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May 28, 2016

I have a rather large request. I want to say I appreciate everyone on here who helped me and prayed for me in the past prayer does work! I pray that my IC bladder condition (chronic and painful) I look and act normal but it's an invisible illness and it's so hard to live with going on 10 years now. I ask for prayers with my finances so my online store can be successful so I can supplement my income with my social security. I also need help with weight loss to improve metabolic conditions and allow me to be healthy and happy again. I ask for the lord to help me with my relationship with my husband it's a verbally and emotionally abisive one at times and it's so hard to live with someone who is different every day. Mood wise. I pray the lord lets him get better or gets him out of my life. My last request is I pray that the lord opens the door for me to have a career in singing like I used to have professionally I had to quit due to my health and I want another chance and doing what I love and bringing back the older music people love. I love to help others through music. I want to use the gift he gave me. I pray and ask in Jesus name Amen.

my financial situations my baby girl and health

May 27, 2016

my mother passed away anda The Road has been long anda har myself anda my Family has suffered my finances how suffered. evento my Health anda my ability to care for my daughter anda mi stuck in a abusiva relationship i leed al The player i CAN get


May 23, 2016

My nephew was born almost two months early. Please pray for his health and development. May it keep up with his eagerness to greet his family. In Jesus's name, Amen

Provision and breakthrough

May 17, 2016

We have felt the weight of crushing debt (mostly school loan debt for years now), and due to familial health issues with two of our family members we have had to use credit cards to pay medical bills and emergencies that come up (even with insurance covering 80%). While God has provided the income to cover all of our bills (through us working 50-60 hours a week at full and part time jobs) and we have maintained our good credit even paying minimum, the burden is a spinning hamster wheel, as unforeseen expenses keep coming up almost weekly whenever we have extra money to pay off debt. We are just tired, we miss family time because we are always working, we feel overwhelmed by our inability to get out of debt even when we have extra money. The extra money (if there is any or if our parents help) always goes to emergencies, medical bills, car failures, huge house expenses and we are exhausted from never saving or paying debt, just spinning our wheels. We do tithe and we absolutely are grateful God has provided exactly what we need to make sure ends meet, but working long hours, exhaustion and stress are not a way to live especially when we aren't getting ahead. Even if your prayer is just for Him to sustain us through these times that I know many of us are going through, we would appreciate it, but ultimately we pray the tide turns and extra money can go where it should, to debt and savings. Apologies for my novel. Thank you for your prayer

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