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December 09, 2014

Please pray for my family, currently my bank account is negative $85 and we do not have any income until january 1st. We both lost our jobs, one slow business and the other business closed down completely. My son is 3 and going to preschool. We are so proud of him and glad he has no idea about the struggles we face. He is happy and healthy and learning to use his Cochlear Implants to hear again since he lost his hearing to meningitis last summer. We have most things we need at home except money. We are running low on necessities, toilet paper, paper towel, diapers, wipes, etc. We have no gas in our crappy car so we are stranded at home just waiting to find out if either of us qualifies for unemployment. Please pray that we find financially stability soon, before, during, or after the holidays I do not care but please God, I trust our lives in your hands. I believe everything will be okay. I just need your strength to get me thru the worries and keep my head up until things get better. Thank you God for all your blessings!!

Marriage Healing and Restoration

December 06, 2014

Please pray for me. My heart is very sore and heavy. My husband, Leslie left home about 4 weeks ago today mainly due to external influences from his sister Patricia. Please pray for marriage reconciliation, I love my husband dearly and want him to return home. Please pray for GOD to heal us both of every past hurts and anger and bind us together again in peace, love and harmony. Just like when we first met. May GOD touch my husband's heart, remind him of our marriage vows and bring him back home. I strongly believe in the POWER OF PRAYERS! I thank you all and I thank GOD for hearing and answering my cry. In JESUS' name I pray, AMEN.

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