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Rising From Ashes

February 09, 2016

My parents just experienced a house fire Sunday morning. They are now displaced for 2-3 months while the house is being repaired, as it is uninhabitable for the time being. I know that since everyone is safe that nothing else really matters. Heck, I wasn't even in the house when the fire started. I moved out 6 months prior into my first apartment with my new husband. But I still feel as if it were my house that burned and am now displaced. I still feel in shock and now I have to go to work as if everything is fine. Please pray for my parents, brother, and their pets who all managed to get out safely that their health stays good. Please pray for a speedy restoration of the house. Please pray for strength for me to get through life as normal now and for the strength to support my parents in their time of need. Please pray for my husband as he supports me now.


February 09, 2016

Husband (Dennis) just called to say he fell on the ice and knows he broke his wrist/arm. Might have done other damage - driving himself to clinic down the road. He is disabled, has had 7 surgeries, and over 20 misc. procedures (was almost killed by a bull 12 years ago). Please pray that the arm is the only thing broken/cracked. He has only been walking upright and strong for 2 weeks (after latest procedure). Damage to his back/hip could set his healing back so far - and his mental health with it! Thank you!!


February 05, 2016

Please pray that my daughter Wendy and husband Scott are able to get a loan to buy a home. They have been renting and have to move by March because the house sold. Wendy has been working with Kris a mortgage broker. Scotts credit is bad from past medical bills. Please pray that Kris will be able to get them a loan. God bless. Karen


February 04, 2016

Please pray for me that my husband "Carl Ray" comes back home very soon. He left me just before Thanksgiving. He is living with a friend of his. He needs to come home so we can work on are marriage. Thank You.


February 02, 2016

I ask for prayers for me and my husband, we are going through some bad times due to my affair and we need prayers for healing and forgiveness. He is carrying lots of pain and resentment I pray for his peace and healing. I am also dealing with conviction and fear. I pray for myself and my marriage to get out of this rut and move forward so we can get on a track of being a family and have the lord as our guidance. Thank You.

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