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financial blessing and wisdom

October 30, 2014

it is almost November and I still don't have money to get our heat turned back on. I have children and am behind on everything. my husband is going for disability and were being sued for medical bills we cant pay. I wake up depressed everyday and the lord and I work through it but somethings gotta give. please pray we get disability soon. also, I tried energy assistance and was turned down.

Gambling addiction

October 26, 2014

My brother, Steven is addicted to gambling, he can go gambling for days and didn't turn up at work. He also borrowed lots of money just to gamble and even gamble away his monthly $16K pay. I humbly urge all of you to pray for him to stop gambling, start all over again and come back to Christ. Please also pray that he is able to pay off all his debts and also the salvation of his whole family (his wife, his 3 lovely children and mother-in-law). My parents who are 81 and 77 respectively are very sad and stressed, they are not well and my brother gambled away their money to buy medicine. Please, I really need all of you to pray for my brother and the family. Thank you.

Scared, Anxious, and Depressed

October 22, 2014

Hi everyone, this prayer request may sound small but it's VERY big to me. I could really use some prayers right now. I've been struggling in school a lot lately. I used to go to UW Milwaukee and it was too much for me. Living in a big city, that is not even remotely familiar, and far away from my family really did me in. I gained weight, started smoking (I quit that though! Thank God!), and I had a hard time studying and getting good grades. I thought it would get better when I moved back home to Madison to be with my family and just go to MATC but things still feel the same. I'm constantly worrying about my grades, and how I can make/save money (I also have a spending issue) so, I forget all about studying, tests, homework, etc. I'm just trying to keep the anxiety away but I do it in all the wrong ways like eating, T.V, computer, cellphone, shopping, etc. I would like for some prayers, and maybe some advice on how I can stay focused, and stand grounded in God's word. Thank you!

Healing and wisdom for the doctors and funds to come to US for treatment

October 21, 2014

Hi my name is David, I am from a Madison Baptist Church, we have a missionary to Brazil that has been on the field for many years her name is Lawanda Duarte and she is having MANY medical problems, which they are not able to figure out they may now have a possibility to come to the US for free medical treatment, please pray for her with us. They have recently started a fund to raise money for her and her husband to come here if lead you can contact the staff at Madison Baptist church 608-249-0941 Thanks for all the prayers. Any Prayers sent back to my e-mail I will send them to her as she is greatly encouraged to know she is loved and prayed for , as she put, " I covet your prayers". Thank you in Christ Love David Hanke

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