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Depression and suicide

July 02, 2015

We are a christian family and less then a year ago my husband toke his life. He had been suffering from depression since his surgery 8 months earlier. He felt that getting help would cost to much money. After he died, for the first few months I missed him so much that I thought about suicide many times even though I still a had another child to finish raising. That's how deep the pain was! Besides my church praying for me and me praying to God, I also started to really study the Bible. As I was going through cover to cover, I found verses that pertained to every situation in life, especially pertaining to suffering. Here are just a few (First Peter 1:5-7, James 1:12, Hebrews 12:5-11, Philippians 1:29). Everyone one of us is suffering in one way or another and according to the Bible it should deepen our faith in God. For me it certainly has! Without God's strength and support I would not be where I am today. Even though God has gotten me to this point, me and my family still feel pain, especially with the one year mark approaching towards the end of this month bringing back memories. Thank you for reading my story and please pray for us.

Prayers for marriage and family

July 02, 2015

Please help me pray for my family and for a much needed financial breakthrough. We are expecting a new baby next month, we are two months behind on rent, my husband and I have been blessed and our marriage has been made whole again thanks to all of your prayers and Gods mercy. But we need a larger place to live and the financial grace to make this happen. Lord please continue to work in and on us. Surround us with your protection, bless our marriage and our children. Bless me as I enter my last few weeks of pregnancy. Lord, be with us at all times. All things are possible through and with you. Bless my husband who has turned the corner, may he come to know and beleive in the Lord once again, please Lord give him paitence and give him a reprieve, lay your hands upon his mind and heart and make ways for us. Bless our union and family and allow us to experience a peace that passes all understanding. In your name I pray. Amen

Difficult Job Situation

June 23, 2015

Greetings! My husband and I moved to Madison last year for a job that he took that seemed like a wonderful opportunity at the time. During the last 6 months, the owner of the business appears to be having some sort of mental breakdown and is threatening to fire all the people he has hired in the last year, including my husband. My husband has updated his resume and is looking for another job, but until something else comes along he is having to deal with a boss turned bully who is very unstable and erratic during business hours and sends him nasty text messages after work. I am praying for my husband every moment of the day that he is able to stay strong and hopeful, and deal with the owner in a calm and kind way no matter what 'flaming darts' are thrown at him, and also that a new job opportunity will become available for him. We love the Madison area and don't want to move again! Any prayer support would be very greatly appreciated!

Jeremiah 32 v27

June 20, 2015

Please pray for my return to The LORD. I have been severly backslidden for months and have been living in willful sin, the flesh, the world, homosexuality, and in bondage to the devil. Please pray for my deliverance from this sinful lifestyle and all other satsnic strongholds in my life (Internet, pride, bitterness, unforgivness) and for my repentance toward God and faith Toward The Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray The LORD heals my backsliding and for humility contrition brokeness and Godly sorrow to flood my heart mind and soul. Please pray that The LORD restores me unto himself like the prodigal son and that I,unlike Lots wife, never look back. Please pray for me to be cut to heart like the people were when Peter preached on Pentecost, and that my heart is broken and humbled like King david's in psalm 51. Please pray that I do what James says in chapter 4 of his epistle. I need to repent, huumble myself, fast pray and seek The LORD. Please pray for me Thanks and God bless you all. Thank you all for all the intercession and notes in the past. -R.C.

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