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February 25, 2015

Please pray for my spouse to be sorry and apologize for what he has done to betray our marriage. Pray that he stop lying and cheating and come to repentance to God. Pray that he want to be married to me for the rest of our lives and that he choose to be in love with me again. Pray that our marriage be according to God's Will and not our own. Pray that we stop listening to the lies of the devil and the lusts of the flesh and instead focus on putting each other first above our own emotions and feelings. Help us to realize that love and forgiveness is a choice. Please pray for a miracle and God's power to be revealed to my husband. Please pray that the divorce not go through and instead dedication to our marriage 100%. Pray that unhealthy relationships come to a complete end by deleting names, phone numbers, emails, and all connections to such relationships that interfere with our marriage in any way. All things are possible with God; far above anything I can see or imagine or even pray about because there's more to pray that I can even know.

Unspoken words.

February 19, 2015

I ask for prayers. I am feeling at a lost. I just recently lost my cousin, who was 24 years old, to cancer. Losing him, has been, hard to say the least. I feel so much anger all the time. Whenever I think about his passing I feel pain, and a huge ache in my heart. I just want to push it away, make him come back, but I know that won't happen. On top of this, I am struggling with feeling alone. The few friends, who know everything about me, have been absent and unable to be there.When we can talk, I am interrupted and left feeling deflated. I keep too much inside, and unfortunately I trust too little. I don't want to be selfish and ask others to be concerned with me, but a part of me wants to be. I have prayed and now I am asking for prayers from others. I pray for peace amongst the chaos. I pray for just one friend or stranger to just listen to me. To hear what is on my heart. I pray for strength. I pray for smiles and positive influences. Overall, I just ask for prayers. Please.

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