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Heroin addiction

January 27, 2015

Hello I have a friend who is a heroin addict and can't seem to get out of it. He has gone through several treatments. His depression keeps luring him back. He is getting suicidal again. He does not know the Lord. I am praying for him, won't you too?

Chonic Illness

January 27, 2015

I am 31 years old. I have been ill since 1996 and am still facing huge challenges. I have overcome a lot but am still so sick I can't tell I was ever healed. My endurance is wearing thin. I am still trying to work and have a normal life. I am getting sick and tired of putting on shows for everyone. I have hit rock bottom. Plus I am plagued with resentment as I would not be sick to this day if it weren't for my parent's neglect. I really need prayer as I can't stand this pain much longer and am having suicidal thoughts. I find no purpose in suffering for 19 + years and I am not even old. Do I really have a purpose other than being ill? Please pray for me. Life is getting scary

Please come against the rulers and principalities assigned to my marriage and husband and me

January 23, 2015

Please come against any demons assigned to my marriage and me and my husband, son and daughter and grandchildren in Jesus Name! My husband is back sliding and involved with more than one women. Please come against this in Jesus Name My son is also going through a lot and myself and my grand children's saftey. We have been getting attacked in all directions. Pray for me and my family's protection and pray for gods angels to warfare for us in Jesus Name. Be blessed and thank you for standing with me in agreement.

car and cat

January 19, 2015

a 2-fold request. our one cr ws totalled earlier this month, cant find the title for it. we thin nk either towers took it// anyway- does have lien on it from a loan. we need ins comp to refund us for the car,irregardless of title status,to pay off loan,and obtain another car. we need 2 cars. one for me to work,. one for him to get to all his dr appts. come friday is my last day with rental car, we need title to clear up all legal loose ends with car. also our cat still sick. thought he turned a corner in getting better---is eating and drinking, but still very weak, and not gaining weight back---hate seeing him like this--- i just need strenght getting thru all this----ty 4 the prayers

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