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Prayer for a close friend

September 04, 2015

Good brothers and sisters, My prayer request is for a close friend of I've known for years and deployed with to Iraq while enlisted in the Marine corps.Last week his wife called to tell me he's been having very bad frequent migraines. They went to the doctor to get it checked out to find out he has a tumor in his brain right behind his left eye. I'm praying for him but putting in a petition together to the FATHER through CHRIST our Lord and saviour will be even more received and heard with the greatest love of all, unconditional. Thank you so much and God bless.

Health restoration

September 03, 2015

My friend confided in me today that her son has stage 4 colon cancer. Please say a prayer for A.J. if you can, to help in his journey of medical treatments and armed forces red tape due to his medical condition. Thank-you!

Biggest prayer request of my entire life!!!!

September 01, 2015

Im 50 years old and this is the most important prayer request Ive ever had. Please call your friends that are prayer warriors and ask them to pray, IN JESUS NAME that our Heavenly Father will have mercy on my and that people will have mercy on my and God will intervene and get me OUT of a horrible situation that I got myself in!! ONLY GOD CAN HELP ME, PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM TO GET ME OUT OF THIS!!!!! Please and thank you!

Strength for my Alcoholic Husband

September 01, 2015

My husband of 11 yrs is battling with alcoholism. I'm attending Al-Anon and am trying to understand the disease itself while also trying to work on myself through the Al-Anon program and fix what I can...which is me, I cannot change anyone else. Please pray that he find the strength to call an AA friend and/or sponsor when he's feeling low and feeling like he needs a drink, this is where he's struggling right now. He's attending meetings every day, sometimes twice. Thank you.

Please Pray for Mom & Baby

September 01, 2015

My friend was admitted into the hospital with preterm labor last is very small and the drs are trying to stop labor..she has dialated to 5 cm since last night..please help me pray for Mom & Baby Abilene..thank you!

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