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Please Pray For Me

March 26, 2015

I am a 65 year old divorced woman thats a care giver/legal guardian for my adult special needs daughter. My daughter has cerebral palsy from birth and now has been diagnosed with Dementia. I am currently try to make my lil wood and vinyl sign business a go, to bring in the extra money we need. I am a fixed income and currently that money is stretched very thin. Due to the very good temps our heating bill is extremely high and our cupboards are getting bare. Please pray for us, for me getting this lil business going. Pray for the money to help us with food and to pay our bills. Thank you


March 24, 2015

Im starting to feel like I am going to be alone forever. I have a boyfriend, but things are not going well because he is being influenced by his roommate. When we are together, it is awesome, but when he is home, he forgets how we are great together. I believe God put us together. Please help me pray that he remembers how good we are for eachother. Please pray his roommate will find somewhere else to live asap! To quit filling his head with negative things about me. He has struggled with God before, and now has a great relationship. I feel this could be the one..please pray he finds renewed love for me and we get back to God and each other. His roommate moves out NOW! Thank You. God please help me stay strong and know you want this to work too!

Con tinue prayer for Steve.

March 23, 2015

I asked for prayers for my friend Steve, heart is at 26%/working capacity, , They say he needs a pacemaker, I say he needs our prayers and the true Dr. Jeus Christ. Please continue to pray him, a divine healing, peace over his family. Thank You so much Our God is going to heal Steve as a wonderful testimony of His love for Bus children. Thank you all.

Another Update on Travis --- 18 month old Heart Transplant Patient

March 23, 2015

Big, big prayers needed for little Travis. Things were looking so good .... he was going to get to go home this week. And then some test results came back and as his mama said ... "it was a knife to the heart". It appears the heart may be rejecting. In addition to that, little Travis's brain appears to be shrinking. And as if that wasn't enough ... they also detected a brain bleed. So he will not be home for Easter ..... ICU til further notice with many drugs and procedures scheduled. Please pray for this sweet little boy who just wants to go home ... run, play, be a grown-up some day .....

Family, Wealth and Health

March 22, 2015

Please pray for my fianc Darryl he really wants to get this job at Cintas ! and he is overly qualified but he is just waiting to get the JOB!!! our family has been struggling for a while now and he is trying to be a better man but there is always temptations because of how much jobs have turned him down! I am also looking for a better job we have a 2 year old together and we lost our youngest January 31, 2015 he lived for 16 hours and went into heave next to our father God . we been having so many ups and downs but our family has its times we really need prayer to be strong for our 2 year old for each other and hope he gets this job and I myself can take some of this weight off my shoulders, I work 60 hours a week to be able to provide for my family but Is taking a toll on my health on my mind I really don't have time to even grieve about my youngest, we ask for prayer and more prayer and prayer!!!!! please keep my family in your prayer we just started going to church !!! and it felt so amazing but we listen to LIFE 102.5 everyday!!!! and even when we are so frustrated with each other LIFE 102.5 always helps us both!!!

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