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Struggling with Life

October 30, 2014

I'm a 30-something year old woman. I have a great job, a nice apartment, loving family, and supportive friends. I also have depression, especially S.A.D. I'm already struggling this Fall, much earlier than normal. Please pray for God's healing for this debilitating illness. Pray that he works in my heart and my head to allow me to live the life he created me to live!

Two Things

October 30, 2014

I have admitted to a very close friend my abuse issues with specific medications. ( plus my spouse) I pray to be delivered from this addiction and that I will be blessed with the ability to never depend on a substance again. I pray the Lord will heal my mind. and The 2nd thing is- I was praying for things to change in my work environment, and then this week my boss told me she will no longer be our boss, because she is changing locations. Now we have our specialist who works close with my boss, I hope she becomes our BIG BOSS because she is lovely and has somewhat of a relationship with Jesus. I pray that She would have FAVOR and be a BLESSING AS A GREAT LEADER FOR OUR WORK ENVIRONMENT. Thank you so much. Amen

Safe Travel for my daughter

October 30, 2014

My youngest daughter is in college at UW Whitewater. Her best friend goes to UW Milwaukee and they miss each other. So my daughter will be traveling alone this Friday evening on the bus to visit her. Please pray for her safe travel as she needs to change buses in Milwaukee. She will need to walk three blocks to the next bus. She assures me she will be fine, but I am her mother and worry. So please pray for her safe travel and for me to not to worry about her!

Finding An Apartment

October 29, 2014

Hi Everyone! I need to find a new apartment downtown, eastside or southeast side. It'd be great if the place allowed cats. As I have one but he's staying with some friends right now til I find a permanent landing spot. I just started working at the Buckle at East Towne but still don't make enough for the places I've found on Craigslist. Starting to get discouraged. I need His favor. - Thanks!

Thank You, God

October 28, 2014

God, my Father in Jesus - the Christ (in Whom my hope resides) on this day of my Fifty-seventh annual celebration of having been ushered forth unto the earth as a blessed rewarded gift in, of, and by YOUR Lovingkindness and Infinite Mercy and Grace through YOUR Son, Jesus - the Christ, from YOU to my In-Christ-Loving-Parents I, again on this remembered day, give all that I received, have, and shall yet be pleasured with in humble and uplifted thankful praises, honors, blessings, strengths, glories with my faithful love and obedience to YOU and YOUR Son and re-direct any Glory, Praise, Honor, Blessing, Strength and such other Holy Accorded Things misplaced upon me for YOUR Work through me via YOUR Son, Jesus - the Christ. My LORD, my Sovereign, my God Almighty in YOUR Strength, and by YOUR Promises YOU have blessed me with exceedingly many wondrous witnesses to, of, and from YOUR Living Presence here in YOUR Creation of which I am still in awe and amazement of even to/in/by-my-blind-arrogance-in-seemingly the least creation of YOUR Immensity - THANK YOU God for the Greatest Gift I could receive in my earthly existence - The Good News of YOUR Son (and the Graced Blessed Ability to act therein of such Good News for YOUR Glory through Him) and the humility to accept Him as my Savior, my King, my Priest, and my most Precious Love and Dearest Friend who resides in my heart and mind continually throughout all YOUR Time given to me to be active in witness of YOUR Exultant and Edifying Glory. I continue to be thankful for the challenges and other afflicting obstacles to overcome placed before me that allows me to grow closer to YOU through Your Son, Jesus - the Christ. Hosanna to the Highest ...selah... Holy, Holy, Holy is YOUR Name my Father and with the Greatest Joy in my heart I settle in for the next unknown YOU have prepared for me to help me grow in diligence and knowledge, understanding of YOU and YOUR Majesty. Forgive me of my trespasses, as I have forgiven those who have trespassed against me ...selah... Thank YOU in this 5775th year of YOUR Creation and I seek YOUR Favor for this next year as well as the time YOU Have Allotted For Me for this my earthly existence to faithfully continue a constitution in and closer to YOU. In all things search my heart LORD for the things I need, forsaking the desires and wants of my worldly senses, to accomplish YOUR Will to be done on earth as it is in heaven and give us all this day the daily bread we need to sustain ourselves in YOU for YOUR Glory - Forever and Ever ...selah... Hosanna to the Highest and Glory be to YOU for Holy, Holy, Holy is YOUR Name LORD God and I exult in hope of the Glory of YOU, God, in the name of YOUR Beloved Son, Jesus - the Christ, the King of Kings, and the High Priest of Melchizedek - forever, Amen.

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