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Pray for my mom and anyone with cancer

August 23, 2016

My mom has surgery this Thursday at 11:00 for removal of a cancerous tumor on her paratoid gland. The PETscan also showed a tumor in the area of her pancreas and bile duct. If you could add her to your church prayer group list or your own personal prayer list to provide strength to my mom and others with cancer and to give her doctors the wisdom to safely remove the cancer from that area. Praying for a fast removal of a hopefully self contained tumor. And pray to keep the other area in her body free from pain and growth and shrink that growth in the name of Jesus, Amen. Thy Will Be Done. Peace Be With You! Praying for a Miracle.

Pain and Suffering

August 21, 2016

Please pray for me. I have disabling conditions that are real- that is, physical and physiological, but are invisible to others. Doctors are limited; I have a pain management protocol but it's very fragile since our culture doesn't make room for being vulnerable. I don't need condescension or people telling me to "get off your pity pot." I need relief from the suffering. It's lonely, on top of physical pain. I am reaching out here because I am so needing not just a touch from His healing hand, but actual help from people around me. May the Lord send actual people into my life for some things I need- people who don't need me to justify or explain but who have help for me. Please help me by praying, I am just so depleted. Thank you.

Spinal Injury

August 09, 2016

Please pray for my mom who had a spontaneous hemorrhage in her spine. The doctors were not very hopeful that she may walk again. All we can do is wait, hope, and pray at this point that things heal and she recovers some movement of her legs.

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