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I can't go on

December 08, 2014

A couple weeks ago I submitted a prayer request similar to this. Then, I could feel God answering the prayers. I started feeling better, happier, more peaceful. A couple months ago, after coming home from a hospitalization for a suicide attempt, I applied for a Christian residential program. I got all of the parts of the application in really quickly and I was feeling hopeful about being accepted. I made a promise with God that if I wasn't accepted, that I would know that He had given up on me, too, and I would take my own life. Well, today, the residential program called me and told me that I had not been accepted. All of my hope for a future was riding on this, and it's all gone. All hope, all faith, all strength. God gave up on me. I'm giving up on me too. Please pray for me. I'm not sure how you could pray for me? Pray that God proves to me I'm wrong. I need to be wrong. Otherwise... I can't go on. -TH

Need Help

December 06, 2014

First, thank you for reading my prayer request. I am feeling overwhelmed at this time. I have 200K in debt, manily for student loans. Now, my salary is being cut due to not maknig my numbers and I will end up owing money back next year. I do not know what to do. I feel ashamed for all this. I work 2 jobs and struggle with managing money. I have gotten info from Dave Ramsey, which is good, but I cant even get to the starting line of saving the $1000 and do the debt snowball. I am asking for some way out. Some way to overcome this burden and to heal. I appreciate your prayers with my issue. God Bless.


December 05, 2014

Doug has asked for prayer as he is having a rough day and feeling very depressed. Thank you!

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