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jesus does a undeserved ovious miracle in 2009

July 26, 2014

god did a stunning miracle for me onm January 9 2009,i was walking in a icy sidewalk that I I shouldn't been on and my feet slipped out from out of underneath me and I fell straight back on the pack of my fourhead and I was disoriented and bleeding badly. 5 weeks later I was at a local hospital waking up from a medicaly inducuded coma with conjective hart failer 106 temp and kidney failer and miniman and bleeding internaly in my brain with a minaman of 2 yrs recover time and staff infection. NOW PRAISE GOD 5 1/YRS LATER im ourt of rehad in less then a yr,back and back to work with my one app and none ior minimal side effect,living proof that god does miricles,we just have to look,if you are going though a problem or situation look to the stars and believe that is a god that loves you so much that he sent his sun to die on the cross to save us from a livetime of hell,PRAISE GOD

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