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My bennefits

April 24, 2015

I am on disability for quite genuine reasons. In fat, I am about a year away from having a degree I can HOPEFULLY work in the IT field and get OFF of didsbility. But I have a review coming in a month or so/ I need prayer that my disability bennefits continue so I can finish school, get off government support, and be a contributing member of society.


April 23, 2015

daughter very stressed and depressed having to move back home. just asking for pece for her, and to deliver her rom her depression. swhe,and we cant afford her meds. really shows----prayers much appreciated!!!!

visiting my husband

April 15, 2015

Last May, my husband was convicted of a crime he did not commit. But because of his PAST criminal history (before he became a father) the judge saw it fit to send him to prison for 3 years, not taking into account all of the wonderful & positive things he has done with since having children. H has been gone almost a year now & for some reason this prison believes that I am going to "hinder his rehabilitation" and will not allow visitation between us. Our children are him, thankfully, and my mother is allowed to take them in. I still drive them up there... 2 hours there, to sit in my car for 2-3 hours, just to turn around & drive back home another 2 hours, every other Saturday. And even tho it is killing me inside, I do it with a smile & words of encouragement. I feel that just because this prison say that I cannot see my husband, doesn't mean that my children don't deserve to see & keep their.relationships alive with their daddy. It is eating me up inside, I can't take it anymore, it's not fair, I did not do anything wrong, I deserve to see him too. I miss him more & more with each breath that I take... So please pray for us. Please pray that God's Will be done, I know He does not want me to suffer like this. Please pray that God will touch the administration of the prison & the DOC of WISCONSIN & allow them to see what they are doing to my family... I THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!

Young Mom with Ovarian Cancer

April 15, 2015

Prayers are needed for my niece, Linda, and her young family. She was diagnosed last week with ovarian cancer that has spread to her spleen, liver, cecum and other spots in her abdomen. She is having a consultation Thur. Apr. 16 and surgery is already scheduled for Fri. Apr. 17. She and her husband own and operate a dairy farm in Whitewater, WI and they have two daughters, ages 2 and 5. In addition to prayers for her health and successful surgery (may the medical staff have the wisdom, guidance and ability to remove it ALL!), pray also for the MANY volunteers who will be taking over milking, chores and childcare while they are away. Linda is one of the hardest working people I know and she has SO much more to do and be here on earth. Thank you.

My brother is having surgery today

April 15, 2015

My brother has a spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid leak in the thoracic portion of his back. He is having surgery today in Los Angeles with the foremost expert in this type of spinal surgery to seal the leak. He's had headaches from this for 11 months. Please pray that God's healing will manifest through the hands of the doctors and nurses and that these debilitating headaches will be eliminated. Thank you!

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