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Please bring him back

July 17, 2014

I had a coffee date with a guy who seems very nice, sweet, smart and cute. I was very excited. I thank god for the introduction. However, he has not returned my text messages and I have left him alone. Idont know if I offended him or what happened as it appeared he was having a good time. I know he mentioned he has anxiety with depression and didnt want a relationship because it would create too much anxiety and stress for him. He is a good man and a good heart. God, please bring Michael back to me as I think we are a good fit.


July 11, 2014

I'm feeling lots of anxiety trying to help my family and friends. I'm beginning to go back to my eating disorder to try to handle my anxiety.

feeling anxious

July 09, 2014

I am feeling really nervous about going to a seminar on writing tonight. Please pray my anxiety goes away once I get there.

Family health issues

July 07, 2014

My family has a mix of health problems that are bothering us. My wife has a bad tooth that is causing her pain, and modern dentistry isn't able to do much to actually fix the problem. I have some teeth that have been bothering me, as well as a minor infection. My parents are both overweight and have become hooked on medications to put a Band-Aid on their health issues. My mother suffers from a critical spirit that is impacting her health. My sister is partially blind in one eye and is concerned that the cancer may come back. She also is very self-absorbed and suffers from anxiety. To top it off, my baby son is teething again. Don't worry, we are seeking qualified medical counsel for these issues, but God is the best physician I have ever had, and I have seen great things come from the prayers on this website. Please also ask that God would give us all wisdom and insight into these issues, and the strength to overcome them. Thank you and God bless!

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