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Please Pray For Me

March 26, 2015

I am a 65 year old divorced woman thats a care giver/legal guardian for my adult special needs daughter. My daughter has cerebral palsy from birth and now has been diagnosed with Dementia. I am currently try to make my lil wood and vinyl sign business a go, to bring in the extra money we need. I am a fixed income and currently that money is stretched very thin. Due to the very good temps our heating bill is extremely high and our cupboards are getting bare. Please pray for us, for me getting this lil business going. Pray for the money to help us with food and to pay our bills. Thank you

Business and Financial Problems

March 21, 2015

Please pray for my son who has had numerous financial and tax issues due to his business not doing well. It was a very successful business five years ago but due to two bad partnerships he was involved in he has lost a lot of money and is having difficulty recovering and experiencing emotional issues from all the stress. He has a wife and two children to support - please pray for him.

Healing for wife

March 19, 2015

Please pray for healing for my wife. She has a couple of bad teeth that are causing her pain, and we don't have the money for a dentist because of taxes. Please pray that God will heal her, show us what is getting in the way of her healing, or provide the needed funds. Thank you and God bless!

place to live

March 15, 2015

My name is Malachi my wife and I are in desperately need of your prayers and help. We are having to move in 2 weeks. Are landlord is refusing to renew our lease. Our car just broke down and we do not have any money. If you can help us with an apartment or house for rent or know of any one who can help. Please please call or text me 608 475 3797. We our willing to move just about anywere. Please keep us in your prayer we our under alot of stress. Thanks again Malachi

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