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Pray for two year old girl who is terminally ill.

October 21, 2014

Hello, I'm a 22 year old single father raising my two year old little girl. I'm just trying to get all the prayers I can get for my daughter, she is terminally ill with a rare form of brain tumors, they stopped chemo because it proved noneffective. and surgery to remove the tumors and radiation aren't available because it would be fatal. but I'm still trying to remain positive and pray for a miracle, because they do happen. Thank you for your time, its greatly appreciated. God bless

Latest update from Rick

October 21, 2014

I went with my sis to Court to get an adjournment, usually we are allowed to adjourn 1 to 2 weeks, but miraculously, the Judge granted us 4 weeks adjournment and advised us to settle the case privately with the creditor (Benson). It is really a miracle and once again, it is proven the power of prayers! Dear all prayer warriors, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prayers! Please continue to uphold me and my family in prayers, we need a HUGE financial miracle, only God can help us, thanks!

I can't fight the battle alone, please pray for me.

October 20, 2014

This is Rick, Thanks for praying for me and sent me encouragements. Please continue to pray for me, I need a Huge financial miracle urgently. Please pray that my creditors, namely: Benson, YY Joeline, SF, AY will not threaten, harass and stress me and my family, please pray that they will not take up a case or report me. Please pray that the court case against my sister (as she is my guarantor) will be dropped and closed miraculously. It is a big battle for me to fight, that's why I need prayers from all our faithful prayer warriors to back me up, only God can help me. Thanks again for your help and prayers!

renewed commitment and healing of a broken marriage

October 20, 2014

Please pray for my husband to forgive and let go of resentment. Pray for love, commitment, emotional connection, and intimacy between us. Pray that my husband come to place of total repentance and allow himself to heal. Pray for God's amazing grace and a miracle to save and restore our marriage. Thank you in Jesus' Name. All things are possible even the complete healing of a broken marriage.

An Urgent prayer request

October 19, 2014

Dear all, Please continue to pray for me and my family . I am in a HUGE financial crisis, I need an urgent financial miracle. I want to be debt-free. Please pray that my creditors, namely, SF, Benson, YY Joeline, AY will stop to threaten, stress and harass me and my family. They are very nasty and refused to listen to me. Please pray that God will touch their hearts, soften them and they are willing to give me time. Also, there is a case took up by Benson against my sister who is my guarantor, please pray that the case (to attend Court on 23 October 2014) will be closed miraculously.(attending Court will affect my sister's work and she will be fired). I really need all of you to pray for me, I am desperately in need of prayers. Thanks to those who have prayed for me and sent me encouragement notes, I really appreciated it. God Bless you all!

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