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Strength to wait in patience for God's plan for my life

December 21, 2014

I know that God has a plan for me for good in my life and that he carries me in his arms when I am not strong enough to handle everything that life has handed me. I just need to keep believing in God and his good plan for me and I need to be patient and thankful for everything that he has given me and not focus on the what I have lost but sometimes, like around Christmas and New Years, I find it so hard to go on at times and I need the prayers and support of other believers to get me through this sad time. My husband died from cancer on January 2 2006 and then my twin sister died 2 years ago just after Thanksgiving. Lastly I have a true wholemate from my youth and I lost the support that I had from him 3 years ago because God took him on a different path and for now at least I don't have him to support me and help me get through the rough times. Please pray for me that I can wait patiently for God to lead me on the right path and that I can be happy with my life as it is because this is where God wants me to be. Give me the strength to be thankful and bless God that in His wisdom he guides and directs my life to bring glory and praise to God's name. Give me the strength I need to be thankful for the holidays and all the loving family and friends He has given me and not to just focus on those that I miss. Let me look forward to the New Year and all that God has in store for me in the future and know that it is all for my good. In Jesus name. Amen

My son

December 18, 2014

My son has been having behavior problems at school since last year. He is in kindergarten this year and things have not improved, if anything they have gotten worse for him. I'm so worried about his future and the effects his behavior is starting to have on his relationships with his peers as well as his learning in school. He is scheduled for neuropyschology tests in February but I have a feeling this is the beginning on what may be a long and on going situation. .Please pray for us as we face the holidays knowing these tests are coming up in the new year and that the problems in school will most likely be ongoing for a while. And that the tests will help us to find a way to help him.

Please Move in our Home Lord

December 15, 2014

Lord, where are you? I need a miracle, movement some grace in my life. I have stayed strong and have prayed. I have stood for my husband and my family and slowly have watched as everything has fallen down around me. Our rent still has not been paid and here we are another month is due in a few days, our power was off, I have no new clients coming in, my car insurance was canceled. I have no relief Lord and I am begging for you to move in my situation. Christmas for my daughter is not going to happen, she understands the meaning of Christmas, but Lord she is only 6 she never asks for anything and at this point she will be lucky to have a roof over her head, but she doesn't understand that especially after just getting settled. My marriage Lord is a struggle, I pray that you can keep your angels in the midst of our union. Give us peace Lord, unify us. Cover us with your blood and grace. His mistress is still holding on Lord, still wanting my husband to remove himself from our marriage. Still hoping that there is a future for them Lord, put people in her life that can give her direction. Release her from our marriage, union and lives. Harden his heart towards her and give him the strength to see the error of his ways, our lives have continued on a downward spiral, since she has been a part of our union. Lord open his eyes and help him to heal from his infidelity, help us all to heal. Please Lord keep your arms around my husband. Protect him, He needs you, be his guide, let your voice be louder, quiet the lions that seek him and heal him of the demons that stalk him, his addictions, his frustrations. Lord please be with me as my thoughts have turned to very dark, very desperate places as of late, things that I am not proud of. Lord I seek your forgiveness and ask that you cover me with a peace that passes all understanding. Please be present here Lord. Lord bless my company with clients so that I can support my family, so that I can keep a roof over their heads, so that we can pay the fees for my husbands CDL license so that he may resume working and so that he can feel a little better, so there are lights will not have to be off and our little one can have a little Christmas. Lord our situation is desperate and depressing. I don't want him to turn to wrong ways to keep a roof over our heads. Lord I am begging for you to help us. We need your help Lord, please move. Open doors for us and seal ones that should never be opened. Give us Hope Lord for I have lost mine. Please Lord. In your name I Pray.

My Daughters test today

December 09, 2014

My daughter has a very important test today that will determine her families future. I know its all in the Lords hands and I pray she will ask his guidance and peace not just today but for all eternity.

I can't go on

December 08, 2014

A couple weeks ago I submitted a prayer request similar to this. Then, I could feel God answering the prayers. I started feeling better, happier, more peaceful. A couple months ago, after coming home from a hospitalization for a suicide attempt, I applied for a Christian residential program. I got all of the parts of the application in really quickly and I was feeling hopeful about being accepted. I made a promise with God that if I wasn't accepted, that I would know that He had given up on me, too, and I would take my own life. Well, today, the residential program called me and told me that I had not been accepted. All of my hope for a future was riding on this, and it's all gone. All hope, all faith, all strength. God gave up on me. I'm giving up on me too. Please pray for me. I'm not sure how you could pray for me? Pray that God proves to me I'm wrong. I need to be wrong. Otherwise... I can't go on. -TH

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