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Prayer, prayer, prayer.... for continued healing & peace....

April 23, 2014

I posted a request the second week of April for prayer for going through a divorce and also a potential health issue..... I went in for my CT Scan and on the morning of Good Friday I was told I had Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. This on top of my husband leaving & also going through a divorce after 31 years taking the only family I had with him..... Lord, Dear Lord... why is all this happening??? I don't think I can take anymore. Please, please keep praying..... Why do things seem to be getting worse?? I just don't understand any of this anymore. I am at the bottom of a very dark place. I know the only way now has got to be upward I hope, but it is getting very hard right now to keep my faith..... why do the good people have to suffer so much in situations like this?? If anyone could offer some kind words for me to help me get to a better place I would really appreciate it. Going through all of this alone without a family now is the worst. Dear Lord please help me...please lift me up & help me to turn my life around....I want to live and I want to make a better life for myself... thank you all once again for taking the time to read this and for all of your prayers over the past months...I cannot thank you enough,...hopefully someday soon I will see that light and things will begin to turn around & the prayers will start working to help me get through all of these trials..... in Jesus name I pray....Amen.

In need of God's mercy

April 22, 2014

Thank you to all of you that have prayed for my family over the last few weeks. We have looked at a rental within the same neighborhood as our current home (which has been sold) We were under the impression that the prospective landlord was going to rent it to us. (We have been given less than 30 days notice to move) but when my husband spoke with him yesterday, he said he was taking more applications...please pray that God would have mercy on us. We have no idea where we are going to live. Thank you!

update to finances

April 22, 2014

Our outgoing is wayy more than our incoming.I do several private baths to keep things going.however,ONE i do is supposed to be mon-wesd-fri. The one brother,Roger who :lives; there,keeps canceling, He is a jerk.He gets moody, will cancel, and will let h9is Mom lay in a soaked bed till whenever he decidesd to let me come. He is hurting his mom and me! He is also a hoarder. He has piles of junk loterally from floor to cieling.if a fire were to break out-----He got moody yesterday and threatebned to cut me back to just once every 2 weeks???HE IS A JERK!! Pray i can either get a different bqath to replace this one, or something happens to Roger that will allow me to be there when I am supposed to, OR hubby;s finances come thru so that i dont have to do these stressful baths!!TYVM!!

Praying for Strength

April 22, 2014

Prayer works- I m going through some struggles spiritually, family, and mental it seems impossible for me to ask for guidance, and prayer because I m embarrassed and don't see any way out of my circumstances.I need god's direction in my life so i am here asking for your prayers please- I wanna to be a living testimony to your prayers- and I mean this with a humble heart..

prayer for help and healing

April 21, 2014

My life is feeling dark, I am sad because of some debt my hubby and I have. It is effecting us getting a new car. I have CAVITIES in my teeth, still gotta pay of my insurance claim from going to the doctor. the List is piling up and up. I am sad and scared, we are newly weds and I just want to be blessed with an amazing miracle. GOD is real and I LOVE HIM and thankful for all he has given me, please pray for us!

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