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To hear Gods voice

April 23, 2016

I recently lost my job as a cna due to back injury at work back in December have 5 children I was prophesied over that a huge door is going to open I just want to be able to hear God so I don't miss it in my busy life with kids and just to feel his presence I feel lost don't know where I'm going now career wise I know God has plans I'm still worried my dream is to do something in ministry but with the kids and husband just don't think that is an option right now I just want to be lead by the Holy Spirit and to know when he's speaking to me I struggle so much with that thank you and God bless!!

Faith Struggles

April 15, 2016

I'm really struggling right now. I recently moved to Madison to begin a new career after obtaining a master's degree. I left behind my family and a stable long held job to begin something rewarding and new. Sad to say it's been a nightmare. I lost my job several months ago and have been unable to secure any new employment despite several interviews and countless (over 50!) applications sent out. I'm struggling with my faith as I pray for help, for answers, for guidance, for hope, for trust and I feel like I'm being ignored. I wake up everyday really down about life. I know God loves me and I'm not ignored, but the feelings of hopelessness is over whelming. I try to remain positive and to believe everything in "God's time" but I'm really struggling right now. As each day passes it seems to get worse. I'm asking for prayers of strength, restored faith in God's plan, hope, and new employment soon.

Need God's help for Job Situation

April 14, 2016

My husband and I moved to the Madison area 2 years ago. At that time I made a career change as I wanted to do something that ministered more to people. I got certified as a CNA and currently am working for an agency that assists seniors in their homes. I just love my work but last year came down with some sort of virus that left me with what the doctors are calling "post viral myalgia". So, anytime I exert myself physically, I end up really sore. This has made it really difficult to continue in my current job and I have only been able to work 20 hours a week due to the pain. I would be so grateful for any and all prayers that the Lord would help me get better so I can go back to helping the elderly, or that He would help me to find a new opportunity helping people that isn't quite so physical. Thank you so very much and God bless!

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