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My creditors are not letting me off

October 29, 2014

Dear all prayer warriors, please pray for me urgently. My creditors, SF, Benson. AY and Joeline is not letting me off, I can't make payment to them and they are very nasty to me, sending all sorts of SMS to me. I am asking all of you to help me, please pray for me as I believe in the power of prayers. I will be calling them later and also calling lena , please pray that God will soften their hearts and miraculously allow to give me more time and God will also send me a financial miracle. A financial miracle maybe in terms of some extra income or in other form, I know only God can help me. Thanks in advance for praying for me again and again. I will continue to pray and give thanks to God in advance.

Not feeling well

October 29, 2014

Hi my name is Michaela Kerr and I'm asking for prayer because I'm not feeling well today I had to stay home from school today ):


October 29, 2014

Hi all, I,apparentley, am having some issuews at work, I do home care, go to peoples homes I am a CNA., I often float to other offices to help. Had one of our picky pts complain about me, again!! She has the history of doing this. Whilke talking to my supervisor about it, we discovered,to my shock and dismay, that there is quite a list of patients who apperently do NOT want me back in their home??we were quite dismayed !! They are mostly all for the other office I frequently help. Nothing was said, no indication as to why was ever offered. I really feel betrayed by my so called co-workers in that office for not calling me and asking me, or telling me?My supervisor is quite shocked too?? I asked her to look into it,cause when I last left these people's homes, I was hugged, and told they were looking forward to my next visit?? So what happened, we dont know. Unless someone is purposely trying to get rid of me?? Please pray this can be resovled,and figured out!!!Thi8s is really bothering me!!!TYVM!!!!!

Good friend on life support

October 24, 2014

My best friends mother in law Alberta (she prefers to be called Bert) has taken a turn for the worse :( She is in her mid 50's and hasnt been able to take her diabetic meds due to not having insurance. Without these meds, for as long as she hasnt been able to have them have made her very sick. Last week she was in the Columbus hospital, and was able to talk..they had her stable..Wednesday night she took a turn for the worst of all..she was med flighted to St. Marys in Madison..unable to breathe on her own..She is now hooked up to life support..he lungs and kidneys arent working at all. She has a very worried husband, son, daughter in law, a daughter, and 4 grandkids. Who meant the world to her. Her son and daughter in law are not firm believers in Christ, I have tried to tell them to have faith..which they respond to..Why have faith..God is the reason she is sick..What does a person say to that? I keep praying, and I am asking all of you to please send out a prayer for Bert and her family. Thank you all so very much. Jesus on you all!!!!

My Family

October 22, 2014

Hi everybody. I am just asking for prayer because I want to get out of the situation im in. I left my husband because me and him were constantly fighting and he was lying to me alot and leaving the house. We have been seperated for a year. I moved in with a co worker of mine and he has turned abusive towards me. I would like to try to make things work with my husband and make my family work. I just need prayer so I can figure out how to get my family back

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