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Struggling with where I should be.

April 10, 2014

Right now in my life I'm struggling with where I belong. In life. I'm happily married with 3 beautiful children. I'm trying to get them to know God and Jesus better. The kids and I go to church every Sundays. Give offering when I can afford it. They go to their Sunday classes. I'm struggling on how to pray better. Getting them to pray. We do Pray but not like I want /need to. I did take a leap of faith and am putting on a community event at my church. Now that's huge for me!! I want to be a better Christian. Knowing how to pray and pray for ones who need prayer. I'm awful at that.

Daughter struggling with an eating disorder and self-harm

April 08, 2014

My 16 year-old daughter has been an inpatient in an eating disorder(ED) unit for over a month, with rollercoaster rides up an down - more down than up. She's struggling to eat on her own and regain this independence. The ED tells her lies, she feels unworthy to bother, and has poor self image. She harms herself by not eating and cutting. She is a Christian, and I don't know if she's seeking God's help; I want her to realize she can't do it herself, but with God - she can trust Him and His truth. I would like prayer for full recovery if it His will.

Mother has sin problems

April 06, 2014

My mother has been making my wife and me miserable. She keeps trying to cause division between me and my wife (we've been happily married for 5 years) by demanding that I make her do things HER way. Recently, she asked us for a LARGE monetary "loan" that she has been dragging her heels in repaying. She recently got a huge inheritance, so I don't see why she needed it in the first place. It also seems like she has appropriated a HUGE chunk of my portion of the inheritance for herself. I don't want to come across as greedy, it just bothers me that my own mother would be acting this way. My wife and I have recently struggled financially, have a growing business together, and really needed that money. I was trying to honor my mother, gave her the money, and now she has been acting even more wicked than normal lately. All I want is for her to honor her promises to repay, which she repeatedly breaks. My business and family need that money, and I am distressed that those things don't seem to mean anything to her. It is starting to stink like a control issue. My mother doesn't ever visit with her grandchildren (my kids), even though they live nearby, and when she does interact with them or talk about them it is usually in a negative context. My wife and I are really trying to honor God and my mother in all of this. She claims to be a Christian, but has lately been pretty rotten, unfair and unduly harsh. Any advice is welcome.

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