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Disability (Extended financial benefits)

April 21, 2014

I've been on "short term" disability since Thanksgiving now as I have several health concerns. It always comes to a point after doctor appts, tests, labs, etc that the insurance company has to decide to extend benefits or not. I still have more doctor visits to come as docs can't seem to find what ails me and the symptoms (blurred/double vision and constant ringing in the ears) aren't going away. I'm needing my benefits to be extended so I can financially survive my living costs etc. I drive semi and the doc won't let me drive yet and if they don't find answers soon, they will pull my license. I can't change my career and do physical work due to an motorcycle accident I had 9 yrs ago and 4 internal surgeries, so it's crucial for answers, disability benefits to be extended, etc. Please pray for me to get me through all of this physically, mentally, and financially. Thank you and God Bless.

Please Pray for me

April 10, 2014

I have a job that I do enjoy. I work in the beauty industry. The job I am at, is very passive aggressive. The management team has about 4 people plus 2 bosses. Today I needed to get my car into the shop so I could have it fixed on my day off. Well, I let my manager know in the morning if I could leave early to get it fixed or in the shop so I was able to come to work Saturday without any problems. Well one manager then told me know, then another told me yes, I didn't get a break and I was starving, so finally my manager said I could go when my coworker came back from lunch. Then I saw my coworker come back from her break so I talked to the other manager and he said " Well I think you are gonna take a lunch " and I was so frusterated becaues I was hungry, confused and worried. So I started to cry. Then my manager said " breathe, its okay, I will be right back." So they are all in the back and my boss comes out and all the manages said I could leave because my boss was going to come out and work the last 1hr 1/2 shift I had left. So I go in the back and my female manager who is really nice, told me that they were irritated with me because I cry all the time? Through me off, because I am a genuine soul, and that is only because of GOD. I cry here and there at work, ( yes I am sensitive.) but they said I "Cry all the time at work." what the heck? I felt bad leaving to take care of my responsblitie and I started to cry even more, because I knew I would be thinking about that my boss was unhappy with me . I seriously am such a team player, I am a great worker and they all know that. But to talk down about me behind my back really hurts because I do my best and I bend backwards for them. It was just like a slap in the face, and its making me not even want to go back to work on saturday. I feel totally disrespected and unappreciated. Not exactly sure what to do. Please pray for me and write me some encouraging notes, because I need some. Thank you.

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