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Praising Jesus!

April 21, 2015

My hours got cut a while back and I've been trying to find a new job or at least another part time job to cover the money that I was slowly losing as I was paying more in my bills than what my income was. Yesterday I got the call I had been oh so patiently waiting for! Just want to praise God and say that good comes to those who are patient and trust the Lord's plan!


April 16, 2015

Please pray for a 64 year old woman who has a 43 year old daughter named Jenn. Jenn is the light of her life. Jen has a few challenges in her life as she has C/P and dementia. Pray for this mother who is trying to begin a sign business to bring in some extra money.

Plese pray for me and my son

April 12, 2015

My son has a heroin addiction and we both need your prayers badly. He has good days and bad, but on the bad days, I am afraid that I enable his addiction. No matter how hard I try, he always cons me into giving him money. . . sometimes its for debts that he owes and sometimes he says that he owes, but then he tricks me and uses. I am a terrible parent, I know this is wrong to give him money, but I end up giving in to him. I need God's help and forgiveness so badly. Please pray that I will break away from his addiction, so that I can help him and help myself. Please pray for his healing and recovery. He has so much possibility and God has put so many positive things into his life. Thank you for your prayers! I pray that you will never have to face this situation if you have children. God bless!

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