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24 yr. old Daughter with Hodgkins Lymphona

April 22, 2015

Please join me in prayer for a good friends daughter, Brianna. She is a vibrant, positive, happy girl who was recently diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkins Lymphona. Brianna is writer working in Chicago and her parents and family travel from their home in Rockford, IL to stay with Brianna during her chemo treatments, which will be every other week for 6 months. She is part of several studies at Northwestern University, too. Another is meditation and yoga effects. There is also financial struggle. Please pray for healing from our loving Lord and Savior. Thank you.

My Struggles

April 16, 2015

I am a sophomore in High School. I got bullied in my class since Middle School. This year god came in my life. God gave me great supported friends. NOW I am a Jesus FOLLOWER!! But I am trying to graduate a year early. God told me to do this. Know I am getting bullied alot because I am trying to graduate a year early

Acceptance of a breakup

April 15, 2015

My ex-bf broke up with me exactly one week ago. Please pray that I would not dwell on that too much, and that I am able to move forward. That the Lord will send godly friends in my life that can help build me up. Please pray that I will no longer associate him with pain or sadness, but that I can accept this is the way it should be. Please pray the Lord will bless me with His joy, and give me a hope for a future! I am tired of being sad over this break-up. Please pray I move forward, and accept this.

pray for friend facing transplant for cancer

April 11, 2015

asking prayers for a friend that is in round two for his cancer. the drugs regiment helped for a short time. now he faces a stem cell transplant. please pray he is able to complete this treatment for they are in the process of seeing if he is a candidate.and if so that it will put the cancer at bay. pray that he and his family can get through any struggle that they are faced with in this very difficult time. prayers for all families that are struggling with cancer. tyvm

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