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So Sad

July 29, 2014

Please pray that K. and C. would be able to open their hearts to each other (trust and issues of the past are hurting them deeply). Help them forgive and love each other once again, so the larger family will have unity and peace. Thanks!

Our Sons and Grandson

July 28, 2014

Thank you for praying for so many months. Our oldest son's divorce will be final Wednesday. Restoration does not seem possible but all things are possible through Christ. He is still angry with God and not walking with Him. Our grandson is being passed like a football between people. Pray for protection for his mind, heart & soul. Our younger son who was involved with pot has been fired and is deep into angry, rebellious behaviors. Pray for wisdom in all these circumstances as we minister and desire to glorify God with our lives. We love our family and have tough choices to make this evening. God richly bless you with peace.

Desperate request for Marital Miracle and Guidance

July 28, 2014

Lord I am so overwhelmed and confused, my husband picked a fight with me brought up things from 10 years ago to accost me for and left and now radio silence for two days. Our little one is asking for her dad and I have no answers. You are not a God of confusion and you want marriages to survive, but I just feel like you have left me in this situation with my husband to suffer and deal with the insults, heartbreak, pain and strife. I have had the faith of a mustard seed but Lord I need something to go on, I am just so lost and hurt and overwhelmed and losing hope. I need strength to see this through Lord, I need you to please be with me. Please pray that The Lord move swiftly and deliberately in my situation. May my marriage be lifted to The Lord and blessed, our daughter be blessed, may my womb be blessed, may our financial crisis be relieved with work and a financial miracle, may my husbands mistress be forever removed from our lives and his heart. may the devil be bound from my marriage. may what has been broken and damaged between my husband and I be restored and renewed. May The Lord give my husband the strength that he will need to turn away from her, to see through her and the devils work at play. May The Lord sever all ties that hold them together and give us a clean break from her. May we finally be able to move past this time in our lives and make positive changes and developments. Please Lord, give us an out, make the path way clear as you block her pathway to our union. May we be free of the devils handy work in our marriage and turn our marriage, life, family, union, finances, everything over to God. Please Lord, heal us and free us from this situation. Look upon us with mercy and grace, cover us in your blood, bless us. In Jesus name I pray, I beg I cry, please hear and answer my prayer. A special thank you to all of those that have been in prayer with me thank you so much and thank you for the notes of encouragement and kind words, I do look forward to reading them and they bring me so much comfort.

A Family Needs Your Prayer

July 28, 2014

A family desperately needs your prayers. Thur., July 30th -- early Aug. family members will be coming into the city [due to a family event] and I ask for prayers they open their hearts to each other, forgive each other, and love each other. There is such a history of problems and deep pain among them. Hearts have been so hardened. It is so difficult to watch. Please pray for God to work a miracle in this situation. Thank you.

False Prophets

July 26, 2014

Holy Father, I thank You for opening my heart to the truth of Your Word. Thank You for delivering me constantly. You're so in control of everything it blows my mind. Please God of grace, hear my prayers for my mother! She has stumbled over false prophets. Please come live within her. Show her the true identity of Jesus Christ. Reveal Yourself to her, my Lord. For Christ's sake. Amen.

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