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Prayer requests containing the term “miracle”:

September 29, 2014

i am fasting for a miracle in my marriage

My baby niece

September 26, 2014

please pray for my baby niece Ilah Mae who is in the St Mary's hospital. We are praying for a miracle for this precious life. Any little prayer is greatly appreciated.

Miracle â That my Husband would want to restore 20+ marriage

September 22, 2014

Only a miracle can bring my husband back home. He has not lived with us for over a year and he's looking at filing for divorce. I pray that he would be willing to try to work things out for the sake of our child. That I would be given the chance to show him how much God has changed me.

marriage guidance

September 21, 2014

My wife and I need your prayers for this up coming week end labeled "New Beginnings". My wife has been living with her boyfriend for over a year now. She is mixed up and confused. She says she wants to come back but has some concerns. We are enrolled in the week end work shop to help troubled marriages. We need all the prayer and all the help you and God can muster. We need direction. We need to know if we should stay married or divorce. This week end is a make or break week end for our marriage. We pray God shows us the way. Please pray hard for a miracle!

miracle for my marriage

September 19, 2014

My husband is not able to let go of resentment and lives in the past. We have gone through counceling for two years and he is on a downhill slope with his emotions and feelings for our marriage. He says he cannot do this anymore as he cannot eat, sleep, or function because he is completely unhappy. Please pray for him to find Jesus in all of this. Please pray for a miracle of saving our marriage and restoring it to a newness that we have never experienced. Pray that we both have assurance that staying in our marriage is the right choice. Pray that my husband recognize that life is about choices and that is how people change. Thank you.

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