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Job contract ending in 2 weeks

August 24, 2014

I need confidence, encouragement and strength to get thru these next 2 weeks. I was given a prayer from my friends to be full of grace and quietly get my work done and leave for the next two week visits. I just need covering of strength and calmness along with His mercy to get through this time. I have been ignored for 6 months in my efforts and recommendations. The way the administration is handling my strengths, help and support is by terminating my contract. I just the encouragement on how my being covered with the blood of Jesus is all I need to get through this time. Please pray for my strength to continue and I can get rest through this stressful time. Also please pray I will get unemployment help until I find the next employment. I need your encouragement. Thank you for this.

Prayers for healing

August 21, 2014

After a year of treatment for chronic Lyme disease I experienced a few months of good health (thank you Lord!) but am now having a relapse of symptoms and have to continue treatment. I ask for prayers for support and prayers for my in-laws as they are acting very negative and hateful towards my husband and I. I ask for prayers in the hope that they find peace with God. Thank you!


August 19, 2014

It will soon be time for me to go to college to follow my dream of being a paramedic. But as of this moment it looks like a long shot. Please pray that the financial situation that is keeping me from being optimistic about going to college will resolve itself and that I continue keeping my faith strong and that I continue believing that God will provide and help me through this time.

Special Needs Teen

August 19, 2014

Please pray for our son and our family during some very difficult times. Due to our son's disability, we have become isolated from the support we need. Please pray for my son to continue to seek the Lord and for my husband and I to have the strength to keep moving.

My daughters struggles

August 16, 2014

Please pray for our 18 year old daughter to accept the ending of a very painful breakup. Her boyfriend of seven months decided to end the relationship and she can't seem to move on. She has a strong history of depression, anxiety, temptation and threat of self harm. She has been hospitalized twice in the last 2 years due to these issues. She leaves for college next Saturday and mentally is at the point that she can not move forward in life due to this intense pain. She lacks the ability to avoid social media therefore uses it to create drama, threatening self harm and overall attention seeking behavior. She has a pattern of not being able to let go of relationships once they end. She always blames herself and therefore will continue to try and make amends. She is in counseling and has been for the last few years. She loses friends because she has predictable behavior and expects others to continually pity her. My husband is a good father but lacks the patience, compassion and empathy to support her. This causes friction in our relationship and I find myself depressed and tearful alongside our daughter. Please pray that God will get through to her to feel his presence, his strength, his grace, his comfort, his glory as he remains by her side. May God bless you for your prayers.

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