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December 21, 2014

- for a freshman who is in ICU since his brain surgery this past Tuesday. Healing and recovery for him; peace, patience, trust and strength for his brother, parents, Godparents & all his family who have been with him through all of these surgeries this year & are exhausted & frightened. For all of his family, to trust God's plan as difficult as it is. - for my friend's sister who is dying from a return of her cancer. For her children, grandchildren, spouse and her sister as they walk through this difficult time of losing their loved one. We ask God not to take her home on Christmas day, which is her sister's birthday, if it be His will. - for a beautiful lady who is in her final days here on Earth, is very alert, accepting, and ready to meet Jesus at 94 years young. What an inspiration she is to me and many - Thank you God!

Prayer for Saftey

December 14, 2014

Lord, I ask that you would bless my husband and I with a blessed, healthy, beautiful life together. Please allow it to be very long. Please Lord. I love being married on Earth Glofirying, learning and finding you Lord with him. THank you

Prayers for A Family in Mourning

December 09, 2014

Please pray for a family in our school district that lost a beautiful, much loved 7th grade daughter unexpectedly last night. She leaves behind her parents, three older siblings and many friends. Please pray for her family and her friends and teachers at school that are devastated at her loss.

please pray for my family

December 07, 2014

My niece who is just 2 years old had just passed a way on Friday morning. She was so smart and beautiful, so was so much fun to be around, so full of life. It happened so fast. She took her last breath in her daddy's arm. it's so hard to see such a little girl leave the world at only 2 years old. she just had a baby brother about 26 days ago. we are so sadden by her lost. Why god, why just at such a young age... I know death is something we all cannot escape but why at 2 years old? she is supposed to bury her parents not them burying her at 2. please pray for us prayer works. thanks for listening...

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