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Update on little boy who received a heart transplant

February 26, 2015

I just wanted to update everyone on this special little 18-month old boy who had a heart transplant one week ago today. He was not expected to survived without surgery .... he was not expected to survive the surgery if he had it .... and his chances of survival with the new heart were about 1% .... with 99% chance of the heart rejecting. It has been one week and he is still here with us ... and has opened his eyes a time or two. He was doing incredibly well for everything he has been through. God is working through all of us. Please continue your prayers.

pray for budget for special needs

February 22, 2015

I pray for all families that are taking care of loved ones with special needs. there are budget concerns that can effect over 12000 people that receive care thru the iris program. this program allows those with disabilities to hire people they feel comfortable with and to individualize their care. there are talks that they will eliminate this program which is causing much concern amongst the families that help individuals with disabilities to stay independent and stay in their homes and to be taken care of with love and compassion. not just governed by an insurance agency that makes an umbrella decision. not individual needs. i have a son that has had over 100 surgeries mostly brain and continues to need help daily with seizures and medical care. this has become our way of life and we feel we know him best. it causes us concern that they want to change this. but i'm going to trust in you Lord and know that thru you I know you have the ultimate plan for my son. Please help all of us that are care givers to be educated on the decisions of the budget without putting anxiety and frustration ahead of our knowing what these budget cuts entail. please pray for all families that struggle to take care of loved ones. with physical. emotional . challenges. tyvm

Little Boy Needing Heart Transplant Update

February 21, 2015

For all of you who prayed for the little 18-month old boy who only had a 20% chance of living without a heart transplant .... and only had a 20% chance of surviving the surgery if he did get a heart ....... he had heart transplant surgery yesterday and survived the surgery and is in recovery. Thank you everyone for your prayers, and please continue to pray for this little boy's recovery and for his family.

Continued Love and Courage

February 20, 2015

Lord, you have been very good to me and my husband. We have been through such a difficult time and you have looked upon us with grace and love and I thank you Lord. I thank you for our restoration, our healing and our desires for the future. Thank you Lord for keeping my womb blessed as I am going into my second trimester and we are both doing well. I pray Lord that you keep your angels around my womb and that I continue to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby (BOY!!). Lord I asked for a removal of a mountain that I am realizing was not meant to be moved as it was not part of your plan and I want to ask for forgiveness for my intentions, I have to be able to accept your will and I ask that you help me walk with me and help me to better handle and deal with this situation that is in my life. Lord we have so much going on and we need your help. We need assistance with our finances, we need a breakthrough as we have a lot going on and we are drowning, we need help Lord and I ask that you look upon us with grace and give us assistance. I also ask that you continue to wrap your arms around my sister in law whose home was burned down this past weekend she has lost everything Lord. Thank you that people are loving and holding her dear. You are in control and we know that you are in control. Thank you Lord for everything, the negative and the positive. Amen

Family Reunited and Restored

February 19, 2015

I want to start by praising God for His faithfulness in returning my husband to a job he loves and thank Him for continuing to fight for our family. Please continue to pray for courage, strength, and patience for my husband and I as we wait upon the Lord and trust in His perfect timing. We need Jesus to fight for us and get us through and we ask for God's mercy and compassion to heal and restore our family and protect our children. To God be the glory. In Jesus name, Amen.

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