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PTL, still need help

February 08, 2016

PTL, checks were found!!!tytyt, on the other hand, Ginny is STILL getting guaranshweeed,???REALLLY>>Crazy!! Ptay the atty will right up the peroper letter need, for Ginny's payroll dept to wake up, and STOP THIS GUARNASHEEMENT!!this is illegal!!They coukd be facing a hefty penalty!!!She is soooo stressed by tis!!TY FOR YHE PRAYERS!!!!

My Happy home

February 07, 2016

I want to Thank you all who had Prayed for me and my Family while we were getting a New home. Everything went well and we have been living here now for about three weeks. All your Prayers touched our Hearts and we are Happy and really hope that you can keep your Prayers coming to keep our Happiness in our Home. (Thanks) We bless you all and send our Prayers to you all and wish every one (Happiness) Amen.

Need Prayers to save home!

February 01, 2016

I was laid off from my job at the end of June 2105, and have not been able to find work - I am limited physically in what I can do. Unemployment has run out, all the income we have is my husband's disability (he has a terminal heart condition). My husband is getting weaker every day, and worries about me, how I am going to live once he is gone. His condition is worsening - he is not able to stand without falling, and this week the motor on his wheelchair went out, and the Veteran's Administration is slow in getting it serviced. Please pray that I will be able to find some sort of work that I can do from home, as my husband needs someone with him at all times. Asking for prayers that my home based cookie business will bring in enough income that I will be able to stay home with him. Please pray that we will not have to sell our home! Lord, you know our situation, and our needs. You know this home was built specifically for my husband's disability needs. Father, our future is in Your hands. We ask that You take care of our family. We ask that You keep my husband comfortable and ease his pain. We ask that You lead us to the path that will allow us to remain in our "forever" home. Lord, we know You hear our prayers, and will lead us in the right direction. Amen


February 01, 2016

She is STILL getting guaransheed??Even with all the paperwork in??Her bankkruptcu laywer now says she will have to sue??How can she be guaransheed, whenshe has provved low-income, recieving stated helkp. and filed bmkrpcy??Makes no sense??Please pray for help for her??

School, Heart, Eyes, Ears, and Peers.

January 31, 2016

Hi. My name is Justice, I am in middle school. I am 12. I will be doing homeschool next year due to problems in the public school I go to. I have been getting bullied and called names that no one should be called. These bullies live down the street and have made numerous attempts to make me feel uncomfortable in my own home. They are scared of my dad luckily.But this summer (2015) they took it too far, following me down the street, harassing me, and pushing me. We went back to school and the counselor wanted to talk to me about it and tried to blame me for everything that happened, saying that I should've come in and filed bully reports and my parents should have called. The thing is with this, I filed probably around 25-50 during the whole school year and they "lost" them all. The counselor told my that if my parents really cared about what was going on they would've called, which they also did. So I would like for their eyes to be opened. Recently we were asked to write a persuasive essay on a topic we felt strongly about. My topic was Everyone Needs Jesus. My teacher wouldn't let me read it to the class because people had different opinions on that topic, which made me and my family very upset because isn't the whole point of a persuasive essay to persuade people to think the way you think about the topic? I mean really. I pray that God will make them realize what they are doing. I pray for God to open their eyes so they can see what they need to fix in their so called "bully policy" and I pray to the Lord that my eyes will also be opened so I can see what he has in store. I pray that God will open my ears so that I can hear his voice.

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