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Doomed. Now what?

February 04, 2016

I'm feeling a little discouraged lately. It seems like all of the good jobs died a long time ago, the economy stinks and the world is clearly ending. Even atheists are starting to get that. you know what? I just had a bit of good news and a big laugh, so suddenly the world seems better and more manageable. Anyhow, please pray that Jesus Christ comes back soon and puts an end to our shenanigans.

Pill problem.

February 01, 2016

I am so upset with myself. I have a blessed life and I am grateful for all Christ has done for me. I have a prescription to a narcardic,and I've been taking more then I should. I've had this issue for 10 years in and off. I am so sad I abused again, please pray God would forgive me and give me so much strength and heal this FaLSe Imagination I believe i have that makes me want to take it. Every time I take it I always realize it wasn't that great and it's too late. It's deception. Please I am crying out, my husband doesn't know, I want to tell him but I promised I wouldn't take them again. It helps me shirt off my emotions because I am so emotional but realize I need to change. Please pray for me I am so sad. write me please anyone.

scammers on this website! Mrs. Mahoney

February 01, 2016

Watch out and be careful! If you opt to receive notes of encouragement you may get one from Mrs. Mahoney who says she is dying and wants to give you money so you can donate to charity for her. Big scam. Looked online for the bank director and lawyer in charge and neither one was real. This is the first scammer I have had on this website though, and I have recieved many good notes from my brothers and sisters in Christ! Just want you all to be careful of the scammer using much scripture verses and God's name in vain for money. Love you all and God bless!


February 01, 2016

One of my close friends has had a hard past. His girlfriend got him to know God, and he loves Christ and goes to church every week. He's had lots of struggles though like cutting, pornography, self confidence issues, and his parents drink every day. Last night His dad screamed at him and called him an idiot and to never do this again. His dad is in kind of hard spot right now as well as his girlfriend. She has had a terrible past, and struggles everyday. Just recently our church was talking about temptation, and she had anorexia issues and decided it was a good challenge from Satan to eat one meal a day. Pray for her too. Anyway this friend stayed home from school today becuase he started to get sick and then decided to take three painkillers on top of it. Pray for all these people they're in s hard spot right now and they really need it! Thank you so much

Thank You

January 28, 2016

Parents and Grandparents of the 5 yr old boy that had spinal surgery Jan 8th want to thank everybody for their prayers. His surgery has completed healed and he has no restrictions. All glory and praise to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We ask that you would pray the tether cord was causing all his problems and his nerves are not too badly damaged. Thank you.

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