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For all of us

April 16, 2014

For all of our struggles, please pray. For clarity and hope, please pray. So that we all may experience God through the actions of others, please pray. So that we may be the answer to someone else's prayer, please pray. God, our loving Father, continue to deliver us so that we may be a shining example of your light in this world. Hold our hands and comfort our hearts as we search for you. In this holy week, remind us that we are loved. Encourage us on our walk with you. Quiet our fears and open our hearts. Bring us peace as we draw ever closer to you.

Marriage Restoration

April 09, 2014

Please support me in prayers for healing in my marriage. Just found out on our wedding anniversary that my husband had been cheating. I continue to pray for healing and total restoration of love, honor and trust in our marriage. Thanking you in advance.

Special Needs Teen

April 09, 2014

Thank you to you who have prayed for my son in the past. He continues to need prayers for peace and hope. Also please pray that he will desire to allow God to have more and more of him. My husband and I continue to need prayers for wisdom and rest.

Agape House Ministry in Walworth

April 09, 2014

Please pray for the teenage girls and young adults who are in our program. All are in need of the hope that is only found in our Lord Jesus. The staff is in need of extra prayer right now for physical healing and other personal situations. Please pray that God will continue to show His glory to all who enter our doors. Thanks so much.

God's Healing

April 04, 2014

Thank you for considering to pray for this; I haven't tried to post any prayers publicly before, but I know that God hears the prayers of the faithful, especially when we pray together. I recently found out that I have what appears to be a tumor in my head, and I've had symptoms that make me feel unstable on a daily basis for almost a year. I'm in my mid-20s, and these symptoms have debilitated my ability to do my job at times or to do it as well as I can, to exercise like I used to do daily to stay healthy, to see friends/family with milestone events, to sometimes go to the grocery store, etc. I feel sick every day and have tried to stay positive, but it's really been getting to me lately. They're not even sure if my symptoms are related to the tumor, though, and they think that they won't have to take it out - I'm hoping they don't need to take it out either. I know that God can heal any physical ailment and that He's truly amazing. I am trying to rely on Him. I feel like there's a spiritual element, too, where God is drawing me nearer, but Satan wants me to pull away. I'm committed to continuing to follow Christ, but I find myself growing quite weary from these unstable symptoms that I feel like have stolen my life. Thank you for your prayers for God's healing. I'm hoping that He helps to heal my symptoms and my head so that I can return to my normal life. I've been learning a lot and growing in Him, and I pray that I continue that while hopefully feeling a lot better.... Thank you for your prayers! I'll be praying for you requests, too.

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