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please stand in the battle and pray in the spirit in jesus name

August 03, 2015

Please battle in the spirit in the spiritual realm in the name of Jesus on behalf of me and my family in Jesus name. I come against any prayer hindrances of these prayers in Jesus name and I plead the blood of Jesus over every prayer warrior that is standing in agreement with me in Jesus name. I declare complete victory over all circumstances of my family in Jesus name. I praise the name of Jesus your are might in power and deed thank you Jesus!


August 03, 2015

May your prayers be heard and granted as you take the time to pray for mine. Where two or more are gathered in his name, He locates us with His GPS and listens to our requests. So here are mine: Salvation for my son and immediate family and hedge of protection, favor, direction for each one on an individual basis to meet their purpose. Deliverance for myself from all, God knows the details to that one; cleanse me, renewed like the eagle. Aside from the spiritual, there is returning to school as a mature female, may God put his hand on all that so that I may finish BA in a year and a half or sooner successfully....and pay back the loan! through work study and renew and seal my skincare lic. dues will be processed to go through with no glitches. A living arrangement that is completely secure, no more homelessness! Transportation of a car again, in His time, no hurry on that one. Legal cases that merged to be heard and dealt with, finalized by 2016 in our families favor. Healing of a hernia that came out in the last year and is pertruding, can't afford a doctor or surgery, on my lower right thigh. Reverse or maintain age turning 49! lol so I can do all I need to do before leaving this life. Love and marriage til eternity once and for all this year, it's way over due.


August 03, 2015

Good Afternoon, Please pray that God bless me with favor, boldness and confidence this week, as I have an amazing opportunity coming up. Prayers that God give me peace and confidence in Him and His plan for our lives, knowing that that is much more than I, or we, can ever imagine. Please don't let me put limits on His plan because of my own fears or insecurities or doubts. Let me be Joyful in who He has made me and confident in all He has prepared me to be, for His Glory and our family. Amen.

Family in need of prayers and intervention

August 03, 2015

Please help me pray for my family. We have been under attack by satan and overtime we try to move forward and it looks like things are finally looking up our rug is pulled from us. We have endured an affair, an illegitimate child, financial crisis. I have three weeks left in my pregnancy and we are praying for a healthy baby and problem free delivery. We are still in financial crisis as we are a month behind in rent, my husbands job is not doing to well which will put a continued financial burden on us. He feels beat up and is so discouraged. Please Lord surround my family with your protection, give my husband peace of mind, help him to not feel so helpless and turn to you. Protect our daughter who is preparing for school, guide and surround her. Lord make ways for us out of this confusion and frustration, give us some peace in our daily lives as we have not experienced peace of mind, financial security, martial bliss or anything in a very long time. Lord please move these mountains, make them smaller. Carry us Lord through these moments as we desperately need you. Please hear my prayers and work in our favor. Amen.

How I Got My Husband Back...........

August 02, 2015

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