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Please Pray For Me

March 26, 2015

I am a 65 year old divorced woman thats a care giver/legal guardian for my adult special needs daughter. My daughter has cerebral palsy from birth and now has been diagnosed with Dementia. I am currently try to make my lil wood and vinyl sign business a go, to bring in the extra money we need. I am a fixed income and currently that money is stretched very thin. Due to the very good temps our heating bill is extremely high and our cupboards are getting bare. Please pray for us, for me getting this lil business going. Pray for the money to help us with food and to pay our bills. Thank you

Healing for wife

March 19, 2015

Please pray for healing for my wife. She has a couple of bad teeth that are causing her pain, and we don't have the money for a dentist because of taxes. Please pray that God will heal her, show us what is getting in the way of her healing, or provide the needed funds. Thank you and God bless!

Prayer for Maryfrann and her cats - Lucy, Ethel, and Mertz

March 12, 2015

Please pray for Maryfrann's cats Lucy, Ethel, and Mertz who have been getting old of late and are sick. One has cancer, another has arthritis, and another is deaf. Yet despite their condition, they love Maryfrann with their purring hearts. Maryfrann herself has been through a lot in the last year. Please pray for Maryfrann too, whose heart has been broken too many times in the past. Please pray that she finds someone to love, who will love her back and be worthy of her love and respect her for the truly wonderfully, nice person that she is. Help her to see that true beauty comes from within, and that she has much to offer and deserves much in return.

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