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we need a breakthrough in finances!

September 16, 2014

Hello. My husband has lost his job and has completed courses to become licensed in his chosen field of work. Please pray that his home business will produce finances to support our household quickly! Lord bless his business! We have four children and only $400 to last us. We are standing in prayer against fear and firmly believe in God's blessing on this.


September 11, 2014

I ask that Life 102.5 Prayer Works Warriors pray with me: LORD, I humbly and gratefully ask for the benevolence of your majestic lovingkindness to be given without constraining measure to we who are in need of deliverance of the harshness of the world (the throne of Satan) of men to bring us out of darkness into the wondrous light of YOUR Son. YOUR Son is the only mediator that says "Yes, yes!" to the separation of the Light from Dark things that are needed to accomplish YOUR Will to be done on earth as it is in heaven (and not the things I desire or want selfishly) and not the detractor that says "No, no!" and by this knowledge and understanding I am faithful, to know in YOUR Grace, it shall come to pass within our surrendered lives here on earth as we diligently fathom YOUR Work(s) to live harmoniously with our fellow-man here on earth of which the world is a part. I petition you LORD for YOUR infinite and timeless mercy to deliver us into light of the good news, salvation and example of YOUR Son. I trust YOUR blessings attend us that the King of Kings, being the High Priest of Melchizedek forever and the Prince of Peace give us that peace which passeth all mortal understanding and when we have finished our course on earth may the KING OF GLORY welcome us to HIS Glorious Kingdom in the name of Jesus; the High Priest of Melchizedek. so help us My LORD GOD - in the name of the King of Kings and the Prince of Peace -- YOUR Son, Jesus - the Christ, Amen.

Marriage ending

September 07, 2014

Please pray for my daughters and me. I have decided to end my marriage of 26 years. He is a good dad, but I am unable to work through the fact that he's had emotional affairs. His latest, with coworker and someone I trusted as my friend too. It's been a long two years of struggling with this decision and what God wants me to do. I've wondered what is wrong with me. My adult daughters do not want to talk about the situation, and Im worried about them. My husband and I tried counseling, after my threat of divorce, and of course after four sessions, he pulled out of counseling I'm still in counseling. I feel sadness, guilt, and disconnect. I just finished my divorce support group class. I feel so alone. He was so mean and neglecting the last two years, but after I filed, he became nicer. I know he's wanted a divorce, but I was the one who had to carry the burden of that as well as move out. Please pray for my heavy heart to heal as well as stopping me from hating this woman who deceived me by having me believe she was my friend. I thought marriage was forever..since that's what I thought wherein my vows. I want sleep and need peace.

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