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Single Mother In the Hospital Fighting For Her Life

August 14, 2015

I have a good friend who is in the UW Hospital literally fighting for her life. She has a large blood clot in her lung and another in her leg right below her knee and several smaller ones throughout her body. She was taken to our local hospital on Monday, where her heart actually stopped beating. It took the staff about 45 minutes to get her heart restarted and her stable enough to fly her to Madison. Her Mother posted the following update on Facebook today. well here is another update on my daughter Chris..they were able to do the test going down her throat to check her heart and valves for infection today....good news there in no infection that they can tell....then earlier this evening they did some cat scans the first on her head to check for bleeding on her brain....good news they could not see any bleeding there....the 2nd scan was of her abdomen to see why she is bleeding so bad in her abdomen....the scan didn't suggest that there was a hole in her abdomen could just be multiple damages caused by all the CPR they had to do on her....they no longer have her sedated any longer as they want her to wake up so they can evalue rate her better.....she did open her eyes today but didn't look at anyone just stared ahead......they said she would have to have more scans to check for brain damage(hopefully that will also be negative)....she is on lots of pain meds, very strong antibiotics for the infection in her blood which seems to be starting to help.....her blood clots have not changed there planing to put her back on the IV blood thinner on Saturday today they were giving it to her in shot form then Friday they said they were going to try and give her a break for 1 day from it then start again Saturday....Her heart beat has some improvement looking better than it did 12 to 24 hrs ago at some times the nurse said a little to fast....her kidneys have very little coming out they said what she passed out all day a normal person would do in 1 hour so she may need to go on a machine to help them get started....again I would just like to thank everyone for all there prayers ,get well wishes, messages, and phone calls for all the love and support for my daughter Chris during this very stressful time and please continue to keep her in your thoughts and she is still in very critical condition and fighting for her life......God bless each and everyone of Chris's Mom and her family Any prayers anyone would like to say for her recovery and for her family would be greatly appreciated. She is an awesome Mom to a 15 year old son and a 3 year old daugher. She also takes care of her Mother who has difficulty moving around due to some physical problems. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

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