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August 20, 2014

Sigh---yet ANOTHER financial set-back--i keep a close eye on my checking acct. ysterday discoverd un-authorized acctivity on it. more money gone,. Not big, but to us it is. With me being the only income, w r having a hard enough time keeping st=ff paid! The amount was enough for food for a week!! Our CU is trying to work with us, but I hope I dont have to take tim off work to go there and change my accout ovr?? Didnt sleep last night all worried about this!!PLEAS PRAY THIS DOESNT HAPPEN AGAIN!!TYVM!! Linda

Legal Issues (Update from 8/11)

August 19, 2014

Thanks to everyone who prayed in response to my "Legal Issues" prayer request on 8/11. An update and another request ... My daughter's boyfriend was able to find good legal counsel. His immediate family could not afford a lawyer, but an aunt who lives out East was able to step in and help. So, prayer answered! He goes to court at 1:30 today. Again, please pray for a judge who will be balanced and compassionate. We're not asking for dismissal, but a reasonable verdict that takes into account good behavior for the last (almost) 2 years. Whatever the verdict, also pray that my daughter accepts the results and that God sends people into her life who will help her with direction and provide good advice to get her on a positive path. Sometimes I feel like she is so lost, or she gets started in the right direction, but then quickly gets off course. Thanks for all your prayers!

My son

August 17, 2014

Here it goes so I have asked prayers for my son for he got a ticket a couple of months ago for something he admited he shouldn't have done what he did. Well last night I was waken up by him telling me he loves me well now he got another ticket I feel like I failed somewhere even though he tells me it wasn't my fault it was his decision. I don't know what to do I feel so lost. I've been praying alot that he would go to church and start believing again he said only believes 2% of God. I want to cry but can't. Please pray for my son cause I just don't know what else to do. Thank you and god bless you all. It means alot to me there are people out there willing to pray for someone they don't know. I also forgot to say how scared I really am.


August 06, 2014

My wife and I are in our 50's and have been married for 9 years. Since early in our marriage we have struggled with intimacy issues. We have been separated for over two and one half years largely due to this. We do still communicate regularly and are amicable to one another. Neither of us has been abusive physically or verbally to the other. We have not had success with various counselors. Pray that we can find a good sexual therapist to help each of us. Madison, Chicago, Milwaukee, Rockford all possible locations but willing to travel too. Any references out there? God Bless.

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