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November 27, 2015

I have tried my best to make something work with a roommate of mine that doesn't want to make anything right. She is very negative and takes it out on everyone around her. I'm asking people to help me pray for the removal of this person because she is making living at my apartment hard even with the other roommate. Please help me pray for peace at home as well as her removal to another home.

Standing in prayer for my Marriage

November 23, 2015

Lord we are under attack, I am praying for the total restoration of my marriage. Help me to be the wife that you desire for me to be, please surround my husband Lord, free him of the demons that surround him. Touch him Lord so that he can be a better husband and father free him from his dependency on alcohol and drugs. Quiet the lions that surround him. Bind the spirit of adultery and divorce that surround him. Touch him Lord so that he can feel you. Bind the woman that seeks my husband and the destruction of our home, silence her as she glorifies divorce and seeks this end for our marriage, remove her from our union Lord. Be in our midst Lord we need you, renew our union, move us from the edge, help us to love, respect and appreciate one another again. Bless us Lord and hedge us from the evil that seeks our destruction. Bless our finances as we need a breakthrough, give us your blessings Lord so that we can have some peace in our home, we have had so many disappo intments that I can understand why he would want to quit. I have faith Lord. I stand against all the evil that is inflicting our marriage, our finances, our family. No weapon formed against my marriage shall prosper. Amen

car update

November 23, 2015

still in need of a car. Niece still hasnt given us the car. dau also loking for a better job. should be moving into h3er own place soon. needs a better income, or another p/t job.

Desperately need prayer

November 22, 2015

My name is Jenny in Milwaukee, Wi. I'm very miserable, and lonely. I need to be happy in my heart again. I need my boyfriend Brian to come back to me, we were going to get married and everything. It was my fault, I falsely accused him of doing stuff that wasn't true. I know that Jesus brought Brian in my life in the first place, he is a very good kind man. I miss him so much. I need me and Brian together again. I've been praying every day and night, and Jesus knows what's in my heart, and how much this means to me. Jesus comes first in my heart, and Brian second, Brian is my family. I can't live like this any longer, I can't bear another day living like this. I cry none stop every day and night. It feels like my soul was ripped in half. I love Brian that much. I haven't felt like this since my mom passed 20yrs ago, and she was my best friend. Could you please pray that Brian comes back in my life asap? And ask others to pray also? Because Jesus said "When two or more gathered" Thank you so very much for everybody's prayers, and I thank Jesus too. What a Thanksgiving this would be with me and Brain together again.

Job and health insurance

November 18, 2015

PLEASE pray for my family! My husband lost his job this week, which means we are also losing our health insurance. My son is a type 1 diabetic, and cannot be without insurance!! My husband is looking like crazy for a job, and every road leads to a dead end. Please God, be with our family, and bring us through yet another trial.

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