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Daughter needs prayer...

September 19, 2014

"JW" is not my blood daughter, but is the mother of my granddaughter, and I have grown to love her as my own. She and my son broke up when my granddaughter was only 5 months old (18 months ago) and he has not tried to see her since. My son no longer communicates with me after I stopped enabling his alcoholism; tough love and all... but that's a different story and a different prayer for a different day. Today, "JW" is in need of healing prayer and moral support. She is a single mom who recently injured her back and hasn't been able to work, therefore no income. And raising a busy two-year old. She is hurting physically, financially, emotionally, and is searching spiritually. She is open to Jesus and believes in prayer. She has allowed me to pray over her a number of times for other injuries sustained through her job. Tonight when I anointed her with oil and prayed for her, I received an impression that she is suffering from a slipped disk that is resting on a nerve which is causing so much pain. Doctors have put her on Prednisone, Ibuprofen, muscle relaxers, physical therapy, and recommended chiropractic adjustments--none of which have worked over the past 4 weeks. None have even ordered x-rays. Please pray that God will lead "JW" to the right path toward healing and that God would draw her closer to Jesus through this difficult time. Pray that God would place a solid support network around her as she raises her beautiful daughter. Father God, I lift up "JW" to you and ask that You would have mercy on her, strengthen her from the inside out, and impart your wisdom to her spirit and soul. Show her that she is invaluable to You, Father, and fulfill her and bless her in her role as a mother. I also ask that You would place a garrison of Your angelic host around her to protect her from any attacks in the spiritual realm to keep her from falling in love with Jesus or to attack her physically/financially/emotionally. I ask these things in Your son's name. Thank You for hearing our prayers, Father. And thank you, PrayerWorks partners for agreeing with me in this prayer for "JW's" wellbeing.

pray for A.J.

September 11, 2014

Please pray for my fiance's son A.J. (he is also called Mark Jr.) He is in the hospital now for epilepsy. He is having uncontrollable seizures as his medicine is not working. The doctors have tired everything to help him. I wish he could come to Wisconsin to live. We have a new drug here to treat Epilepsy. But my fiance cannot afford to move here right now. I pray God can make a way for my fiance and I to be married some day soon so A.J. can come here and get the medicine he needs to save his life. Thank you for your prayers. Julie.

Brother's surgery

September 09, 2014

My brother is having another surgery on Sept. 15th. He has been sick for over a year now battling an infection in his leg. The surgery is to hopefully get rid of the infection that he got in his leg after breaking his femor about a year ago. He just got out of the hospital with pneumonia and now he wants this surgery done in the worst way because he's had a pic line in for the last year and has had to infuse antibiotics in everyday for that time by his wife, who is an R.N. He is very tired of getting this and it is the second time he's had to have it done. He broke his femor and has a prosthetic knee in due to arthritis - years ago. Doctors are afraid the femor may come out too when they take the knee out to get rid of the infection once and for all. Please pray that all goes well for him during this surgery in Jesus name. Thank you for your prayers!

Child with Kawasaki Syndrome

September 07, 2014

Please pray for my nephew's 2-1/2 year old son who has been diagnosed with Kawasaki Syndrome & has been fighting for his survival for almost a week now. He is being treated in a California hospital and is struggling to swallow & breathe. Please pray that the doctors have the right diagnosis and that the treatment he is currently on will work.

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