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May 22, 2015

The weekend is coming up, and that is always the hardest for me. I just got out of a relationship with someone who I have mutual friends with, and running into him at church or social events is so hard because he is so rude to me. Please pray the Lord will create boundaries between us, so that I do not run to him at all this summer. Also, please pray the Lord will send me godly friends who will help distract me from him. Also pray that I stop thinking about my ex, and can move forward with my life. Please pray the Lord will send me a future husband quickly. Please pray I will see this breakup as a blessing and God's provision for my life! Thank you.

please pray for N & B - mom and son

May 22, 2015

please pray for mom to have peace and understanding of our Father's love and acceptance, to choose life and a good future, not despair and continued cycle of desperation and desolation - she is currently in a serious depression and possibly suicidal - many poor decisions, dependance on false hopes and drugs/alcohol - son is in safe haven with friends, but may be temporary, not sure of the future for either. Pray that son has no bad memories of the turmoil, but finds the hope of our Savior at every turn on his life journey.

Losing a friend

May 19, 2015

A very close friend of mine , Tony, has been pushing me away for a while and I don't understand why. I have tried to be ok with it and have stopped communicating with him...but time and distance is not making it better. All I am asking is prayer that he will reach out to me in some way so that we can fix this, or at least so that I can gain some understanding because we were best friends and it is really hurting me...

not running into my ex-bf

May 15, 2015

Please pray the Lord will create boundaries between my ex, and me so that I do not run into him at church or social events. It is painful every time I see him so I am trying to move forward. If I do see him, please pray I do not feel compelled to talk to him, and that I will no longer feel pain or hurt when I do bump into him. Please pray the Lord will send me godly friends that will remind me of the Lord's truth. Most importantly, please pray I no longer think of him. Praise God for the victory I will have in Him.

Accepting a breakup

May 12, 2015

Please pray the Lord will break any ties that bind me to my ex-boyfriend. May the Lord renew my mind, and help me not dwell on the past, and former things. May the Lord help me see that He is doing something new in my life. May I no longer be physically attracted to my ex, and hate the way he makes me stumble. I also pray that the Lord will give me a renewed hope that one day he will send me a spouse. Please pray the Lord will encourage my heart during this season, and especially on the weekend. May the Lord send my godly friends that will help support me during this difficult season. Thank you.

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