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The Desires of My Heart

September 27, 2016

Please pray for me I feel like God has forgotten about me and doesn't care about the desires of my heart. The desires of my heart is to be a wife & mom. I feel like God doesn't have a husband for me and that there is no man out there who is ever going to marry me. I feel like it will never be my turn to be a bride and get married & finally be a wife.

Healing and Restoration

September 27, 2016

Heavenly Father, Three months ago, my world was turned upside down. The one I was committed to for life...walked out of my life unexpectedly. Hurting our whole family. I have finally seen in him what brought this harsh and sudden decision. He has distorted beliefs/thinking. And he doesn't see them, he only reacts to them. I recognize it clearly as I went through therapy for my own. Father, please take those unhealthy thinking patterns away from him. I believe he is hurting deeply inside. I feel an overwhelming heaviness for him. I ask that you take those burdening feelings and thoughts, casting them far away. Allow love, peace, and a renewed hope to take their place. Protect him. I love him dearly and pray for doors to open, and walls to be knocked down. Reconnecting our hearts once more. Cast out the evil that is trying to destroy. In Jesus Name!


September 27, 2016

Pray Michael hears and discerns God's voice. Pray he stops filling his life with meaningless busyness and hears the Lord call out to him. Pray that Michael will embrace all that God is aiming to give him. Pray his heart is softened and his mind is quieted. Pray for restoration in his broken relationship. Thank you

My pregnant cousin and her husband

September 25, 2016

My cousin is older and is 32 weeks pregnant with her first child. She has been hospitalized with high blood pressure. They are considering taking the baby early if the blood pressure cannot be controlled with medications. Tomorrow 9/26, will be their first wedding anniversary which will be celebrated in the hospital. They have been struggling financially which has added to the stress. I ask for prayers for the baby but also for this couple. They both do not have a relationship with Christ. She was not raised in the church but her husband was. I pray that He will use this circumstance to speak to their hearts. I pray that this baby will have a relationship with Christ. I pray for restoration with Christ for this family. Please lift them up in your prayers.

Psalm121 KJV

September 19, 2016

I'm under a deep, demonic depression due to my backlsiding. Please pray for my deliverance from this, the devil, the flesh, the world, sin, and whatever bondages that are on me. Please pray for me repentance toward God and faith toward The Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for my deliverance from homosexuality which I have fallen back into. Please pray for Holy Ghost conviction and for me to have a broken heart and a contrite spirit and for my return to The LORD. Please pray that The LORD heal's my backsliding and restores me unto Himself and that He helps me with my pride

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