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September 30, 2016

Hi again, they have hirerd more people at work. which means OT may be going away??Many of us NEED the OT and mmileage??Please pray God will provide the neccessary means we need to KEEP the OT and mileage coming in!!TYVM!!

Workplace Difficulty

September 29, 2016

A listener requested prayer for a workplace that is going through a tough time. Pray for a hedge of protection around everyone, healing, and health. May those in authority make the right decisions for all involved.

sons new job

September 26, 2016

Please pray for my son who will be starting a new job tomorrow.. he is excited to get going again after a long challenging time thru surgery and a car accident.. pray that he will have the stamina for this job.. also pray for answers for my second son. with much challenging health issues.. God has put some new answers in our life and we pray that he will continue to show us the way to help our son with chronic health issues.. tyvm


September 21, 2016

Please pray for car safety. at the moment.,cell phones dont work. Daughter didnt pay bill due to not working. if I break down.and hubby isnt home, cant reach him. Please pray all will keep going well with car,with all the driving I do for my job. At least 200 miles a day. Please pray God wuill bless the car and keep it running ok to keep the OT and mileage coming in!!TTYVM!

Grief and pain

September 20, 2016

Please pray for my family and I in this time of grief and pain. On Sep. 7th 2016 my mom age 59 died during her 3rd battle against cancer. My mom was a saved/baptized Christian and we are Christians as well. I know I will see her again but, it still hurts so, much for all of us. I'm Hannah, I'm 17 and I've sent many prayer requests to 3 different prayer websites regarding my mom's 2015 battle with cancer. We knew it was terminal this time but, she was suppose to have 6 to 12 months to live. She had more like 46 days. We didn't expect it to happen so, fast. It was a shock to us all. I'm alone a lot because 5 out of 7 of my siblings are moved out and the other 2 are going to college, and I'm homeschooled. So, that only amplifies downtime to think about her not bring here with me. I'm finding it hard to do anything anymore and it seems like everyone else has something to keep them too busy to think about it. I know God works in mysterious ways and it will all work out somehow. I just need you to pray that God will show us the way out of this mess we're in. Thank you for reading this far and may God bless you!

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