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Relative Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

May 29, 2015

My maternal cousin was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Her older sister died with this at 41 years old; my mother survived it 20+ years until her death in older years; now this diagnosis brings fear to her heart. Pray for miracles! I believe for a miraculous healing that does not require toxic conventional treatments. This cousin came to Jesus as a young woman but hasn't really come into relationship with Jesus. Please pray for support and for healing of broken relationships in my family. Thank you.

Having a tough season

May 29, 2015

As a single mom with my youngest at home, who struggles with sickness, I am in a season that is just getting harder lately. I have been sick and disabled for a few years, got through a very rough time without income, then things settled out when I could draw on wage pension, but things in my house are falling apart, my physical difficulties are making daily things hard to do, today my car is stuck somewhere because it won't start and I haven't the resources to do anything about it. I have no friends to speak of, having become isolated during my working and parenting years and leaving church abuse and abusive spouse. I'm just feeling defeated. My mind knows better but my heart is heavy. I feel like I shouldn't even be asking for prayer, but it's the prayers of strangers that lift me up. Thank you.

My Brother in law was in a car accident today and has a long road to recovery

May 26, 2015

My brother in law, Joe, was in a car accident Tuesday morning & just got out of surgery - Doctors are keeping him in a coma until it is safe to take him off the ventilator. He has many broken bones, open wounds and he is at risk for many problems throughout recovery. He will require additional surgeries to aide the healing of one of his legs. He has a loving wife & four beloved children - one of which will be graduating high school this Friday evening. Please pray for his heart to stay strong, his doctors to have steady hands and his body to heal quickly. At the moment they are telling us he will be in the hospital for many weeks. We know God's hands can heal and your prayers will help. Bless you for reading our story and sharing in our prayers.

My son has witness my husband belittling me and devaluing me since his birth nine years ago. Until a year ago my son Matthew and I had a close relationship, and since my husband and I separated in November he refuses to talk with me or spend time with me

May 24, 2015

My son Matthew has a rock hard heart toward God and me . He is consumed with anger and bitterness. Praying that the Lord will soften his heart toward me and restore Matthew's relationship with God and with me.


May 21, 2015

Praise God for reminding me, that I am His heir, led by His Spirit, not fear. Amen. Prayers that this stays in my mind and heart.

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