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August 28, 2016

We dont know what is going on with adult daughter. When her and her "new" boyfriend got together, everything fell apart~!She quit paying her rent, lost her apt. Genna, our granddaughter had to move back with us/ Her pets are NOT allowed at Travis house. She is having issues at work, thanls to her darned boyfriend ccalling her all the time!!He has some mega relationship issues, causing her grief!!NOW the cell phones have been shut off!!We pay her car insurance, while she pays the cell phones for her, her Dad, and Genna!!Now we cant geet ahold of her???Genna our granddaughter VERY distraught!!Plus her school starts next week, and her transportation to her school STILL hasnt been arranged!!Please pray urgently for Ginny cause we dont know what is going on!!Luckily with the phones, if there is WIFI,there is texting??SHE WONT RETURN THE TEXTS??We r very worried!!PLEASE PRy!!TYVM!!

My Future Husband

August 26, 2016

Please pray that God blesses me with my future husband soon. Pray that the right man comes into my life. I am 26 never had a boyfriend before, never been kissed or been on a date and still a virgin waiting for sex on my wedding night. I am a rare gem that no man has found or caught yet. I desire marriage so much. I desire being a wife and a mom. These are the desires of my heart right now and they keep getting stronger and stronger everyday and they aren't going away even though I surrendered all of my dreams and desires to God. I am tired of waiting and doing life alone and being single. Singleness is so hard. I pray everyday for my future husband and hope he is praying for me everyday too. I can't wait to meet this man that God has for me to know his name and what he looks like. I wonder where I am going to meet my future husband at? I can't wait to see the love story that God is writing for me and my future husband to unfold and to begin. I love this man even though I never met him yet and I don't know his name but I love praying for him everyday and can't wait to be his wife.

More Young Adults at my church

August 26, 2016

Please pray that God blesses my church and more young adults come to my church. There are no single men close to my age at my church. How does a single woman find a husband if there are no single men? How do I find a husband when there are no prospects in sight for me? Do I have to find my future husband or does he have to find me? I know in the Bible it says that he who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord. I love this verse. Will God bring my future husband when I least expect it? How do I prepare now in my singleness to be a wife? How do I prepare myself to be a Proverbs 31 woman? I can't wait to meet this man that God has for me and to know his name and to know what he looks like. I can't wait for that day when God finally brings us together. I wonder where I am going to meet my husband at? I can't wait for my love story to unfold that God is writing and meet this man that God has for me. I'm so excited I just can't hide it. I can't wait to be his wife and for him to be my husband. I can't wait for my beach wedding day and wedding night.


August 16, 2016

Heavenly Father, This has been so hard. The one I love walked out of my life about 1.5 months ago. Our family was split apart. Anger and hurt brought over two weeks of complete silence. Today, for the first time, he responded. I am very thankful for that. I ask that You show us how to take steps to reconnect. Help us to be understanding, be forgiving, and once again to feel that love that drew us together long ago. Cast out resentment and fear. Cast out anger and unpleasant memories that delay our reconciliation. He is a good man. Special. He is honest and moral. Kind and loving. Bring our hearts back together. And show us how to build something new together. A relationship better and stronger than ever before! Help me to heal my past. I was abused in a previous relationship and those memories have haunted me for a very long time. I have been going to court to save my son from that abuser, which has been very hard on me even though it has been many years since it happened. Please open the Judge's eyes and ears so he really sees that my son shouldn't be forced to be in contact with a man who has a history of abusing all the women, and some children, that he had in his life. My son is afraid of him. And I am afraid for my son. I ask that You bring a much needed miracle to this situation. Please...Please let the Judge see my ex for what he really is. Thank You for all the blessings You have given me and my family. In Jesus name, Amen.


August 15, 2016

I have an unusual type of pregnancy and have been told I will begin going through prodromal labor at 40 weeks until the baby arrives...I also have church family that I want to be open with about this, especially because it may affect my ability to serve in ministry...I need the Lord's help and guidance in how best to prepare myself for this type of labor and also an open door to share with my pastors what I am going through...

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