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Feeling Broken

February 08, 2016

I've wanted to be a mom my whole life. In November I learned that I can't have kids. Today a good friend had a baby. Tomorrow I have to smile and celebrate my co-teacher's gender reveal party for our students. On top of it, my step-sister is going in for an abortion at 18 weeks along. I don't understand. I want to. I don't like being jealous. I'm divorced (infertility takes a toll) and alone--- and so empty. I could use some comfort and peace. Please pray that God will hold me through this week.

Neck, shoulder pain

February 03, 2016

Please pray that my neck and shoulder pain will calm down and get better. I am going back to work and need healing! Thanks.


February 02, 2016

I ask for prayers for me and my husband, we are going through some bad times due to my affair and we need prayers for healing and forgiveness. He is carrying lots of pain and resentment I pray for his peace and healing. I am also dealing with conviction and fear. I pray for myself and my marriage to get out of this rut and move forward so we can get on a track of being a family and have the lord as our guidance. Thank You.

Need Prayers to save home!

February 01, 2016

I was laid off from my job at the end of June 2105, and have not been able to find work - I am limited physically in what I can do. Unemployment has run out, all the income we have is my husband's disability (he has a terminal heart condition). My husband is getting weaker every day, and worries about me, how I am going to live once he is gone. His condition is worsening - he is not able to stand without falling, and this week the motor on his wheelchair went out, and the Veteran's Administration is slow in getting it serviced. Please pray that I will be able to find some sort of work that I can do from home, as my husband needs someone with him at all times. Asking for prayers that my home based cookie business will bring in enough income that I will be able to stay home with him. Please pray that we will not have to sell our home! Lord, you know our situation, and our needs. You know this home was built specifically for my husband's disability needs. Father, our future is in Your hands. We ask that You take care of our family. We ask that You keep my husband comfortable and ease his pain. We ask that You lead us to the path that will allow us to remain in our "forever" home. Lord, we know You hear our prayers, and will lead us in the right direction. Amen

Prayer for salavation and restoration for my loved one

February 01, 2016

I ask for a prayer for my loved one. A little about myself I have 3 young children all5and under. they are great kids. I have been blessed with. My older two are froma former relationship their biological father was not involved and my mom was a big help with them. I was blessed with a great man who took them on. We eventually had our own child. About a year ago my mom died. then a little after me and this man became engaged. I thought my dreams were coming true and we paid for the dream wedding. however I couldn't beat the depression. When my mom died that made me very depressed and anxious. My fianc tried at first to help but eventually it pushed him away and infidelity became an issue. Then the house we planned on buying he moved into and me and the kids are at the apartment. He is now drinking a lot and going to strip clubs. This is a different man then the family man. I know it is bad but with god I know I the holy spirit can shine through for him. please praryerfor restoration in our relationship to be even better then before Pray to. make us a family of god and knowing his word pray for peace in our family and restoration love patience kindness and strength hope and always come to god with our problems. pray we become a martial union and raise our kids together and stay faithful and committed. Please be our prayer warrior. thank you

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