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Family issues

May 28, 2015

Please pray for my family, that they may see that Jesus is the way the truth and the life accept Jesus as their Savior. My husband will be losing his job in June, and we have four children. One of my daughters has come out to the whole school as bisexual, I am afraid that she is only defining herself by her sexuality. She is very naive and she used social media to come out. I am afraid for her that she has shared too much at a young age and that someone with bad intentions will hurt her. Also pray my oldest daughter will get into college and that my two younger daughters are more kind to each other. Thank You Jesus for everything you have provided !

Marital Situation

May 22, 2015

Please pray for a listener and her husband. They are having marital situation. Please come against any strongholds and for healing. Pray they will seek help if needed.


May 22, 2015

The weekend is coming up, and that is always the hardest for me. I just got out of a relationship with someone who I have mutual friends with, and running into him at church or social events is so hard because he is so rude to me. Please pray the Lord will create boundaries between us, so that I do not run to him at all this summer. Also, please pray the Lord will send me godly friends who will help distract me from him. Also pray that I stop thinking about my ex, and can move forward with my life. Please pray the Lord will send me a future husband quickly. Please pray I will see this breakup as a blessing and God's provision for my life! Thank you.

prayer for a blessing

May 21, 2015

I had posted a prayer for me and my husband who have been homeless for over a year, and having my children live with my ex husband, it seems like we were never going to get back on our feet we do both have jobs my the jobs we got especially mine hours where getting less and less for example I got 10 hrs for this week ..but out of the blue I got a job interview tomorrow for Verizon wireless so I need some prayers that I get this job it is full time and a potential too make good money God give me the right words and the person who interviewing me will give me a chance ..I want to thank God in advance for the job and all the blessings I truly don't deserve and that we will find our home we can afford so we can be a whole family again in Jesus name I pray AMEN thanks everyone for all your prayers


May 19, 2015

Lord, Please bless my Husband with the Strength to overcome all difficulties, workload and interruptions. His work load is growing since he was blessed with the opportunity to have COMMISSION at work. Its growing hard on him, and I pray he would have more of a desire to SEEK you LORD. Please be with him. IN JESUS MIGHT NAME WE PRAY AMEN!

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