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Prayer requests containing the term “financial”:

July 21, 2014

Having stress and depression bad from lack of finances, Needing financial miracle real soon! also probably last week with comp car?? Then work car in question. Toooo much stress------

family and spiritual issues

July 20, 2014

I am in need of prayer warriers for myself and my children for financial, spiritual,and protection. As a single mother I am dealing with the stresses of day to day living financial and emotional support for my self and my two children. My daughter is 22 and is home now after not making it in college. and is just maintaining a job. but not getting on with her life in a good way. My son at 16 is in need of mom more but I have to split my time between the two. My ex husband is around but is not always the spiritual guide I need for my children. or the financial help. I am overwhelmed by all I need to do for myself and my children. Prayers for all aspects of my life is needed. Love to sing at praise and worship at my church. But it is a fairly new church for me and I do not have the support I had at our previous church. my children are in need of spiritual and emotional help. Direction is needed for my daughters life and confidence in who my son and daughter is in the Lord and to send them a great mentor. Besides myself.

Financial Healing/Financial Abundance

July 19, 2014

First, I want to thank you for considering my prayer request. I have made many mistakes with managing money. I have 150K in student loan debt. I have 40K in IRS debt. I have personal debt as well. I feel ashamed for my mismanagmenet and take personal responsibility. I am working 2 jobs and changing my habits, but I still don't see a way out. I am asking for god to provide me a path to pay off my debt, to have financial abundance for savings and to be able to give to others. I thank you so much.

Prayers for both of my adult children and their families

July 15, 2014

Both of my children and their families are facing financial disasters. My daughter just lost her job that helps support her family. Pray she will find work. My daughter-in-law has been sick with mono twice and unable to work since October. Neither family can pay their bills and I am financially broken from helping them. We are all desperately trying to understand these trying times. Please pray for all of us.

Family needs

July 09, 2014

Please pray for our son, he did not get the job that he was hoping for. Please pray that God will feel it is he time to find a good job with benefits to help with his financial and emotional situation. He is becoming very down that he cannot find a job. He just wants to work and start his life. Please pray also that our house sells asap as we are helping him financially and selling our home would help with some of our burden. Please pray for all our friends and family that have health issues. Thank you

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