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Need Immediate prayer and restoration

January 29, 2015

Father God I'm desperate for some guidance and wisdom. I've been praying for months and years for things in my life that seem to always produce trials or just never go away. I need some very clear answers and lifting up in prayer. I'm a single mom of 3 children. 2 teenagers and one pre-teen. It is incredibly hard work in itself. But my son has been on and off been struggling with drugs and lying and poor choices. I've sought all varying types of help. Classes Christian counselor support from myself and it is a constant battle. I'm a full time teacher and in a brand new district and have am extremely (behaviors) challenging class as well as very low level academic performance. I go home daily wondering if I'm in the right profession and extremely exhausted. I love children and teaching but am struggling so much this year...I had a relationship for a year with a great guy and then he disappeared for months due to grief and some of his own issues. He resurfaced a few weeks ago wanting to hang out again and it felt extremely comfortable and natural. We have a wonderful time together but he keeps his distance. Unfortunaley we made a poor choice and were a little too intimate which lede to question his motives. He stated he was terrified of a relationship and it is safer to keep me at a distance not necessarily easier... He also stated he has been dating or hanging out with other people as well. I asked him why he bothered to contact me? Of course he misses me and cares a lot about me... I'm completely heartbroken and devastated. I have been praying for months for God to lead us back to each other If it is meant to be? This has been such a battle and trial for me. I honestly don't know what or how to pray anymore for all that is weighing me down... I pray constantly...but feeling like God isn't there. I pray for direction and restoration mostly? Please pray for me

wrong turn

January 27, 2015

Please pray for me and my family. My family has had a long week three of the my four kids have been sick and know my wife has got a stomach bug. And on Saturday my wife went with a friend to her Christmas party and the front tire on the van fell off and we don't have a vehicle. I have been so stress the last few months i picked up smoking after 6 yrs. Thank you and God bless

Pray for infant grandaughter to sleep at night and for peace and protection

January 26, 2015

Please pray for my granddaughter to start sleeping all night she is 15 months old and has gone through so much. I will be taking care of her. Please pray for my strength and peace and wisdom. Please pray for her to start walking and for peace and contentment in her. Thank you

Prayers for a friend

January 16, 2015

I am asking all of you prayer warriors to pray for a friend. She has been out of work for months and her unemployment just ran out. From what I know, she has been sleeping in her truck the last few nights with her two dogs. She has had alcohol problems as long as I have known her. But, she just did get a job today and starts Tuesday. Please pray that she keeps this job, finds appropriate housing for herself and her pets and finds the Lord. She is a non-believer. Please pray the holy spirit touches her and that her life can get back in order. With God all things are possible. Pray that she can get rid of the grasp of her alcohol addiction. Thank you

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