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For all of us

April 16, 2014

For all of our struggles, please pray. For clarity and hope, please pray. So that we all may experience God through the actions of others, please pray. So that we may be the answer to someone else's prayer, please pray. God, our loving Father, continue to deliver us so that we may be a shining example of your light in this world. Hold our hands and comfort our hearts as we search for you. In this holy week, remind us that we are loved. Encourage us on our walk with you. Quiet our fears and open our hearts. Bring us peace as we draw ever closer to you.

plaese pray

April 14, 2014

Plese pray for give back whole good spirits whole crowns people all the gifts whole soul all the blessings back to me my parents and my brother. I messed up healing process and lost all.. gave away all.. Taken to someone elses. And we got their physical evil switched..I still believe and trust Him..please ask God for mercy and give each one of us back compeltely Fully as originally belong to us.. Even I rejected missed lost snatched away stolen didn't follow Him right way..... Even everything I spit out .. Realized spirit of healing restoration and blessings.. Even taken to someone elses bring everthing back to me .us..whole destiny got taken.. Please pray..also ask help and only Holy Spirit control us.. Please also pray for restore my family. Also please pray for me keep my whole soul and blessings snatched away or lost even for my parents and my brother... ;like whole me is taken.. pleaseask God to delete from them.


April 11, 2014

We where married over 20 yrs with many trial and he chose to not move with us. Because of circumstances we have not been together as husband and wife for over 3 years. We both contributed to our problems but he chose to not try anymore. We have a wonderful special needs child. I have been convicted about 8 months ago that I had never been his Help Meet that God asked me to be. I want to try but he has given up on us and started to move on, yet he has not filed for divorce. I am not his conscious but I don't think he is living a Godly life. I am trying so hard to be faithful in all ways. I have asked him for a chance to talk so we can either try to restore our marriage or for him to free me yet he has not responded. I can't nag him so I wait for him to respond. He is a good father and a wonderful man but the sin needs to be dealt with. Prayer is that God would bring him to his knees and if that requires something that be devastating, then let God do what he needs to in order to bring him to the foot of Christ for support, do it however God chooses, do it speedily. That all of his sinful activities become so bitter to the taste and that sin is no longer fun but painful. Mostly pray that he returns and we restore our marriage with GOD in the Center. Prayer for me would be - for Wisdom in my behavior, speech and attitude so they are not done by hurt or resentment but only as God would have a wife act. And that I would stay focused on Christ and not allow my flesh any control over me.

Anxiety, Panic, Fear, Being alone

April 09, 2014

I have been divorced for five years now to a man whom I still love. Our second daughter will be getting married next year. I am still alone, and he will be bringing yet another one of his gf's. I am not to bring anyone, and I am afraid to travel all the way to the wedding alone. I am not an outgoing person, and will be there five days. I have been having regular panic attacks over this, experienced nightmares, have been fearful as well. The other thing is that my sleep is way out of sync - I cannot sleep until wee hours in the a.m. I used to never miss church, and now I have not gone except twice in the last two years or so. I never see hardly another person and spend too much time in my apt. I cannot get up in time for my bible study. I need a miracle in my life. Please, would you pray for me? My daughters do not want anything to do with me as they all side with their dad due to the divorce. He has the house and I have a low income apartment. I do not even have my little dog any more so am truly alone. I will just lie in bed and shake for hours, dreading the sunshine outside as I have nobody with which to spend it. Please, pray...

Lyme disease

April 08, 2014

Ive been diagnosed with Lyme. I have been on treatment for 8 months so far and I am now starting to not tolerate the medicine and experiencing a lot of anxiety and side effects, especially in my stomach. Please pray for wisdom to the doctors on how best to treat me personally and how to eradicate this disease from my body and bring me back to complete health. My family and I thank you, prayer warriors.

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