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Further Medical Complications Revealed In Son

April 18, 2014

I posted recently about a friend who's son has had inflammation in his knee. Surgery took place, things were looking up, but just as they expected to get the news that they could go home, the doctor said that their child needs to have another surgery. Please pray with me for their son. Please pray with me for their family. I have put the father's email address on this prayer request so that every time you pray for them, the head of that family will be encouraged and reminded that they are not alone; even better, that you are all agreeing with them in their prayers to God for their child.


April 18, 2014

How or what do i do person that my best friend and in Love with denying how he feel for the Love part and as result has not seen him since..Wish i could move to where other friends are but kind of stuck cause of children)

Pray for a teen

April 17, 2014

My friend lost her Mom a short time ago. Please pray for her, her Mom's soul, and her family in this difficult time.

Please pray for my friend Mark

April 16, 2014

I met a person tonight. His name is Mark. He is a friend of my daughter's father. Mark is homeless tonight. i would take him in if I could, but I have small children and I am not able to help him. So please pray for him to find a place to live. He was hired at Taco Bell so he has a new job, and he asked if I could just pray for him. Thank you.

For my friend's son's health.

April 15, 2014

My friend's son has had a swollen knee not derived from any injury. Doctors are now working to determine the cause, listing 3 possibilities, 1 is cancer. Pray with me for his son, and for the son's father and mother. That God may reveal His awesome goodness through this challenging time for them. Pray with me that by faith alone, this young man's knee will be restored and be even stronger to glorify God with his life. Pray with me for the boy's father to keep the family's focus on God and God's promises so that they may stay humble yet confident in God's plans to make all things right. Pray with me for the mother, that she may follow her husband's lead, and that they only move in God's direction. Pray with me for God's victory over this family. Please keep praying with me, for them. Amen.

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