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Home Situation

July 31, 2015

I am trying to decide if I should leave my fathers house to stay with my Mom full time, as he is abusive. I've battled depression almost my whole life, as well as self-harm. I do not know how much longer I can stay in the situation, as I've gone to authorities, but they do nothing. I can not decide... should I continue to go back and forth as I have for 17 years, or leave the situation? I listen and pray, one minute by the things I hear, or read it makes me think I should stay and be the light for my family that does not know Christ, but other times I feel as though I'm being told I should leave the situation. I have gone to my Mom for help, but she wants nothing to do with the situation, and I've run out of places to turn. I do not like asking for prayers, as I feel it makes me seen needy, but I've run out of places to run to. Please, pray for me and my family, as this is hard them as well. And please pray that I make the right decision. Thank you very much.

I would like to ask prayer for Sandi , and for Chelsea's, family member.

July 25, 2015

I need to ask for prayer for all those at the house, I want to lift up Brittany and Mike, there in need of a place to live , Britt is 6 months pregnant, and is an awesome.e women of God.Thank You.

addiction recovery

July 23, 2015

please pray for p.a. who is dealing with a lot of drama of her grown children who are out of the house, and still come crying to mama when something goes wrong in their lives. It is very hard for her to do all this since she is trying to recover from her own drinking problems and has recently had a relapse after doing so well for so many months. She is very afraid that this may send her back to her old ways. She is WAY too stressed out !

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