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Starting MS treatment today.

September 29, 2014

Hi everyone, I asking for prayers from everyone today . I have had MS since 2008 and have pushed treatment and medication away in the hopes it was all just a mistake ,false reading or just a crazy medical error. I have been doing well. No symptoms that I know of my MRI came back unchanged no new lessons or active ones. But the last few weeks I have had little flare ups here and there. My DR. suggested that treatment of daily injections wold be the nesessary thing to do. I am terrified of needles and taking any form of medication. I am scared of side effects. I have children I have a family and want to be there for them. I am afraid that something bad will happen if I take this medication. I have a nurse coming out today to answer all my questions but I have been feeling anxious scared and have been crying all morning. If you could please parry that I do not have any major side effect and that this medication works in slowing down anything that is going on I would be very grateful. I am at my end with my emotions and wish I did not have to deal with this. I feel like i am being punished for all of the mistakes and bad things I have done in my life . I have asked for forgiveness but I still feel gulity and really think this is my punishment . I just want this to go away and I know it will not. I want to understand why this is happening andI know I never will. I want to answers and I know I can not have them. So Ask again if you all could just pray for a nobody like me. I am so lost right now and no one understands how I feel.. I just want this to go away.


September 21, 2014

Please pray for our daughter, a freshman in college, that she may lean on her faith as she moves forward in this new phase of her life, leaving painful memories behind. Please pray that she be ever so mindful of his holy spirit abiding in every moment of everyday. May she feel his loving arms surround her especially in times of despair feeling so alone. Please pray that she be led to the right friends, peers, others that may share her faith.

miracle for my marriage

September 19, 2014

My husband is not able to let go of resentment and lives in the past. We have gone through counceling for two years and he is on a downhill slope with his emotions and feelings for our marriage. He says he cannot do this anymore as he cannot eat, sleep, or function because he is completely unhappy. Please pray for him to find Jesus in all of this. Please pray for a miracle of saving our marriage and restoring it to a newness that we have never experienced. Pray that we both have assurance that staying in our marriage is the right choice. Pray that my husband recognize that life is about choices and that is how people change. Thank you.


September 18, 2014

I'm having a hard time sleeping at night and have a 10 month old. She's not a good sleeper either. I'm feeling overwhelmed by this even though I know it's just a season in life. Please pray that we would both get the rest that we need. I feel so alone in this right now. Please pray for God's presence to engulf me.

Job Security

September 17, 2014

Please pray for my husband. He has doubts about the security of his job. We're both feeling anxious and our worried for our financial future. Please pray that God continues to provides for our earthly needs- and, God willing, that he allows us job stability and financial security. Please also pray that our faith may withstand whatever challenges we face. I ask that God would fill us with peace from our fears and hope for our future here on earth and forever in heaven. Thank you for your prayers!

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