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Son needs prayers

December 20, 2014

Dear 102.5 family, I know that prayer works so I am asking that people pray for my son Drew who is struggling in school and has substance abuse problems. Please pray that he recognizes what a dangerous path he is going down and pray that God gives him the strength and vision to overcome obstacles that are getting in the way of the life that God has chosen for him.


December 19, 2014

My daughter started a new job which was an answer to prayer. She has to work extremely long hours and is having a difficult time adjusting. It may be due to being her first full time job and in college having way more time on her hands. In this job she has to sell as well. I'm asking for prayers for her to stave off Satan and his lies that ar causing her anxiety and slight depression. Im asking for prayer for God to have favor on Samantha in her sales abilities and dealings with customers so she will gain confidence and grow to love this job and not fret about it. Please Lord guide Samantha and send the Holy Spirit upon her to keep her in a place of peace in joy. She has been exhausted and not being able to enjoy the little time she has in the evenings. Lord bring her health and energy. I also ask Lord that you protect her from being transferred to any branch that has longer hours or Sunday hours, this would crush her spirit further. Lord, with You, all things are possible, please make it possible for Samantha to succeed beyond what she thinks she can. In Your name I ask and I thank you all for standing in agreement with me.

Looking for a miracle in Sun Prairie

December 07, 2014

Hi, I have posted here before and love it when I get the emails that say someone prayed for me. I just went through all the prayer requests and prayed for a lot of them. I am asking for a miracle in Sun Prairie. My son Matt needs to find a place to stay. He has a week to find something. He also works 2 jobs so I don't think he would be around much except to sleep and shower. He is 21 and also looking for his salvation as well. I live 90 min away so I rarely see him. (I have restrictions to drive since I have m.s.). I do not have access to places for rent in sun prairie except what I see on craigslist. If any of you have suggestions, ways to help, anything, please let me know. I can give you matt's number as well if you know of a place. Praying someone has an extra room they can rent out to him. Thanks for listening.

Need Help

December 06, 2014

First, thank you for reading my prayer request. I am feeling overwhelmed at this time. I have 200K in debt, manily for student loans. Now, my salary is being cut due to not maknig my numbers and I will end up owing money back next year. I do not know what to do. I feel ashamed for all this. I work 2 jobs and struggle with managing money. I have gotten info from Dave Ramsey, which is good, but I cant even get to the starting line of saving the $1000 and do the debt snowball. I am asking for some way out. Some way to overcome this burden and to heal. I appreciate your prayers with my issue. God Bless.

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