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Urgent Prayer Needed.. Want our lives back so bad!

March 25, 2015

my husband was supposed to have my case dismissed last Friday after taking the deal from the prosecutor. His lawyer kind of messed things up by filing for a 60 day continuance. My husband was thrown in jail yesterday after his bond was revoked and mine was coming next so I left the court house in a panic! Went home to my children and here praying for the best. please pray that my court date is coming very soon and that my case will be dismissed asap! This should have been taken care of Friday! Court date is 4/15/2025 and please pray this court date sticks and we can get this resolved then.

place to live

March 15, 2015

My name is Malachi my wife and I are in desperately need of your prayers and help. We are having to move in 2 weeks. Are landlord is refusing to renew our lease. Our car just broke down and we do not have any money. If you can help us with an apartment or house for rent or know of any one who can help. Please please call or text me 608 475 3797. We our willing to move just about anywere. Please keep us in your prayer we our under alot of stress. Thanks again Malachi

Pleae pray for my marriage

March 13, 2015

My life is a wreck right now. I committed a horrible sin (non-physical) against my teenage stepdaughter several months ago. God miraculously intervened and prevented me from doing what I attempted to do, but my wife and I have been separated ever since. I've been very repentant and remorseful, and have been seeking help through Christian counseling, Celebrate Recovery, reading books, and taking part in Bible studies. I never want to have the urge to do anything like this again. I surrendered my life to God's will and have lived a life above reproach for 6 months now. My sin led to a CPS investigation, during which a refurbished computer I had just purchased 2-days prior was seized by the police. Shortly afterward, I was arrested for felony possession/promotion of child pornography. I'm not a pedophile, and I have never in my life had any child pornography. I assume the previous owner of the computer must have had child porn on it. I have the receipt for the computer that proves I had just purchased it, so I expect this charge to eventually be dropped. However, my wife now doesn't know what to believe, and she no longer trusts me with our 2-year old son. I have not been allowed to see him or talk to him in 6 months now, and I'm concerned he may not even know me any more. She also told me I can never again live in the same house as the girls. After feeling suicidal, I temporarily moved 500 miles away to live with my family. My wife told me she forgave me right from the beginning, and said she was not making any rash decisions, but whenever I talk to her, divorce sounds more imminent. I asked her several times to work with me to seek restoration. I suggested that we could live separately, but date and attend marriage counseling regularly over the next five years, until my younger stepdaughter goes off to college, but did not seem receptive. My wife has every right to be mad at me. She is a good person, and she deeply loves and cares for her kids. Though what I attempted to do was horrible, I am truly repentant. God knows my character and my intentions, and I believe it is His will that we make every last effort to save our marriage before giving up. God is so much bigger than this, and despite the circumstances, I know He can restore our marriage and family if we were both willing. To this point, we have never counseled with anyone or made any attempts toward reconciliation, other than my sending her a few heartfelt emails which she failed to acknowledge. I'd be willing to jump through any hoops and do anything necessary to make things work. I'm convinced God can restore our marriage and turn it into a trophy of His restoration and love--All it would take is one changed heart. We have two options, divorce, and deprive my precious son of his loving daddy, and have both of my stepdaughters forever holding a grudge against me, or we could allow God to work a miracle and restore our marriage and family, so our son can grow up in a home with both of his parents, and I would be able to humbly apologize to my stepdaughters and rebuild a solid relationship with them. My wife is seeking God's will in every aspect of her life except for our marriage, where it seems like she's already made up her mind to divorce me. Please pray for God to shield my wife from the influence of the enemy, and change her heart--giving her the desire and will to see past the circumstances and seek reconciliation and restoration of our marriage. Please also pray that she will allow me to see and communicate with our son, and for the opportunity to reconcile with my stepdaughters.

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