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Restoration and unity of marriage /always for us both to be led centered with our savior Jesus Christ

February 27, 2015

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ!! I am reaching out today in Jesus name for several miracles for my husband, myself and our marriage. Here's a short summary, we have been married less than one year and during this short period we have faced many hardships!! I am still following my lord Jesus Christ and seeking him for wisdom, direction and grace to stand and do his will. My husband has been living for the lord now for almost 4 years. Prior to following our lord, he had many addictions and powerful strongholds that controlled him and sent him spiraling to a crash. These examples are: cocaine addiction, crack addiction, porn, drinking and some other issues that seem to go along with these evil strongholds such as lying, stealing, cheating and deceitfulness. For the past several months, I've noticed that he was seeking God less and less on a routine basis. His prayer life, time in the word and ministry had all practically diminished. Recently I have became to know that he was talking to a new female friend. Not positive on how far things went with them but in my spirit I feel that the lord revealed this to me before things went any further!! Also came to my attention that he has once again turned to the dark world of drug abuse(cocaine and is almost routinely viewing porn)!!We separated after my findings of the other woman(which is also married). We have only been apart for a week and all I feel to do in my spirit is pray and wait on the lord!! I don't want to see him or talk to him although we have sent a few text(in which he has apologized many times and also states that he feels so far from he lord and is reaching out for prayers from his Christian family. I've prayed that God will let me see and love him the way he would want me to as a Christian. At this point I don't hate him or anything nor do I want him back in my home on a daily basis especially being around our children while he chooses this lifestyle. Presently I only feel a burden and concerned of where and how far this may all take him. In saying all this please pray for my husband and family. I'm expecting all these chains of darkness to be broken in Jesus name and asking you to believe with me. Please pass this on to all the Christian prayer warriors and believers as well!! There's power in prayer and unity!!! God bless you all and thank you so much!!! Your sister in Christ Ps we also have 5 children together(previous marriages, we have none together)!! Also I feel as if his job (traveling sales rep in which he may only travel maybe 8-10 days per month that could allow lots of time and freedom to live secretly and possibly indulge even more onto the roads of darkness)!! During his time of travel, he spends much time alone and away from the positive influences of the Christian family and church.


February 26, 2015

prayer for Gods blessings on our fellowship, to give us divine wisdom to proceed with great stewardship, and integrity, Not giving in to traditions of men. We need to please pray for m.c. he has an aneurysm, and is very worried please pray with me for strength for his emotions, his, frustrations, also please pray for him to make plans for the future. i ask in the name of Jesus King of kings. Saviour Lord.God Bless all of you for praying with the world.

Faith and Courage

February 25, 2015

Prayers for God to lead me, give me faith and courage as I walk along the path He has planned for me. Prayers that I may be confident in Him and His love for me and Plan for our family. Thank you. God Bless.

pray for my mom

February 23, 2015

Would you please pray for our mom, as the Lord leads you? She is undergoing her third round of chemotherapy for small-cell lung cancer. She is 75 and has emphysema. We are not able to be there to comfort her-she lives in Arizona . And the side effects are terrible. We are asking for grace and mercy and supernatural protection during the chemo. The prognosis for her type of cancer is not good. We want her to live a long life and recover completely, that can happen only by God's amazing grace, so we also ask for prayer for her complete healing. We know that the Lord is bringing her closer to Him, and she is very moved by knowing that Christians are praying for her. She says things that show us she sees your prayer working. This is the most important burden on our hearts. We ask the Lord to lift the veil from her eyes so that she will see her savior by faith. We are asking for God to radically convert her, as a testimony and witness to our whole family of His love, mercy, and power. There are only two in our extended family who are followers of Jesus, and time is running late for them. Lord, please bless the brethren who pray for our mother, in Jesus name.

Prayers for Bobby and Jennifer

February 22, 2015

Please pray for God to intervene with Bobby and Jennifer to improve their financial situation so that they don't lose their home and have money for heat, food, & everything they need. Thank you and God Bless!

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