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Power of prayer

April 16, 2014

I placed a request on here months ago about feeling lost and failing my family. I have continued to pray on it and felt great support from this community, getting notified months later that someone had prayed for me. The power of prayer is powerful. The Divine within has lifted burdens, taken the yoke and I am able to shine light through my life. Keep praying. God is waiting for you.

Brother died of overdose

April 14, 2014

Please pray for me to have strength in supporting my friend, her brother died of an overdose. He as 2 your children with one more on the way. Pray for his family to find God's strength and His provisions, His healing powers and how to overcome all the emotions that we are feeling at this time. Thank you for your kindness.

Marriage Reconsilation

April 06, 2014

I need powerful prayer that my x-husband will talk to me. He left me two yrs. ago Psalm Sunday. He filed for Divorce and that tore my soul out. He is a Pastor, and still preaches and I'm treated like a leper. I believe it is God's Will for us to be back together. I have forgiven him and just want to be able to talk to him. We were married 39 yrs. I trusted him. He went to another woman and shared all his feelings instead of coming to me. She told him life is too short and he needed to be happy. Please pray that Satan won't win this. I want my family back. I haven't seen my Grandchildren or talked to them in months. I have been in counseling for over a year. He has never admitted that he has done anything wrong in our marriage. He is angry and treats me like I'm dead. I always thought it took two to make a marriage and two to destroy it, I have always believed it took three, God in the center. I don't have any hope left--please pray that God puts such deep deep conviction on Craig's heart and that he will come back to me for God's glory. I daily pick up my cross and live for God, I surrender everything I am to God, I want to live in his will. GOD PLEASE BRING HIM BACK TO ME AND MY FAMILY. Thank you so much

God's Healing

April 04, 2014

Thank you for considering to pray for this; I haven't tried to post any prayers publicly before, but I know that God hears the prayers of the faithful, especially when we pray together. I recently found out that I have what appears to be a tumor in my head, and I've had symptoms that make me feel unstable on a daily basis for almost a year. I'm in my mid-20s, and these symptoms have debilitated my ability to do my job at times or to do it as well as I can, to exercise like I used to do daily to stay healthy, to see friends/family with milestone events, to sometimes go to the grocery store, etc. I feel sick every day and have tried to stay positive, but it's really been getting to me lately. They're not even sure if my symptoms are related to the tumor, though, and they think that they won't have to take it out - I'm hoping they don't need to take it out either. I know that God can heal any physical ailment and that He's truly amazing. I am trying to rely on Him. I feel like there's a spiritual element, too, where God is drawing me nearer, but Satan wants me to pull away. I'm committed to continuing to follow Christ, but I find myself growing quite weary from these unstable symptoms that I feel like have stolen my life. Thank you for your prayers for God's healing. I'm hoping that He helps to heal my symptoms and my head so that I can return to my normal life. I've been learning a lot and growing in Him, and I pray that I continue that while hopefully feeling a lot better.... Thank you for your prayers! I'll be praying for you requests, too.


April 03, 2014

I back again with a prayer request and maybe some one can explain to me why? last year I asked for prayer because we had lost our home we where homeless for one month living in hotels in the area and loosing hope as each house owner said no to us. Finally our prayers where answered and we got more then we had hoped for a great big house and a very big yard. A dream come true.And even the option of buying it down the road, feeling blessed and grateful thanking God we have started to settle in. my husband lost his job. And We need prayer again from you all that he finds a job very quickly. I do not want to loose this house or live in a hotel again. I believe that every prayer we had received was heard and am begging you all to please help us again. I am just so confused to why this is all happening. it seems like there is always some major thing happens in our lives. WHY!?! Are we doing something wrong?! is it be cue we do not attend church? Are we being punished? I do not expect to have a care free life but these are major things and i just do not understand. I am a nervous wreck again and do not want to end up in a bad situation again. Thank you all for your prayers and God bless.

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