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Lonely Son

September 12, 2014

Our adult son, 19 years old, is lonely and is seeking friendships on social networks, which is scary. Please pray that our son can connect with positive people in his life that can fill the need for connection. He thinks we wants a girlfriend, because some of his high buddies have one, but just a true-blue goodhearted friend would be a good start and great blessing.

sons health

September 11, 2014

asking for prayers for my son who is balancing work and his health. he is exhausted from working 7 days week. and keeping his mental and physical health in line. please pray he can overcome this exhaustion he is feeling and for him to be able to keep a healthy balance. and for his friend to understand what he needs to stay healthy. thank you.. i also pray for all moms who are always praying for their kids.. especially those that have health issues physically and mentally..

Husband needs prayer

September 11, 2014

PRAISE GOD, he is faithful. 100%. His timing is always on TIME and RIGHT. He blessed my hubby with a promotion last year, it has its perks because its in a professional environment, good insurance and he works with his best friend and other great male coworkers. He doesn't feel like it is his passion and I totally understand. please pray that GOD would open a DOOR for Him and US. We have been thinking about starting a business together. Please pray for us. Life is to short to be stuck doing something you are not enthustic about. (sorry about the spelling.)

Husband, Children and I need a home and gooe jobs!

September 11, 2014

my husband and I are in such a huge bind. Because of an incident with his friend, we are being forced to move within two weeks. My husband and I also need to find really good jobs. Please pray the landlord changes their mind about wanting us to move or that we can find and afford /pay for a bigger home. This place is too small anyway and it does not accommodate our family. So moving may actually be a blessing. Thank you and praise God!

Family needs

September 10, 2014

Please pray with me that God feels it is our time, we need to sell our house and our son needs a better job, full time and better pay. Please also pray for family and friends with health issues. Thank you

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