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October 05, 2015

PTL!!My car made itr home on Friday!!!!Was driving so on pins and needles, but thsx soooo much for the prayers!!!PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING!!! also still NEED MORE O/T AND MILEAGE@!wasnt much last week. need itv for our mandated payments----also our poor daughter STILL hasnt heard from job interview a couploe of weeks ago??she was toldc would hear by last weekGetting depressed again!!POLEASE PRAY IT WILL COME, OR A BETTER JOB COMES ALONG SOON FOR HER?? AND Ned continued prayers for my car--tyvm!!


October 03, 2015

I pray that me and Travis S can get along. Lord, I miss talking to him. He has been the first guy that I could talk to. Lord, I pray that we will talk again because he is no better than me. Everything, is according to your will. Amen


October 03, 2015

I need some uplifting and prayers. I'm going to school to become a CNA. My family is very happy with my accomplishments. My boss at work despises me going because I would have to leave work early. I'm not getting the support from work that I thought I would of got. Me and my boyfriend broke up In August and a month later I started school September 14th, It was hard. I'm struggling with that everyday and it's a VERY confusing situation. And on top of all that I found out my Grandma is at Stage 4 Heart Failure, She's been in and out of the hospital. With school and relationship problems now I worry each and everyday about my Grandma, She's not just my Grandma she's my best friend, she has been there through thick and thin and has helped me sooo much, and I'm thankful to have such a great Grandma in my life. I can't concentrate on my schooling at all. If I can't pass certain test then I can't continue, Health care is where I want to be, and It's where I'm at now. Some days are better than others. Lately I just feel like giving up, I'm 21 years old and I've gone through soooo much in the past and now I'm trying to be strong and get through this. But it's not the easiest.


September 30, 2015

Please pray for my daughter, she hit a dark time last year and broke things off with a great boyfriend. She is better now and is trying to work things out with him but he is hesitant. Please pray that he sees the changes on her and give her a chance. She is heartbroken over this.

My Mom passed away last Friday

September 30, 2015

I am a mess ! Her last words were "don't cry,but she know I would as were were so close...I was there for everything she needed all the past years she was in need of help.She fell 3 weeks and broke a hip. She was terrible pain. I was there holding her hand as she cried and begging for the the CNA's to please leave her alone !! She would say PLEASE!! She was out of the hospital and in Hospice Care the last 2 weeks. I spent every minute I could being with her in a chair beside her with my head on the bed....telling her how much I loved her and it was OK to close her eyes and go to sleep....Jesus was coming and she would be all better......She passed away very peacefully Friday night with me right beside her.......

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