bfinances are bad. We have enough to get thru the month,and that;s it, next month our phone and electricb will probably be shut off. Nowhere to turn--STRESSED AND DEPRESSED----


July 12, 2014

please pray that the man I love and I get back together, and that we have a long loving relationship. I know we love one another and would make a great partnership. In jesus name amen.

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