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Prayer requests containing the term “doctors”:
For my friend's son's health.

April 15, 2014

My friend's son has had a swollen knee not derived from any injury. Doctors are now working to determine the cause, listing 3 possibilities, 1 is cancer. Pray with me for his son, and for the son's father and mother. That God may reveal His awesome goodness through this challenging time for them. Pray with me that by faith alone, this young man's knee will be restored and be even stronger to glorify God with his life. Pray with me for the boy's father to keep the family's focus on God and God's promises so that they may stay humble yet confident in God's plans to make all things right. Pray with me for the mother, that she may follow her husband's lead, and that they only move in God's direction. Pray with me for God's victory over this family. Please keep praying with me, for them. Amen.

Friend has Breast Cancer

April 08, 2014

My friend just found out that she has breast cancer and is going to have to have both breasts removed. I ask for prayer for her to get through this physically and mentally, and that the doctors are guided in the right way. I also ask for prayer for her husband that he stands by her, loves her, helps her through this and that he is also helped through this because this must be hard on a male as well as female. I also ask for continuous prayer that there is a cure for cancer because every time I turn around someone I love has cancer. Thank You for your prayers

Lyme disease

April 08, 2014

Ive been diagnosed with Lyme. I have been on treatment for 8 months so far and I am now starting to not tolerate the medicine and experiencing a lot of anxiety and side effects, especially in my stomach. Please pray for wisdom to the doctors on how best to treat me personally and how to eradicate this disease from my body and bring me back to complete health. My family and I thank you, prayer warriors.

My sister has a cist on her ovaries and it is infected and filled with fluid doctors are trying to see if they can remove the fluid without dameging the ovaries.

April 01, 2014

please pray the doctors are successfull in removing the fluid in the cicst.

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