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Seeking Gods will

April 19, 2015

I very recently broke up with my first boyfriend. We are both 20 and I know that seems so young but we were both considering marriage. We had talked to our parents about dating and persuing more than a friendship since we had known each other for about a year before we wanted that. God used them to say no now is not the time for you two to date. But we do not have a clear answer on the future. I know I had a no from God but he doesnt have one. We are struggling with discerning wether it is a no for right now or a no forever. We are wanting to seek God and put Him first but we are still feeling very brken and helpless. I know God is good and He will carry me through but for right now I need strength to fix my eyes on Him fully. Thank ou for your prayers

Acceptance of a breakup

April 15, 2015

My ex-bf broke up with me exactly one week ago. Please pray that I would not dwell on that too much, and that I am able to move forward. That the Lord will send godly friends in my life that can help build me up. Please pray that I will no longer associate him with pain or sadness, but that I can accept this is the way it should be. Please pray the Lord will bless me with His joy, and give me a hope for a future! I am tired of being sad over this break-up. Please pray I move forward, and accept this.

There is HOPE in Divorce

April 07, 2015

Will you please find it in your hear to pray for our family? Our journey started over a year ago when my husband filed for divorce. The Lord has worked in wonderful ways showing me the way he wants me to live and how I can be a better person for our children. I know that my husband still loves me and that he is in a spiritual battle right now. Could you please pray for him that God continues to work on him, that God is able to help turn his heart from stone to flesh and that my husband realizes the reasons we first fell in love 12 years ago. Our daughters and I miss him terribly and know that God has a plan for us, a better us going into the future. We are in the final stages of our divorce. I have seen a change in him, a realization of our mistakes and he has told me that he still cares for me. I know that through God all things are possible! Pleaes Lord, please touch his heart, help us to find one another again in our love and compassion for a better us, a better family! Thank you Jesus! Amen.

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