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Seeking gods will in my job

October 01, 2015

I've been teaching for several years.over the past year I have become really frustrated and disheartened by teaching and have put feelers out for other career options. I am a finalist for a really incredible opportunity! I a torn because I have hoped and prayed for this opportunity, but if I am offered the job it means I have to leave my students mid year. I pray that God would bless me with this job opportunity and would guide my heart to make the right decision.

Faltering faith & other things...

October 01, 2015

So much has happened that seems unfair, it leaves me wondering sometimes if God really cares. My wonderful husband suffers from horrible depression (since age 5!), we can't have the children we desperately want and can't seem to get chosen as adoptive parents, either. My husband, as a male nurse, has faced so much open and passive hostility and career sabotage from female nurses, that he can't get any jobs with benefits or long-term security. At the same time, I realize we are blessed in other ways. But that knowledge doesn't really stop all the other pain. Please pray for our struggles and for our faith to be renewed. I know mine is weakening and my husband's is pretty much gone. Thank you.

Job Security

September 21, 2015

My husband has been working as a Patrol Officer for a little over a year now, but is still on his probation period. He thought he was doing well when he started riding solo but it turns out the field training officer captain did not. As the main FTO, he put my husband on an intense improvement plan. This improvement plan requires that he ride again with another senior officer. He was also told that if he does not improve at the end of September, they will let him go. I am asking that you all help me pray for my husband. Please help pray that God help my husband push through this stressful time and to let him know that God will always provide no matter what. I know that this career is a passion of his but if this is not a part of God's plan, then help myself and my husband understand it. Pray for my husband's safety and that God will continuously be with him each and every day he is at work. Pray to help keep his mind, body, and soul at peace as he goes through this improvement plan.

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