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May 28, 2016

I have a rather large request. I want to say I appreciate everyone on here who helped me and prayed for me in the past prayer does work! I pray that my IC bladder condition (chronic and painful) I look and act normal but it's an invisible illness and it's so hard to live with going on 10 years now. I ask for prayers with my finances so my online store can be successful so I can supplement my income with my social security. I also need help with weight loss to improve metabolic conditions and allow me to be healthy and happy again. I ask for the lord to help me with my relationship with my husband it's a verbally and emotionally abisive one at times and it's so hard to live with someone who is different every day. Mood wise. I pray the lord lets him get better or gets him out of my life. My last request is I pray that the lord opens the door for me to have a career in singing like I used to have professionally I had to quit due to my health and I want another chance and doing what I love and bringing back the older music people love. I love to help others through music. I want to use the gift he gave me. I pray and ask in Jesus name Amen.

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