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motivation at home

September 20, 2014

I have always had organizational issues. I get stuck when I have stuff to do,I just got my own apartment, and still have boxes here that I need to sort thru and my apartment isn't that big either. I get overwhelmed easily. I need it to be for when my son can come visit. So it's appropriate for when I get visitation rights. He has been with my dad since my mom passed away in June. It's been a challenging few month's. I plan to get a bigger place for my son and I in a year. Please pray for that to go well and the enemy cannot keep me and my son apart anymore. for healing in my life,mentally and physically please. Thank you.

Renter for Apartment

September 19, 2014

I'm having an extremely difficult time finding someone to sublet my apt. on University Ave. As my plans have changed, I have moved out of Madison (as I felt led by the Lord to do so). I had some prospective renters, but every one has fallen through so far. Either people find a different place that they like more or they cannot pass the credit/background check run by the rental office. The office has strict credit/background check standards. I currently have one prospect, but him and his wife both would need to find co-signers. I have one other prospect that plans to look at the place next week. Please pray that the Lord provides me with a renter that can take over the remainder of the lease soon. Thank you!!

miracle for my marriage

September 19, 2014

My husband is not able to let go of resentment and lives in the past. We have gone through counceling for two years and he is on a downhill slope with his emotions and feelings for our marriage. He says he cannot do this anymore as he cannot eat, sleep, or function because he is completely unhappy. Please pray for him to find Jesus in all of this. Please pray for a miracle of saving our marriage and restoring it to a newness that we have never experienced. Pray that we both have assurance that staying in our marriage is the right choice. Pray that my husband recognize that life is about choices and that is how people change. Thank you.

Lost & Broken

September 18, 2014

I am need in many prayers. As I type this it seems like an odd request because I am blessed in many ways. Right now I am struggling in my attempts to get closer to God. I am seeking the ability to rely on just him to fulfill my needs and feel his presence. I believe he is there, yet I feel nothing. In addition, I have been broken since last September and events have repeated themselves. My heart cannot take much more. The only thing keeping me going is my kids and parents. Although my kids are older and sometimes I think that they would be fine without me...its just that I would miss them terribly. I don't know what to specifically ask for, but I need something. Please pray for me. thank you.

end of abusive relationship

September 17, 2014

I have recently left an abusive relationship that lasted 4 years. My boyfriend has always been controlling and jealous and emotionally abusive, but things got worse when his 8 year old son died a year and a half ago (so he needs prayers too!) Our relationship has deteriorated steadily to the point where my son (who lives with us) spends most of his day hiding in his room with his head buried to not hear the fighting. He belittles me, accuses me of everything possible, demeans me, threatens me, lies to me, everything that can destroy a relationship. I have stuck with him for so long not only because I love him and believe that I made a commitment to him but because I was always scared to leave. When things got physically violent, I stayed at a shelter but he found me and I have always tried to protect the people that shelter me when I leave. I have gotten to the end of my line..... I cannot live like this anymore. I cannot go to church without accusations, work meetings are out of the question, going to the store without him is a big no-no. I don't eat or sleep well because my anxiety has increased to debilitating levels. I left him yesterday and am staying with my parents. My son is torn, he was just getting used to a new school (he's now in middle school), but knows the relationship is toxic for both of us. I need prayers to stay on the right path, to keep making decisions that are healthy for my son and for myself. Thank you.

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