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My dog

February 02, 2016

I lost my dog 2015 November a week after my birthday and I was accidently told over a text when my grandma or my dad wanted to tell me in person... And I was actually eating out at that time and I was so embarrassed but I didn't care because he was my best friend and he was so loyal and I lost him to a tumor in his bladder and he couldn't poop or pee and we didn't find out why till my grandma took him to the vet a month later and that when we found out and it was to big to remove and my grandma couldn't take him home because she wouldn't be able to bring him back to the vet... So she had him creamed and I got some of his ashes and his collar. I miss him so much.

Need Prayers to save home!

February 01, 2016

I was laid off from my job at the end of June 2105, and have not been able to find work - I am limited physically in what I can do. Unemployment has run out, all the income we have is my husband's disability (he has a terminal heart condition). My husband is getting weaker every day, and worries about me, how I am going to live once he is gone. His condition is worsening - he is not able to stand without falling, and this week the motor on his wheelchair went out, and the Veteran's Administration is slow in getting it serviced. Please pray that I will be able to find some sort of work that I can do from home, as my husband needs someone with him at all times. Asking for prayers that my home based cookie business will bring in enough income that I will be able to stay home with him. Please pray that we will not have to sell our home! Lord, you know our situation, and our needs. You know this home was built specifically for my husband's disability needs. Father, our future is in Your hands. We ask that You take care of our family. We ask that You keep my husband comfortable and ease his pain. We ask that You lead us to the path that will allow us to remain in our "forever" home. Lord, we know You hear our prayers, and will lead us in the right direction. Amen


February 01, 2016

My dear Father in Heaven , I come to you in Jesus name , to ask you guidance from your Holy Spirit , Guide me in all aspect of my life , i need your light to show me the way always , talk to me in many different clear ways , talk to me even in the night dreams , i want your guiding voice to surround me and overwhelm me totally , recommend your angels to take charge over me because you are Lord of hosts , recommend your angels always to show me the right and fruitful way in every thing the way where i find you always waiting me in it , the way which please your heart towards me , Fill my life with miracles and wonders i want the following wonders and miracles in my ministry , bless my life more and more spiritually , financially , socially and practically .. In Jesus name i ask you to bring me the desire of my heart and to remove all the hindrances and obstacles , Support me to overcome every challenge in my way and life .. I know you will answer my request .. In Jesus name ..


January 28, 2016

Please pray for Rob that he turns to God in this time of need and God comforts him and that God brings peace to his mom about him and his situation.

Relationship Restoration

January 28, 2016

A few months ago, my 3 year relationship fell apart right before our wedding. We said some angry things to one another and I moved out suddenly. We are now both saddened and afraid of getting hurt again, but we do want to be together, I believe. Please pray that our relationship be restored, that I stop running, and that I stop being so selfish. We both have flaws, but the brokenness in my heart hurts something awful. I don't want to be another failed relationship. Pray that God would open our hearts to forgive one another, to trust one another and to let God lead our relationship. I pray that God's glory would shine through this and would bring us out better and stronger and we would not be another failed statistic. Thank you.

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