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Miracle happened! Thank you for all the prayers

March 30, 2015

Dear all, This is Rick. I posted many prayer requests since last year asking all of you to pray for me and my family, in terms of financial miracles and also my sister's court case to be closed and withdrawn. I have good news ! The court case has been miraculously withdrawn and the case is closed. Praise the Lord and thank you all for your prayers and unconditional loves and cares and also encouragements. Please continue to pray for me and my family, we need a financial miracle. My creditors, namely, SF, Joeline, AY are still threatening me and my family asking for payment. Please pray for a huge financial miracle . Thanks again !~ Rick

Let the Lord Show the Way

March 30, 2015

I'm asking for prayers for my family and myself. Like so many others, we are struggling right now and need the Lord to guide us. I know that he has started us down the right path, but we need the strength to continue it and leave our fears behind. Please pray for us to find the financial opportunities and emotional support to make it through this huge change in our lives. Thank you and may you and your family have a blessed Easter!

Please Read and Pray... Thank You.

March 30, 2015

Yes, Esther Ruth, Any one who reads the Bible knows the name, Esther and Ruth. Well I am married to a wonderful woman. She was named after both grandmothers. Esther and Ruth. My wife's name is Esther Ruth. Her birthday is coming up at the end of April. God blessed Esther and Ruth in the Bible. The only female books in the Bible. We have been married 30 plus years, We both ask God to bless us finacialy. I am going blind and her health is not well. Over the years there have been great losses. We are asking God to Please, Please bless us because we are broke and not able to keep up with the unending expenses. We lost our business, we lost personel stuff in floods and storms. I know that God can answer prayers. I know the answer can be No. We are asking For prayer, That God would say yes to this financial blessing. We have churches, family and friends who are in need just like us. Esther and Ruth met a lot to the coming of our Lord Jesus. Very powerful name Esther and Ruth. Why would a wonderful woman with both names, Esther Ruth, Please Lord bless her, Bless the name Esther Ruth, to help, Churches, Family, Friends and to help us out of this rut we are in. We know God, Lord you can say yes. We are asking all to ask God for a yes this time. We are asking for yes for many many reasons. God, Please, Please say yes to this financial pray. Lord We thank You, We thank all who pray. We will pass on the blessing when God blesses us. Remember, Esther Ruth, The names that brought salvation to the Jews, Jesus, The Son of God, came from the Family tree, Jesus also said ask in His name. We are asking in His name to please bless Esther Ruth Finacialy. Thank You all who read and pray with us, that all will be heard and blessed. Amen and Amen. Thank You and May God Bless you all.


March 29, 2015

Humbly and respectfully I remain extremely appreciative of all of the continued thoughts and prayers. Three months have now passed and Lil Man and I still remain homeless. I am deeply distressed and I literally have no more monies to keep us in a hotel and provide food. I have continued to remain in prayer; but, we continue to suffer. Desperately we need a home and the financial means in which to maintain the home. On 4/11, if God will allow, I will be celebrating my 47th birthday. To have a place to call home would be the ultimate gift. Each and every day I find myself fighting back tears. Do I not deserve to have a home? Or is it in God's plan for me to remain homeless and suffering from lack? At a loss. Your continued thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. -Deb & Lil Man

Urgent prayer request from Sean C. in CA.

March 28, 2015

03/28/15 - Prayer request from Sean C. in CA. Please pray for the Lord's salvation, complete healing and good health, peace, and protection for me (Sean C.), all my family, relatives, and loved ones. Also, please pray for the Lord's quick physical healing and financial help for me (Sean) and my sister Kathleen - Thank you.

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