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Thanks Be to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

July 17, 2015

Thank You[[,] for] Your Everything God! Hosanna to the Highest, Holy, Holy, Holy, [Hallowed is the name of our God,] God Bless Us All, Each and Everyone, in YOUR Will with Merciful and with Everlasting, Hallelujah - He (God's Christ, being HIS WORD) is risen and sits on the Heavens Mercy Seat!, Hallelujah, Holy, Holy, Holy Lovingkindness, in, and through, YOUR Christ, the King of Glory, YOUR Beloved Son - Jesus, Amen. (I A-Man) LORD, I am weak and I, admittedly being of sinful flesh, am not acknowledgeable for worthiness of or in YOUR Presence except by and through the personally accepted salvation offered through YOUR Son, Jesus - the Christ, my Savior and my Lord - Forgive me Father as I have forgiven those who have sinned against me. By YOUR Merciful Grace LORD Almighty I give thanks, and know this is for YOUR Glory, Honor, Blessing, Strength, Power, and Dominion for all things in the name of my Lord - YOUR Son, Jesus - the Christ, to YOU, even the Father; and I am subject in fellowship by the body of Christ to one another as I fear YOU. In the name of YOUR Son, Jesus - the Christ, the High Priest of Melchizedek forever, Amen.

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