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Prayer requests containing the term “depression”:

March 05, 2015

In the name of Jesus I pray for my son. He is suffering from ptsd, anxiety, depression. I keep praying he will come to Jesus. I pray Jesus wraps his loving arms around him as he is really suffering.

Listener Struggling

March 02, 2015

Please pray for a listener who is struggling with PTSD & depression. They recently moved, leaving behind friends and community. They are getting help, but it takes time. Please pray as they miss their friends and pray that they can get to the other side of this and perform their job.

Prayer for my niece

February 26, 2015

My niece is a teenager. Struggling in school and with depression. Rejecting God. Hanging out with people that are mean to her. She has cut herself in the past and found out recently that she had tried to kill herself. My sister is beside herself and the schools and counselors aren't being any help. It seems like there are brick walls everywhere she turns to try to get help.

Prodigal son

February 20, 2015

Please pray for me. I need to come back to The LORD. My life and soul is ruined. Please pray for my deliverance from satan and from any satanic bondages and strongholds in my life and from depression. Please pray for my repentance toward God and faith unto The Lord Jesus Christ.

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