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need a different van

March 02, 2015

This last week our van blow a head gasket. Its an older van , so we are looking for a different one but we have not been able to find anything in a reasonable price. I know that this is from the enemy. My family has had a lot of things happen in the last year Blessed and bad Everything from getting married the 2nd time to my 1st husband to having stage 3 breast cancer. Please pray for my family and I that we find something fast. Thank you

Husband / Marriage

March 01, 2015

My husband of 23 yrs who has been living else where for 16 months but has not filed for divorce. Lost his job when the company closed end of 2014, is getting funding to go back to school. He spends every Sat with our special needs daughter. He is in need of prayer, He told me when he dropped off our daughter that he has not been able to sleep for several days. Two people have said to me in the past few months that "there has to be a reason he has not yet filed". I pray that his insomnia is the Holy Spirit working hard on him.

Loss of a loved one

March 01, 2015

My mother-in-law just recently passed away due to cancer and my husband was not able to attend the funeral since he is in a correctional facility. This was very hard for him and asking for prayers for him and our family.

my son believing in the Lord

February 28, 2015

I am so discouraged. My son is 32 years pld and struggling. He made a bad choice while in high school and it has prevented him from getting a job. But what is most disheartening is that he doesn't believe God cares for him. He is so talented but everything he tries gets turned down. He was raised in a Christian family but believes God has turned His back on him. When we tell hom we pray for him every day he says that obviously our prayers are not answered. He has also implied that it would better if he was not on this world. My husband and I are beside ourselves. Please pray that God will show Himself to our son. We are so desperate. Thank you so much.

intervention with spouse

February 28, 2015

Please pray that God intervene in my husbands life right now and remove a friend from his life that is not healthy for our marriage. Pray that the relationship comes to an abrupt end from both of them. Pray that there be no more texts, emails, social media connection, or communication of any kind. Pray there be no emotional connection between them and instead healing with our marriage. Pray that God do this now in Jesus name. Pray that I have peace and trust in my husband. Pray that my husband be sorry and never do this again. Pray for Jesus in his life. Thank you.

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