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October 13, 2015

Please if I could get some prayer for emotional and physical healing . I am going though a very hard time with life and am worried all the time. I want God to heal me to make my body healthy and to take this fear from me . I just want a healthy body. Thank you in advance for praying for me . I really need this right now.


October 03, 2015

I need some uplifting and prayers. I'm going to school to become a CNA. My family is very happy with my accomplishments. My boss at work despises me going because I would have to leave work early. I'm not getting the support from work that I thought I would of got. Me and my boyfriend broke up In August and a month later I started school September 14th, It was hard. I'm struggling with that everyday and it's a VERY confusing situation. And on top of all that I found out my Grandma is at Stage 4 Heart Failure, She's been in and out of the hospital. With school and relationship problems now I worry each and everyday about my Grandma, She's not just my Grandma she's my best friend, she has been there through thick and thin and has helped me sooo much, and I'm thankful to have such a great Grandma in my life. I can't concentrate on my schooling at all. If I can't pass certain test then I can't continue, Health care is where I want to be, and It's where I'm at now. Some days are better than others. Lately I just feel like giving up, I'm 21 years old and I've gone through soooo much in the past and now I'm trying to be strong and get through this. But it's not the easiest.

Finding myself and faith again

September 28, 2015

Recently I have been going through many changes in life. I have kinda fallen from church and praying. I have relationship issues and now we are on a break. I found Jesus again and prayed it's helping me find peace. It just reminds me that prayer works even tho things aren't fixed yet I understand where it's at and what needs to be done.

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