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Favor and blessings

August 22, 2015

Please pray for my daughter Samantha. Lord please have favor on her in her career, protect her from being overworked and taken advantage of because she is reliable. She just got promoted but the hours they are expecting her to work are beyond 55 hours per week. Lord have influence on those above Samantha and guide them to give her more help. Lord I also ask that You provide her guidance and peace beyond her own understanding. Keep the anxiety away from her spirit, protect her from the stress and anxiety. Also, Heavenly Father provide with a better job that allows her a proper work/life balance with more pay to help her become debt free so she can become a blessing to others. I'm asking You Lord to bless Your child Samantha and protect her from those who try to destroy or harm her spirit and steal her joy.

Peace, Faith, Boldness

August 17, 2015

Good Morning, Prayers for me and my family. God is good. He has been with us through many struggles, hardships, etc. and time after time has shown his love, greatness and faithfulness. He has healed so many hurts, fears, difficulties and broken pieces. Right now, I am about to make a career transition, which our family has known was coming. The transition means we need to relocate. Despite being supportive and optimistic before, my husband is now worried and afraid. He refuses to relocate as a family and has asked me to turn down the opportunity I have worked so hard for. If I do, I know I will be unhappy and resent him. If I accept the position, our family will be apart during the week. I have proposed that we relocate to the midpoint and both share in the driving, so that he can keep the position he loves. Though he originally agreed, he now seems indignant and refuses. PLEASE pray for us. I honestly don't know what to pray for, I just know we need Jesus. Amen.

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