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husband NEEDS prayer

February 11, 2016

My husband Will has court today, please pray everything goes good and he comes home to our 5 yr old and I!!

husband NEEDS prayer

February 10, 2016

He has court tommorow and the lawyer is gona present thr papers that he finished the program and his therapist from where he is now is going to go and vouche he is doing good. So pray that it everything goes good tommorow and he comes home


February 04, 2016

Please pray for me that my husband "Carl Ray" comes back home very soon. He left me just before Thanksgiving. He is living with a friend of his. He needs to come home so we can work on are marriage. Thank You.

Doomed. Now what?

February 04, 2016

I'm feeling a little discouraged lately. It seems like all of the good jobs died a long time ago, the economy stinks and the world is clearly ending. Even atheists are starting to get that. you know what? I just had a bit of good news and a big laugh, so suddenly the world seems better and more manageable. Anyhow, please pray that Jesus Christ comes back soon and puts an end to our shenanigans.


February 02, 2016

Lord, I pray that you help Luna right now, my best friend. Her cousin is not doing so well right now. May (her cousin) had a baby, and then he died at birth. She had another kid, who is now four and is struggling with cancer. Recently her cousins daughter ran away from the hospital and nobody knows where she is. Luna says she might know, but she's not for sure. She dosen't wan to tell anyone, afraid that she might get in trouble. Please guide her and help her to get closer to you through this because she's not trusting you right now. I hope that she comes to church this week. Amen

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