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Stressedand overwhelmed, feel lost

November 27, 2015

I know I just submitted a prayer and I feel awful here again, but I finished my prayer then out of no where got angry with my children as they were trying to help me make out Thanksgiving meal. I said some mean things to them and feel like the worst mom at the moments, I am in tears and asking God to let the Holy spirit take over as I don;t know how much I can talk. I want to be a mom of Love, Kindness, Godly, caring and respect not the mom of stress, fear, overwhelming feelings and hate. Please pray that I find a way to talk to my children as my words have hurt them so much they do not even want to talk to me now. In the name of God, I ask the the Holy Spirit comes into my life a at this moment and guides me in the right direction, AMEN!!! Thank you again for your prayers, thoughts and teachings in helping me find Godly strength and not letting the World take over my home.

I need Happiness from God

November 25, 2015

i need happiness from God , i need a special touch from above to cast away depression and feeling of forsaken , i need God to touch me and make me happy and to have faithful friends believers, i am suffering from loneliness , i need friends and people in my life , i feel deep rejection and loneliness , i feel that i am in desert , i need a breath of life from God , i need his togetherness with me because i am alone .. in Jesus mighty name , i praise God for the touch he will do ,, Amen

A life full of anxiety

November 23, 2015

Over the past 7 months I have gone through a lot of changes. I graduated from college, I have moved out on my own, have a full time job, and found the love of my life. To people who look at me first glance, I'm always smiling, always laughing, and loving life. Only my family and a handful of people know that those laughs and smiles only last for a certain amount of time though. Anxiety has really overtaken my happiness in life. It's a constant worry that snowballs into even more. Daily anxiety attacks where I find it hard to breathe, hard to focus, and constant tears. In the last month, I've had an overwhelming feeling to ask for help. So I took the leap of faith and talked to my mom about everything that was on my mind, and started seeing a therapist. I think it was God nudging me and telling me it's okay to ask for help. It's been difficult opening up to a stranger, but I think I'm finally getting the sense of relief I've been praying for. If you have any time, please pray for healing amongst me as well as the millions of others who suffer from anxiety. God bless.

sons health and job

November 22, 2015

please pray for NJ he is unable to keep his present job due to an upcoming surgery . and it will be physically impossible after surgery. pray that he will find peace during his healing time and know that God already has the plan of a new career path after his healing. pray he can find peace in this time and the anxiety and fears to be under control. also pray for my other son that struggles with a chronic illness. he has been doing much better but this weekend was really hard filled with lots of pain. pray the he will get back into a better pattern of feeling well.. thank you and as always the ability to take one day at a time...

My brother

November 18, 2015

Please pray for my brother, Jon. He is going through an incredibly tough time as his fianc moved out, and they broke up. He is feeling so alone, empty, and worthless right now. I'm worried about him.

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