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Thanking God for safety

August 24, 2016

I was in a car accident today, and I want to thank you Father God for protecting me and letting my injuries be very minor. It could have been a lot worse. Thank you Father for letting the other people involved be ok too. However, I am feeling overwhelmed with trying to coordinate things that need to get figured out in the aftermath. Father please help me through this part. Thank you, thank you...and please help me not to have a repeat performance of this again! In Jesus' name I pray, AMEN!

New job

August 24, 2016

After several years of an abusive employment situation - I left! I know it's was the right thing to do. Today, I'm feeling somewhat overwhelmed with anxiety about finding new employment because of my age. Retirement is down the road (7 years) so finding a job is extremely important. Kindly pray that the right job/opportunity for me comes along soon. Thanks so much!

We have lost one cousin and Are soon to lose another

August 24, 2016

Please pray for my two cousins one has recently passed away at the age of 52. The second has been found to have stage four ovarian cancer. The news that both of these came to my family just days apart and has been very hard on most of us. If you do have a spare I too am without work and a single parent, I hate to ask because of all of the other pain and heartache taking place in this world but if you do have a spare prayer I would be ever so grateful. It's hard to believe that God is actually watching it at this time. God bless everybody and I pray nobody has to go through this feeling of being forsaken.


August 15, 2016

I feel so frustrated, angry and trapped right now. Please pray that God will help me and change these feelings. I'm struggling to make peace with where I'm moving to (signed a lease now regretting it) and an uncertain future which steals my joy.

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