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God Bless this Mess

July 30, 2016

Hello I need prayer for so much I don't even know where to start!! 1. My Brother Idris Amara Jr- he just came home early from rehab claiming he is well. Please pray that it is permanent and that God will walk with him in his paths. He has a past with violence we pray that he will never lift a finger in anger again 2. House- Our Home is currently in foreclosure we are being evicted in mid August. Please pray for a place for us to stay 3. My families health , with the conditions above we are all not doing well health wise please pray that we will loose weight and grow in faith 4. My car- I am in desperate need of a car 5. God's plans - please pray that God will make great plans for my life in education , career choices and all other things Thank You so much I recieve all blessings in faith !

Prayer for a career opportunity

July 28, 2016

I am a recent college graduate who is drowning in credit card debt because I have had to support myself through 5 years of college. I have an upcoming meeting with a recruiter from a well known company. Please pray that I make a great first impression, and God gives me the right words to say in order to land this job, jumpstart my career, and finally pay off the debt that I have accumulated.

Praying for Courage

July 19, 2016

For quite a long time I've prayed and felt called to a career change. Now that things are beginning to happen, I am fearful. All day long I kept thinking stay where you are, it's stable, you have benefits, etc. The issue is I feel God calling me to a change, to serve Him in a different way. I felt this for the past few years and yet the security aspects of my current job keep me there. I want to leave everything behind and follow Him, but I am scared of the unknowns. Please help me by praying for clarity and wisdom, and, most of all, courage to trust my savior, Jesus Christ.

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