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Financial Peace

April 22, 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am asking for your prayer again. And thank you to those of you praying for my family. My husband and I will be filing bankruptcy in the upcoming weeks. After prayer and consideration, it seems it is our only viable option at this time. (We have been struggling financially for years and my husband's wages are being garnished, they have threatened to garnish mine as well.) We don't live frivolously, we just haven't ever made enough to save for emergencies. Anyway, we are emotionally drained and feeling terrible, of course. Would you just pray for us...please pray that we will be able to get into (and afford) a financial peace university class, and that God would give us a break for a few years. Thank you so much!

Financial catastrophy

April 18, 2014

My daughter and her three kids moved in 8 months ago. She and I had a few disagreements so I lived in the basement. Have my bedroom there. I started working another job to be able to move. And now 4 months before lease has ended she is moving out leaving me with all utilities, and rent to finish the lease. She was homeless so I let her move in with me which has caused great financial hardship. I am so upset and worried.

for business and personal financial survival

April 16, 2014

we've been thru the ringer business wise since 2008, closed one location, just the main shop left. Been blessed with new employees, management, things looking up, we have been busy, but still a large amount owed to vendors from the last two years, behind in rent, etc. Pray for continued improvement in sales, patience on the part of vendors, continued miracles regarding financial survival, guidance and wisdom for myself.

jobs and fianances

April 14, 2014

Please pray that our son gets a good full time job with benefits. It would help his self esteem and his financial situation. I also ask for prayers that our daughter gets the job that is right for her, her boyfriend to be able to work from home or get a job in this area. I ask that you pray for our dear friend is going to have to start radiation for his cancer that all goes well. Our friend that lost her husband over a year ago, that her situation could be make lighter. So that our home sells as soon as possible. And that our son does not get deployed again before his term is up. I thank you for all these needs. In Jesus's name I ask for your prayers. Thank you

young lady struggling to make ends meet

April 14, 2014

Please pray for my sons friend who is going for a new job interview today. she is trying to keep her financing going. and is going for a new job interview today. pray that she can get something that will take her to the next level and she can get ahead of the financial strain she is in. she is such a delight and she tries so hard to do everything on her own and respect her parents. thank you

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