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Prayer requests containing the term “bring”:
Pray for the lord to bring husband to his knees and repent

July 20, 2014

Pray the lord brings him to his knees and to hunger and thirst after righteousness.Pray for laborers to speak to him. Pray to come against hinderences in his spiritual life

Please bring him back

July 17, 2014

I had a coffee date with a guy who seems very nice, sweet, smart and cute. I was very excited. I thank god for the introduction. However, he has not returned my text messages and I have left him alone. Idont know if I offended him or what happened as it appeared he was having a good time. I know he mentioned he has anxiety with depression and didnt want a relationship because it would create too much anxiety and stress for him. He is a good man and a good heart. God, please bring Michael back to me as I think we are a good fit.

marriage restoration

July 16, 2014

Lord, thank You so much for opening my heart to the truth of Your Word. You took a broken and destructive marriage; You delivered me and revealed Yourself to me through Your Son Christ Jesus; You protected my wife during this whole time. In 7 months, we gave up our apartment, our cats, our love; we hurt our families; we hurt each other. But Lord, as You do so well; You softened her heart; You buried me in relationship with You. You gave me the joy of fellowship with You. And as You saw fit, You healed the wounds, redeemed our love, rekindled an extinguished flame, and restored our marriage. Now, the real war begins; but as always I rejoice in You with every step I take. You are my first love. Blessed be Your Holy Name above every name! May this bring You glory in Heaven and on Earth. May the world see Your light in our marriage. All the praise and thanksgiving go to You. In the name of Christ Jesus, I praise You O' Lord. Amen.

Friendship Prayer

July 13, 2014

Lord, help me to be a good and faithful friend, and to find a couple good and faithful friends also. As a single dad of 2 at home (2 out), focusing on my kids so much, I seem to have no close friends anymore. I have a longing to connect with other adults. I often feel I have noone to hang out with, to call, visit, or have over. No other family closer than a few hours away. Lord, fill that hole in my heart with Your friendship/closeness, and bring others into relationship with my family, and me as an individual too. You know of all things and all situations, and all is under your authority. Please move in my life, and make yourself known.

Book - writing

July 13, 2014

That God would bring me some encouragement in writing my book, if it is His Will. The books title is: "Blended Families and God's Grace - How I found God's Will. Thank you and may God bless you. John

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