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submition to spiritual authority

March 06, 2015

I am asking for prayer for a brother in Christ, He is a very bold, outspoken , blunt man, i am asking for prayer for him to submit to authority and let him know that God is always aty work in us, especially those who have taken Jesus Christ in there heart

a miracle for change in my husband

March 05, 2015

My husband had an affair and is still best friends with the person. I have been praying for three years for my marriage to be saved and this is what I found out recently. I have been trying to honor God by forgiving and staying with my husband, but he has lied and cheated and continues to keep these secrets from me. Will you pray for me not to harden my heart to God or my husband. Will you pray for my husband to repent and choose our marriage over lust and what he thinks he wants instead of what God wants. Pray that he be sorrowful and want to repair our marriage instead of thinking a marriage with this person is what he wants. I don't understand why he moved back home; just to do all this. Pray for my husband to eliminate this person from his life completely and stop holding on to what he thinks is better. Pray for his salvation and repentance. Pray for him to change because I can't say anything to him as I feel that would only make him run to this person all the more. I don't understand his selfishness. He is only listening to the lies of the devil and the lust of the flesh. If I am wrong in what I am feeling about this situation; then pray that God convict me and help me to walk away because all I want is for God to punish and that is not of God at all. Please pray as it appears there are so many marriages going through similar situations. Thank you.

Please pray for my marriage

March 04, 2015

I have been praying day and night for God to restore my marriage, but I'm growing weary and I'm starting to lose hope. We've been separated since I committed a sin 5 months ago that I did not think I was capable of that caused my wife and my teenage stepdaughter a lot of emotional pain. I had always been a man of integrity, so this sin threw my wife for a loop. She no longer trusts me. I repented and have been getting help through Christian counseling and Celebrate Recovery, and I desperately want God to change me. We have a 2-year-old son, and I haven't even seen a picture of in 4 months. My wife and I currently live 500 miles apart, and our communication is becoming less frequent. She seldom responds to my emails or facebook posts any more. Every time we talk, I feel like divorce is becoming more imminent. She says she has forgiven me as is not mad at me, but she can't see us having a future together. There are a lot of practical reasons why she doesn't see us having a future together in addition to her lack of trust. I am madly in love with my wife, and I miss my son. I believe it is God's will for our marriage to be restored, and I know He can restore our marriage and family if my wife would only have a change of heart. At this point I believe it would take a miracle. Please pray for God to shied my wife from the influence of the enemy and give her the desire to seek reconciliation and restoration of our marriage and family. Please also pray for restoration of my relationship with my stepdaughters.

waiting on God

March 04, 2015

Please pray that I stop fearing and being anxious about my situation. Please pray that I put my trust in God that he hears my prayers and knows the desire of my heart and will answer my prayers at just the right time. Please pray for God to intervene and that there be a miracle with this situation. With God, all things are possible. Thank you. In Jesus, Name.

abandoned by husband

March 03, 2015

Please pray for me and my two young children. My husband left us to start a new life with another woman. He abandoned his vows and beliefs to be with this person while still making me feel we were going to be a family. The evil one has taken over his heart but he claims he will make it right with God while still sinning with this woman. He needs prayers so that he can really see the evil he has done. The destruction he has caused in our family. My 5 year old wonders when daddy will come home. It breaks my heart what he's done to me, but the greater pain is for my tender little ones who love their dad. I have a 2yr old also. Their dad is ok with seeing them in the summer and 5 minute facetime calls. He is showing no remorse, claiming he is only human. I know God can heal all this. I need prayers for healing and a clear head to be able to protect my children in the divorce. I am living off of a credit card. I send my Love and prayers to all who have and are suffering from the sin and self destruction of another.

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