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Latest update from Rick

November 20, 2014

Thank you all for your prayers. I brought my sister to the Court yesterday, the Judge gave us a 4 weeks' adjournment (till 18 Dec 2014), please continue to pray for me and my family that the creditors (SF, Joeline, Benson, AY, Ivan , Lena) will give us more time to pay them instead of threatening, harassing and stressing me and my family. We also need a financial miracle. Only God can help us. Thanks again!

Prayer for Court Adjournment and case to be closed miraculously

November 18, 2014

Dear all, I am bringing my sister to Court shortly to adjourn the case (she is the guarantor for my loan, I got her into trouble), please pray that we have a good interpretor and a good Judge . May God soften their hearts and willing to adjourn the matter to a much later date for us to raise funds to pay the solicitor . The solicitor is willing to drop the case only if we are able to make the full legal fee which they keep adding on. Please pray that the case will be closed and dropped miraculously, and we also need a HUGE financial miracle urgently. Thanks

I need God to soften my creditors' heart and also bless me

November 16, 2014

Blessed week to all of you! It's me , Rick again. Please continue to pray for me, situation is still the same, creditors are still threatening, stressing and harassing me and my family. I need God to soften my creditors' heart, (they are: SF, Joeline, Ivan, Jan, AY, Benson, Lena and a few more), there is also a Court case against my sister as she is my guarantor, please pray that the case will be adjourned and close miraculously. Please also pray for me and my family to have wisdom, good health and also a supernatural financial miracle. Thanks again in advance for praying.

I need God to bless me with a HUGE miracle

November 13, 2014

Please pray for me and my family. We are in Huge financial crisis, we really need an urgent financial miracle. Creditors are after us day and night , they are: SF, YY Joeline, Benson, AY, Ivan and many others. I need prayers , only God can soften the hearts of my creditors to give me more time. If God is willing, He can help me pay off all the debts in a super natural ways as well. Only God can help me and my family. Thanks in advance for all your prayers.

Overwhelmed, need a breakthrough

November 08, 2014

Lord, when does it become easier? this has been a very rough week. Lord I am seeking your guidance, your help, your healing your peace to come over me my marriage and family. I am overwhelmed Lord, I am trying to stay positive and prayerful, but I feel like it is overtaking me. Lord, bless us with a financial breakthrough heal our finances so that we can pay our rent and live comfortably. Lord, I lift my husband up to you, he is dealing with so many personal demons, Lord, he needs you. Please wrap him in your arms, surround him in love, be his guide, help him to hear your voice. Calm him Lord and humble him, help to face his addictions and how they are not benefiting his life or you. Lord,heal my mind and heart as it is FULL of disgust towards his former mistress. Give me a peace Lord that passes all understanding. Permanently remove this woman from our lives, shut and seal the door. Place a hedge of protection around us, send your angels around us Lord and hear my prayers Amen.

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