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prayer for help and healing

April 21, 2014

My life is feeling dark, I am sad because of some debt my hubby and I have. It is effecting us getting a new car. I have CAVITIES in my teeth, still gotta pay of my insurance claim from going to the doctor. the List is piling up and up. I am sad and scared, we are newly weds and I just want to be blessed with an amazing miracle. GOD is real and I LOVE HIM and thankful for all he has given me, please pray for us!

Scared and Sad

April 20, 2014

I am on the verge of losing my home, unless I can come up with six thousand five hundred dollars by April 28th our home will go into foreclosure. We work and simply got behind, but just do not have the extra at the moment to catch up. I look at my children today and feel such failure, and sadness, hopelessness. I am not even sure what to pray for beyond a giant undeserved miracle.

it was a miracle

April 19, 2014

just released from hospital on 4-18.RECOVERING from a near death illness. BUT GOD is a miracle worker. i need your prayers for continual strength during my resting period before returning to work.

Marital Trouble

April 17, 2014

OK, I tried this before and I am not sure if my prayer was heard by God or anyone else for that matter. I however am desperate and at the end of my patience. My wife left 8 months ago and now is having second thoughts about if she made the right decision. we are not divorced yet but very close. My wife is looking for some word from God. You could be that word if God places it on your heart to speak to my wife. I pray she will find the answer I want her to and come back to me. I Love Her. Let's see if my prayer actually gets answered. I Nee a Miracle.

for business and personal financial survival

April 16, 2014

we've been thru the ringer business wise since 2008, closed one location, just the main shop left. Been blessed with new employees, management, things looking up, we have been busy, but still a large amount owed to vendors from the last two years, behind in rent, etc. Pray for continued improvement in sales, patience on the part of vendors, continued miracles regarding financial survival, guidance and wisdom for myself.

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