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April 28, 2016

Please keep my health in prayer. I am a middle aged mom who has been experiencing lots of pregnancy symptoms but am having bleeding. I am concerned but know God is in control. Please pray that the Lord reveal what is going on with me physically if it is not pregnancy. If these symptoms indicate anything else to be concerned about. Please also pray for my marriage. My husband recently decided to get me pregnant without ANY discussion with me. I was furious but know God is in control, and if I am pregnant this child is a blessing from the Lord. This has been a very abusive/oppressive marriage....

Dear Lord, please hear me.

April 27, 2016

Lord, what I wouldn't give to go back in time and fight properly for my marriage. To respect and cherish the man that you put in my life as my husband. Knowing what I know now the many things that I would do differently and the doors that were opened would have been sealed. Lord the devil knocked on our door and we/I let him right in and allowed him to rot our union, our friendship,our bond, our family, even our relationship with you. Lord I am asking for a do-over. I am praying and pleading desperately for my marriage, my husband, my family. We cannot take back the lies, the damage, the words, action and inaction but we can take steps into the light. Lord, i am asking that you move our mountains. That you quiet the lions around my husband and help him to hear your voice again, help him to know and seek you out. Bind the unholy soul ties that he has too Claudia and seal that door to never be reopened. Bind the spirits of anger, divorce, adultery, frustration and addiction, replace them with forgiveness, humility, contrition, marital devotion, honesty and faith. Renew what has been damaged Lord and give us an opportunity to enjoy the life that we had hoped for many years ago when we were young, full of hope and had so much faith in one another. Shield us from the continued role this woman wants to play in our marriage, remove her and her ill intentions, plans and deceitful ways that he is blind to. Bless us with financial abundance so that we can make better living decisions and progress with in our lives and so that my husband is not enticed but her possibilities or suggestions. Lord we cannot do this with you and some divine intervention, we still deeply love one another, but Lord its not enough we need help and that help is you. I am asking for your promise to be held that what You have out together, let no man separate. Please move in this situation. Bless our children, help us to be better parents and better spouses for them. Lord I pray all of this in your holy name, may it be in according to your will. Amen

Neighbors need prayers

April 27, 2016

My neighbor (the only neighbor my husband and I have really met since we moved) committed suicide on this past weekend. Her husband had filed for divorce that same week. She was heartbroken because he never gave her any idea that he was unhappy. She has had some problems with keeping a job lately and they have been having some financial troubles because of that. She leaves behind her husband and three teenage kids (ages 18,15 and 13). Many have said they are angry at her husband for filing for divorce and he also planned on taking the children. I feel bad for him because he is probably blaming himself. She was a child of God but I'm not sure the rest of the family was. They just really need prayers and help as they go through her death, the financial troubles they are having and going on living in this world. Please keep them in your prayers. Thank you.

To hear Gods voice

April 23, 2016

I recently lost my job as a cna due to back injury at work back in December have 5 children I was prophesied over that a huge door is going to open I just want to be able to hear God so I don't miss it in my busy life with kids and just to feel his presence I feel lost don't know where I'm going now career wise I know God has plans I'm still worried my dream is to do something in ministry but with the kids and husband just don't think that is an option right now I just want to be lead by the Holy Spirit and to know when he's speaking to me I struggle so much with that thank you and God bless!!

Healing Prayers for marriage

April 21, 2016

I am in need of strong prayers. Over the last couple of months my relationship with God has become closer, even in the face of devastating adversary. My spouse and I have been at great odds with each other but are reconciling I am in deep prayers for him and our union. Lord please heal the bonds that have been broken between us. Bind the relationship between him and that other woman. Seal the door between them. Spoil the plans that she has put in place for my husband. Shield him from the pitfalls that are before him, open his eyes Lord. Hedge him off Lord, encircle him with your love and guidance. Bind the spirit of adultery and divorce that has been plaguing my husband. Let your voice be louder than the lions around him. Renew and restore what has been damaged between us as we are rebuilding our union. Breathe life into us Lord, into our finances, our faith in you and in one another. Make ways for us Lord to continue our union. I ask that you move our mountains and cover us. In Jesus' Name I Pray. Amen

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