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September 22, 2014

Right now I am at a fork in the road. I am apart of an organization which I thought was going to be exciting and suit my personal wants and needs quite well. After a month or so of being involved, I have learned that I do not enjoy the activities our group does. The problem is that I paid a large sum of money to be involved in this organization and I am afraid that by quitting all of that money will have gone to waste. I am also worried that by quitting I am letting the other members down as well as the team as a whole. Please help to guide me in the right path for I know that if I stay I will be in a constant state of stress but if I leave I will feel bad about letting dear friends down.

Financial Needs

September 22, 2014

I asked you guys to pray for me awhile ago about college finances and God delivered. I am in a situation where I don't have a job and I don't want to use my emergency money. Please pray that God will, once again, provide me with some sort of income to stay in college. Thanks

to find money to invest in my business

September 18, 2014

Lord, please help my business take off so I'll have more money to invest and grow it even bigger. Amen

they take me back

September 18, 2014

a month ago, i got an offer and i declined the offer because the money wasn't what i wanted. I REGRET IT! i called them today and they haven't hired anyone yet. they are going to talk internally and call me back. please pray they take me back. i would appreciate the stability even though its less than what i was making. please Father God, have them accept me.


September 15, 2014

I was at work when my wife came to get some money before she went to work. I gave her some and stuck the rest in my pocket. this was about 3pm. Now if i cant come up with the rent money or some money we have 2 days to vacate the premises. please pray for us

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