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Lost Husband and Family in Need

April 22, 2014

My husband left our home about a month ago stating that he was not sure if he was in love with me anymore. We have been married for 9 years and together for 11 years. We have two wonderful daughters that miss him dearly. He moved out to his parents place. We still see each other daily to care for our daughters however he is lost. I pray that God touches his heart and rids him of Satan who has captured him with temptation. I pray that he finds our love that we once had and sees that his wife and children love him and want him to come home. I pray for forgivness of my sins and imperfections and that he sees that we can make it through these troubling times. I love you and miss you dearly. Please God, I pray that you show us the way back to each other and closer to you God!. Amen - NS

pray for sister who is having heart procedure

April 22, 2014

Please pray for sister who is having a heart procedure today to prevent her heart from irregular elec. discharges. she is young and they are trying to prevent from placing a pace maker. thank you.

Praying for Strength

April 22, 2014

Prayer works- I m going through some struggles spiritually, family, and mental it seems impossible for me to ask for guidance, and prayer because I m embarrassed and don't see any way out of my circumstances.I need god's direction in my life so i am here asking for your prayers please- I wanna to be a living testimony to your prayers- and I mean this with a humble heart..


April 18, 2014

My son and daughter both are newly engaged. I am happy for them and they seem a good fit, however, I am asking you to pray with me that they follow Gods will and not there heart and not settled . And if these partners they have chosen is Gods choice for them, that He give me peace, and If they are not the right future spouse, that God open their eyes and show them and give them the courage to end things before it is too late and that God does show them "who He has chosen from them quickly.

Marital Trouble

April 17, 2014

OK, I tried this before and I am not sure if my prayer was heard by God or anyone else for that matter. I however am desperate and at the end of my patience. My wife left 8 months ago and now is having second thoughts about if she made the right decision. we are not divorced yet but very close. My wife is looking for some word from God. You could be that word if God places it on your heart to speak to my wife. I pray she will find the answer I want her to and come back to me. I Love Her. Let's see if my prayer actually gets answered. I Nee a Miracle.

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