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Teaching Credential

July 29, 2016

Please pray for me that I will know what college to attend to earn my teaching credential. I passed all of my CSET tests to get into the program. I don't know if I can get into the program for fall but hopefully I will get in for the spring. Pray that God leads me and guides me to where he wants me to go. Pray that God will give me lots of strength to get through the teaching credential program and finish and to finally get my teaching credential to teach. Pray that God will lead me to the right elementary school for a job. Pray that God will work through me to become the best elementary school teacher that I can be. I am having fears of being a teacher that I won't do a good job. I feel like I made a mistake of going to college getting an education degree and all the money and time that I used. I don't know if teaching is my calling I love kids but I never taught kids before. I have been a teacher's aide before but never the teacher. I don't know if I am the right person to be a teacher I am too quiet and shy. I am so scared and don't know the path that God wants me to take.Thanks.

Future Husband Prayer

July 29, 2016

Please pray that God finally brings the right man into my life soon who is going to be my husband someday. I desire to be a wife and a mom. I am 26, never been in a relationship with a man before. I haven't had my first kiss yet or been on a date. I desire to know what kissing feels like. I hope that my first kiss will be something special and worth the wait. I really want to know what kissing feels like. I don't understand why God hasn't brought a man into my life yet or why I haven't had my first kiss yet or been on a date. Why is God having me waiting all these years? It is just so hard being patient and being in the waiting room, I don't like it. Why has no man been interested in me or asked me out on a date or wanted to kiss me. It is hard waiting for my first kiss and I don't like being left out. I can't wait for sex on my wedding night for the first time with my future husband and I hope that he is also a virgin. I can't wait to have the blessings of marriage. I can't wait for my beach wedding. I can't wait to meet this man that I am praying for everyday to know his name and what he looks like. I hope the man who is going to marry me will ask me out on my first date since I never dated and he will be the one I give my first kiss to. I wonder where we are going to meet and how he will propose to me? What is God doing in my life by all this waiting I just don't understand. I would love for my life to change for once instead of the same old same old boring routine and for a man to ask me out on a date and I can have my first kiss and first date. I know my life will change once I become a wife and mom. It won't be the same as being single. I know my singleness is a gift from God but I am ready for the change that marriage brings.Thanks.


July 27, 2016

I am struggling as I see my 15 year marriage crumbling. We are having financial difficulty as my husband works fewer and fewer hours at his job but continues to spend as much or more money than before. I am unable to routinely grocery shop and have not been able to afford the glasses my daughter needs. I am dreading school shopping as I don't know where that money will come from. I live daily in fear that he will lose his job entirely. I have begged him to work more and stop spending money and I pray daily but I am becoming more and more tired (emotionally and physically) and discouraged as I am the one supporting our family and caring for our children. Please pray for my family and my husband.

Rapidly Losing my life

July 26, 2016

For the past 6 or more months, my thyroid has been REALLY off. Also, I have not had any appetite and have not been hungry. I used to be able to eat one meal a day. Now, I can barely eat one full meal and am having trouble getting enough fluids in as I am sure my stomach has shrunk. I did not have this weight to lose, and I have lost over 20 pounds. My have has sunken in, and I look like someone from a concentration camp. I used to be a daily, avid walker; however, I am having to, unfortunately, stop walking because my heart is starting to hurt. Hurts to sit as my bones are protruding. My hips are out of joint as is my tailbone and entire back and neck. I have stopped going to the chiropractor as I am afraid at age 53 that I am very susceptible for osteoarthritis, etc. My doctor has not been doing much for me at all. I also have been having daily migraines that are disabling. Now, I cannot get up until late, late morning as I am just too weak. I see my doctor on Monday (I do not have insurance and live on very little income per month), and I must be assertive as have not been. I am praying he will DO something for me! I am trying to drink Ensure but I am at the point I can barely drink one can a day. I would greatly appreciate any prayers as I know that God is my great physician and healer. I feel so alone sometimes, but listening to WNWC helps me so very much. Knowing someone is praying for me will also help. Thank you for reading all the way through this, if you did! :)

Broken Family

July 25, 2016

A situation has come up that I don't know how to handle and it is family related. There were some issues at home that we are working at resolving with what we have. In addition I was unable to get my mom out to see them when they were at a local campground. The only thing is that it will cost us about $1500 to resolve properly. The hardest part is that my mom's family knows about it and now they want nothing to do with us. There are some additional issues. They were lied to about some things that they are taking their anger and frustrations out on us to the point where they want nothing to do with us. What could we have done that was so bad they want to do that? They reported the issues to APS and they are threating to have use kicked out of the house and having my parents put in a home. While my mom is wheel chair bound my dad and I perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves. Is that even a possibility? I hope and pray that it doesn't go that far but i am not so sure about anything anymore. We have tried to make things right by reaching out to them and trying to talk about things, but every attempt has been rejected. They are even keeping the inheritance that my mom is due from the passing of her mother a few months ag. We were supposed to go to upper Michigan for a celebration of life for my grandma but they basically said. "we don't want you there" for whatever reason. It is at the point where I cant handle things on my own. I want so badly to make things right with my mom's side of the family but I cant do it all on my own they have to meet me half way. Cause without family what else is there? At what point do I just say "you know what if that is the way you want then so be it" I just need guidance and wisdom from the most high on how to handle things. Cause I want to do it the right way and whatever I can to make it right cause the whole is hurting my mom that her family is rejecting her like this. And honestly it is hurting me to.

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