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My Family

November 30, 2015

My family needs your prayers. My parents are aging and their health is not good. Please pray for strength and guidance in helping them through transitions ahead. My son and daughter are suffering with pain and mental distress. My husband and myself are both chronic pain sufferers. This time of year both adds to the burdens and shows us the kindness of strangers. I try to do something warm and loving for anyone around me and would like to encourage others to do the same. Please ask for peace and healing for my family.

Prayer for boys in school

November 24, 2015

Could you please pray for my two little boys? I have a 6 yr old and a 4 yr old and they are so very young. They are wonderful loving sweet boys who are being "pegged" as children with ADHD in the public school system . I am so CONFUSED> Yes, they are fidgety and wigglly but they are also young and immature and BOYS. Is our school system trying to fit square pegs into round holes? How can the teachers be better equipped to work with these high energy boys who need a little bit more work and attention? Are our teachers so overworked and over whelmed that the solution seems to always point towards medication? I am at a crossroads and trying to decide if a medication would be the answer for my oldest to "fit in" better . I don't want them to suffer or even fall behind academically which has not yet happened but is very possible because of the oldest one's inability to focus on instruction and work independently. The younger one has not yet had that suggestion made to us by the school, but I foresee it in the future of his educational career . Please pray for my little ones as they face school, teachers and friends on a daily basis and begin to navigate their path through life. I know that God has a plan for them and he will take care of them. But, please pray for me , that I would have the inner strength, wisdom and courage to make the best decisions for my little men.

A life full of anxiety

November 23, 2015

Over the past 7 months I have gone through a lot of changes. I graduated from college, I have moved out on my own, have a full time job, and found the love of my life. To people who look at me first glance, I'm always smiling, always laughing, and loving life. Only my family and a handful of people know that those laughs and smiles only last for a certain amount of time though. Anxiety has really overtaken my happiness in life. It's a constant worry that snowballs into even more. Daily anxiety attacks where I find it hard to breathe, hard to focus, and constant tears. In the last month, I've had an overwhelming feeling to ask for help. So I took the leap of faith and talked to my mom about everything that was on my mind, and started seeing a therapist. I think it was God nudging me and telling me it's okay to ask for help. It's been difficult opening up to a stranger, but I think I'm finally getting the sense of relief I've been praying for. If you have any time, please pray for healing amongst me as well as the millions of others who suffer from anxiety. God bless.

Work situation/New Job

November 22, 2015

Please pray that my work situation gets better. Also, that I speak Life and be loving like Christ even when it's hard. I have been speaking harsh words out of frustration. Let me be the solution and not the problem. Please pray that I get a new job soon that would use my God given talents.

bless,prosper,strengthen,protect,shield increase faith,love,endurance,longevity

November 19, 2015

For Cody to love his wife, Sarah, more than Jacob loved Rachel in the bible. its says in genesis 29:20 that Jacob's love for Rachel was so great, years of pursuing her felt like days. I also pray all liars, cheaters, evil, deception, trickery, adultery and adulteress', and every temptation and bad fruit,etc, are driven quickly,far , fully and immediately away from Sarah and Cody, for all of their, God willing, long, healthy, loving, whole, prosperous,faithful, protected, happy & devoted lives together. Let them be ONE always, in Christ,& in Jesus Name, Amen.

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