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selling home

September 30, 2015

My husband was laid off from his job in January of 2015. He found a new job here in Wisconsin and started the first of March. I stayed behind to sell our home and let our son finish out his 6th grade year. I stayed all summer working hard to keep the house clean and ready to show at any time. Our realtor has been amazing and has gone way above and beyond helping us to get the home sold. As the beginning of school started to get closer we realized we needed to move here to get son started in school even though we hadn't sold the home. We are living here now, love it, but need our home, in Utah, to sell so that we can put down our roots and begin to move on. Please pray with us - we have done everything possible - it is in the Lord's hands now. Thank you

A Home

September 28, 2015

We have been living in a Duplex for over a year, it has been a great learning experience for our family. Selling our home to downsize, understanding you don't really "need" all that stuff. It also has taught us that no matter where you live - it is who you share your house with that makes it a home. However, we are spending to much time planning to build, or searching for that right house - it is time and mind consuming. Please pray that if the house we look at tonight is in God's plan for us that he blesses us with it. I am a true believer in "Things happen for a reason" so I pray that God helps us in finding a permanent home that he has planned for our families future. Thanks you for praying for us.

reiter, cc, ac, o, bjr homes/fams'/future gkids/fams too ijna

September 25, 2015

money for a car and property taxes, for the skin issues to resolve and for the wart on my left arm to go away now and for good. Lord please hear all the unspokens in my house and all my prayers, forgive us all and provide for us all, even our loved ones. Lord why are my jury duty badge numbers AND my work ID number have the de/vil's number in them? Please Lord immediately rebuke, remove, block and destroy the de/vil and all his pawns, devices, snares, schemes, traps, strongholds, principalities, fruits, etc from my family, from me ,(brandi) from my husband (mitch) from my two daughters Ashley and Sarah, from my two son in laws, CC and AC and from their families and all of our loved ones and extended/future families immediately, 100%, fully, daily, consistently and permanently in the Name of our Savior and King of kings, Jesus Christ, we pray, Amen.

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