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Heart Idols

October 01, 2014

Please pray that The LORD helps me pull down, break, destroy, and burn my heart idols (entertainment, ungodly frienships, Internet foolishness, pride, etc.) and that He draw me close to Him and that I grow in grace and knowledge of The LORD. That He protects me from the wiles of the devil and my family coworkers and enemies. That He uses me mightly for His name sake and keeps me on the strait and narrow with Him, overcoming by the power of His might, bearing my cross, walking by faith in Him, bearing much fruit for His glory and namesake, walking in The Spirit, walking in humility, in love, in peace and in all the fruits of the Spirit and producing them for His glory. Please pray that I love and forgive me family and enemies and all people who have wronged me and not bear any grudges against them. Thanks and God bless you.

Family Reunited, Monday very important day

October 01, 2014

Please pray for events on Monday to go well for my family and for God's presence, power, and glory to be shown. Events on Monday will have a significant impact in many areas of our lives, most importantly though, my family finally being back together. We ask that God's will be done, our family be reunited and all glory be given to God. Thank you and God Bless.


September 30, 2014

Please pray for Nate and his family. He is a very young man, with a wife of only five years. He is dying of cancer and doesn't have much time lefty pray that they all feel God's presence and abundant love. Let God bring them peace and comfort. Lord take Nate's pain and discomfort away.

Starting MS treatment today.

September 29, 2014

Hi everyone, I asking for prayers from everyone today . I have had MS since 2008 and have pushed treatment and medication away in the hopes it was all just a mistake ,false reading or just a crazy medical error. I have been doing well. No symptoms that I know of my MRI came back unchanged no new lessons or active ones. But the last few weeks I have had little flare ups here and there. My DR. suggested that treatment of daily injections wold be the nesessary thing to do. I am terrified of needles and taking any form of medication. I am scared of side effects. I have children I have a family and want to be there for them. I am afraid that something bad will happen if I take this medication. I have a nurse coming out today to answer all my questions but I have been feeling anxious scared and have been crying all morning. If you could please parry that I do not have any major side effect and that this medication works in slowing down anything that is going on I would be very grateful. I am at my end with my emotions and wish I did not have to deal with this. I feel like i am being punished for all of the mistakes and bad things I have done in my life . I have asked for forgiveness but I still feel gulity and really think this is my punishment . I just want this to go away and I know it will not. I want to understand why this is happening andI know I never will. I want to answers and I know I can not have them. So Ask again if you all could just pray for a nobody like me. I am so lost right now and no one understands how I feel.. I just want this to go away.

Prayer Request

September 29, 2014

Please pray that I grow in grace and in knlowledge of The Lord Jesus christ; that I walk in the Spirit always; that He conforms me into His Holy Image; that He uses me for His name sake and Glory; that He protects me from the wiles of the devil and my family; that He makes me into a pastor after His own heart; that He makes me into a man and disciple after His own heart; tha He provides for all my spiritual and material needs. Please pray for my co-worker's, family's, friend's, associates, aquantances, neighbors, and enemies salvation. Pease pray that I get a new and better job and my own place.Please pray that The LORD provides for Allen's, Kyle's, Walter's, Angel's, Daniel's and all of my brothers and sisters in Christ's spirtual and material needs. Also for the salvation of their family's and their protection from the enemy and his machinations. Thanks and God bless you.

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