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Husband In bondage to lust and pornagraphy

August 27, 2015

I am asking for prayers for my husband. He is in sever bondage to lust and pornography. It is my hope that his eyes be opened to the severity and the truth of his addiction and that The Lord make a way for him to receive the help he so desperately needs. He desires freedom from these sins. There is a Christian program that specializes in helping men gain freedom over sexual sin, however my husband also suffers from bondage of fear, which prevents him from reaching out. Please pray for God's will to over throw the plans of the enemy, and that the chins of bondage be broken off. Also, If it be in God's plans for my husband to be in the program, that a desire would grow in his heart, and it be made obvious and undeniable. Thank you for your prayers.

Favor and blessings

August 22, 2015

Please pray for my daughter Samantha. Lord please have favor on her in her career, protect her from being overworked and taken advantage of because she is reliable. She just got promoted but the hours they are expecting her to work are beyond 55 hours per week. Lord have influence on those above Samantha and guide them to give her more help. Lord I also ask that You provide her guidance and peace beyond her own understanding. Keep the anxiety away from her spirit, protect her from the stress and anxiety. Also, Heavenly Father provide with a better job that allows her a proper work/life balance with more pay to help her become debt free so she can become a blessing to others. I'm asking You Lord to bless Your child Samantha and protect her from those who try to destroy or harm her spirit and steal her joy.

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