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Lead and Guide me Lord

November 29, 2015

Dear Father in Heaven , in Jesus mighty name i come asking you guidance , guide me with your great love , help me to choose right and according to your perfect will , give me grace to open the doors, a special anointing makes doors opens , in Jesus mighty name, i need an answer towards some issues i left up before you , i don't want to walk astray , i want to be in your perfect will for my life , so , please talk to me why the doors are closed in some aspects , please open the right doors for me , you know everything my Lord , i ask you in Jesus name ,

Stressedand overwhelmed, feel lost

November 27, 2015

I know I just submitted a prayer and I feel awful here again, but I finished my prayer then out of no where got angry with my children as they were trying to help me make out Thanksgiving meal. I said some mean things to them and feel like the worst mom at the moments, I am in tears and asking God to let the Holy spirit take over as I don;t know how much I can talk. I want to be a mom of Love, Kindness, Godly, caring and respect not the mom of stress, fear, overwhelming feelings and hate. Please pray that I find a way to talk to my children as my words have hurt them so much they do not even want to talk to me now. In the name of God, I ask the the Holy Spirit comes into my life a at this moment and guides me in the right direction, AMEN!!! Thank you again for your prayers, thoughts and teachings in helping me find Godly strength and not letting the World take over my home.

Mother of two going thru divorce, struggling financially.

November 27, 2015

I am reaching out today because I feel so over whelmed. I am a Mother of two raising two children ages 13 and 14 and I am also going through a divorce. I have prayed for my husband for many years and have even worked on my relationship with God to help change him and bring him back to God. He is heavily into drugs and partying. He has nothing to do with the children and so I am moving on. I have come to comfort with that and prayed a lot about the divorce. I am asking for prayers for my financial struggle. I would full time to care for the children and every week I am robbing Perter to pay Paul just to try to make it but I am never able to get ahead. My children are home schooled due to my son have disability and my daughter helps a lot with him even thought I would prefer her not to have to do that. I have started a home based business but it is not going too well because I am always working my traditional job and working with the kids. I have been praying for God to help me Be able to stay at home full time and teach the children about him and be the Christian mother I have wanted to be my entire life. I an new to asking for prayers and actually find it hard to ask but I am asking please pray me me and my children. At this point I'm lucky to have a place to live so we are looking at not having a Christmas this year. All the kids want for Christmas is a 3 bedroom House since we are in a small one and half bedroom but I know that is not going to happen until my business gets going and the income starts coming in. Anything under the tree would a=be a blessing this year and so that is all that I am asking, prayer for my finances and business to grow so I can provide then necessities and a few extra things for my children.


November 27, 2015

I have tried my best to make something work with a roommate of mine that doesn't want to make anything right. She is very negative and takes it out on everyone around her. I'm asking people to help me pray for the removal of this person because she is making living at my apartment hard even with the other roommate. Please help me pray for peace at home as well as her removal to another home.

Job searching

November 23, 2015

I recently switched careers after 28 years. I felt God's calling to do this. I am really struggling with the new job after almost two months. I am asking God to provide a different job that would provide for my family but if not that he will give me strength to do this one. I want to enjoy what I do and be happy going to work. I want to be able to be with my family more while still providing for them now and down the road. This job has not provided for that. I would like to have off Saturdays and Sundays as that is when my kids are home, plus something is missing when I am not able to attend church. This new job has me working every Saturday and Sunday. I haven't been to church in weeks and by the time I get home from work it is almost the kids bedtime. I want to follow God's will but I am really struggling to see it.

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