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Pray that God will provide

October 21, 2014

I would appreciate prayers for my well being. I lost my job several months ago (downsizing) and have been struggling to find a good-paying job in a stable work environment. I have been applying for administrative positions which I am well qualified for. I have had several interviews, but no offers yet. I am frightened because I need to start selling my furniture and may have to sell my home soon as my savings account dwindles down. I have no idea where I will go to live. God has always provided in the past...I hope he will again.

128 Days to Determine to Live or Die

October 16, 2014

All I have ever wanted for myself (I say that as my children of course are first and foremost) is a partner to share my life with. This summer I began dating a man and thought I found the one and he felt the same way (I have multiple text messages supporting his feelings, songs he sent me, etc) Within the first two weeks I met his best friend, and family. There were some complications in the beginning on his end that I agreed to work with based on his explanation, communication etc. In short after talking for a week and then having 4 dates he informed me that the girl he had been dating for 1.5 years was still living in his house. He had asked her to move out 6 months prior, but had not forced the issue as they are best friends, nothing is happening and they are not home at the same times. He was good to his word and she moved out within two weeks of me being told of the situation. It never crossed my mind that they would still be in communication - Yes I am an idiot - especially based on my age and what I have already been through in life. All was going well until about the end of the second month. I was at a friends house and learned via FB that he was on a motorcycle run with his old girl friend all day. I was deeply hurt. Prior to that day I had never popped in unannounced. This day I did. He had gotten new furniture and I used that as my excuse for stopping. I then asked about the ride and being hurt I began to cry. He told me I was being stupid and he can be friends with whomever he likes. After another two weeks of crying and him pulling away I cut the cord, but had not wanted to. This week I learned from a friend who contacted him as I am not doing well health wise that he really did think I was the one and that one particular day was the day he changed his mind. He told her that the ride had been a fund raiser for the daughter of a fellow rider who was dying of cancer. I was aware of this as there was a scheduled benefit a month down the road. I was never told that the ride was a second benefit. He did not even disclose that the night that I questioned him about it. As he invited me to the actual benefit, why did he not invite me to the ride? I did ask that question, but was told his old girl friend was part of the group and they wanted her there. Perhaps this does not make sense to me as this was my first experience with a group of Harley people...I would have thought I should have been on the back of his bike and the ex could have rode with someone else. Had he only explained all of this to me when I stopped at the house things may be different. I would still have been hurt, but I would have rationalized it to myself and moved on. Now that I know that is the reason that he decided I am not the one and will, as he told my friend, NEVER be the one and NEVER have another chance I have nothing but regret as I did this to myself. He had many positive things to say about me. I am kind, honest, loyal, true and the kind of person that if anyone ever needed anything, including him, he knew that I would be there in a heartbeat no questions asked. That is just the kind of person I am, I have a huge heart. So why 128 days. My son is off on a military mission right now and my other two children remain at home. Until I know that all three are safe I am needed. This regret is literally eating me alive, my son is due back in 128 days. I cannot take the pain in the eyes of my children and I cannot take the pain in my heart. I am torn as to what to do. Please pray for me...I honestly want to stay around for my children, but I cannot handle the pain any longer. I am in counseling, etc. but regret is a horrible thing to live with day in and day out. The constant thought of if only he had said something...If only I had said more.

Desparate for a Baby - Healing of my Womb

October 14, 2014

Please pray for me so that my husband and I will be able to have our healthy baby 9 months from now. I made some mistakes early in life and also had abortion about 2 years ago. I have repented, asked GOD for forgiveness and have been trying for a baby for over a year now with no luck. Please help me in prayers, that GOD will HEAL my womb, the BLOOD OF JESUS will wash away every sickness or blockage in my womb, that I will be pregnant by the end of this year 2014 and have a baby with my husband. In JESUS name I pray...AMEN!

Dont want to be Homeless

October 13, 2014

I'm a single mother and an disabled veteran. I was living in Georgia and and my landlord raised my rent to where I couldn't pay it. The VA told me to move to Tallahassee Florida where they would be able to help me. The plan (from what they told me) was to move here and find a house (within their specification). Family Endeavors which is a non profit organization was suppose to pay my rent up to 5 months while the VA puts me on HUD Vag. Well they did not do as they said. They paid 3 months and left me with the other 2. The rent is 1075 a month. Id like to come up with 2150which is two months just to be safe. But I am in dire need for just one month so I and my children will not become homeless. In January HUD is supposed to kick in and we will be ok if I can make it that long. My email is, you can email me here also if you wish to donate to help out its my PayPal as well. Thank you and god bless.

Boy Problems again...

October 13, 2014

I had been praying for many years that God would put a good man in my life and three months ago I thought he had answered my prayers. I found a man that loved me and we were doing great, I did so many things include helping him find a new car and job, help his family move and others, then yesterday I found out he was cheating on me. I just need the strength to get though this because right now I just want to give up and say God forgot about me and I am going to be alone my whole life. I know that this happens to others and not only me but it seems to happen a lot to me. I pray that God will give me the strength I need to not call and try to work things out with him because I am scared of being alone and that he will show me the reason why this happened. Thank you.

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