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Tragic death of pet

September 01, 2014

Please pray for us.. this may sound trivial to some people.. but we tragically lost our devoted dog Blaze. I can hardly write this... Pray for my husband, my other dog and myself. I just don't understand why this happened. We have been treating her with a blood issue since March. Poor thing was on 4 different drugs, had to wear a booty on her foot due to some kind of tumor/sore.. and she was tough thru it all. She was such a easy going, happy dog. We finally had her blood platelets at normal levels, things were looking up for her... and then the most awful thing happened. Why God?? Why?? My poor grief ridden husband... He didn't see her laying under the front of the truck!! It's such a disgusting, tragic, unfathomable accident.... She didn't deserve to die like that, my husband will be scarred for life. I know its not God's fault, but why couldn't he send a angel or our fairy godmother.. something to help prevent this!! For the last 6 months, I've constantly listen to 102.5 and God's message, I've talked to God more in the last 1year than I have my entire life. I've said my prayer, thanked God for all our blessing. Of late it seems I've talked to him every other minute of the day.... I though He was listening... I feel so let down.. I feel like I can't turn to him. How do I know he will listen now when I doubt he was listen me before! Will you please pray for us. We need help getting thru this pointless, awful, painful, tragic accident. My husband has so much guilt and 'if only's'. I close my eyes and all I see is her sad eyes look at us.. asking "why?".. and I don't know why... why did this happen????? I'm trying to be strong for my husband, for our other senior dog who is now alone, hoping they will be ok.. please pray for us.. please.. God if you're listening please help us...

Binge Eating

August 31, 2014

I am a 17 yr old girl and I have struggled with overeating my entire life. I have always been heavy, and though I never let it show, it has always bothered me. When I was 13 I was a t summer camp and we were doing an activity that required running, I could hardly breathe. The girl next to me innocently said "You don't run much do you?" I was so offended and ashamed. I was 180lbs and 5'8" at the time. I then made the decision to lose weight. I began very healthily, watching portions and walking the dog 30mins a day, and was able to lose 10lbs(my goal was 20lbs). Then when I turned 15 my family found out my dad, who just had turned 50, had stage 2 pancreatic cancer. I remember feeling nothing. I have always loved my dad, he was great, but he struggled with his faith his whole life, and I never had a very close relationship with him. The next 6 months I started walking the dog more often in order to get away from the house, there was a lot of tension in the house. My mom is a nurse and disagreed with some of the treatments that were happening and my dad was in denial. He was also doing at home hospice and I didn't like being there. Anyway, I started to refocus on losing weight, mainly as a distraction, but also to be as healthy as possible with cancer now in my medical history. My dad was diagnosed in March 2013 and died on Oct. 21, 2013. It hurt, but I wasn't immobilized like in the movies, life went on and I felt so bad about that. I had lost another 10 lbs over the summer/fall and continued to try to lose weight, even though I had reached my goal. I felt better then ever physically, but I didn't look the way I wanted yet. In December(156lbs 5'9") I was diagnosed with Diabetes Insipidus. It's a chronic illness that has to do with the way your body holds onto fluid. Then I graduated high school a year early in late-March and we moved in mid-April. Stress started piling up and I started controlling the one thing I could, my weight. I lost a total of 58lbs and was down to 122lbs 5'9 3/4" at my lowest in June 2014, when my mom caught wind of what was happening. I saw a counselor for a while and started healthily gaining a little weight back, but then unhealthily. I started binge eating basically everyday in July and continue even now. I have gained a lot of weight back now, though I haven't been allowed to weight myself so I don't know how much. I feel so lost and hopeless, this entire thing has made me feel alone and numb to God's voice. I know all the answers and everything that you learn in church, and I know what I'm supposed to say, but I can't feel God anymore. I don't know how to reconnect and I don't know how to stop binge eating. I just don't even know if I care anymore. Please pray for my health, head, and heart. And most importantly that I could surrender myself fully back to God and regain the purpose and fulfillment in my life. Thank You.

Concern about Pregnancy

August 28, 2014

My husband and I are trying to have our second child. I had an early miscarriage last month, and seem to have fallen pregnant again this month! However, I am concerned I will lose this one as well (I've lost two already) or that this pregnancy is actually my body responding to last month and not a true pregnancy at all. Please pray for me that we will have a healthy, happy child in our arms nine months from now!

Need a second job

August 26, 2014

I need to get a second job to pay off my bills faster and be able to provide school things for my daughter. I have a decent job but had to take a pay cut five months ago when my boss of ten years retired and closed his office. I just need a second job on the weekends to make up the difference and start getting ahead again. My savings is gone. I have been looking but I can't seem to find one. Please pray that I can find a second job to supplement my income so I can get ahead on my bills again. Thank you.

Job contract ending in 2 weeks

August 24, 2014

I need confidence, encouragement and strength to get thru these next 2 weeks. I was given a prayer from my friends to be full of grace and quietly get my work done and leave for the next two week visits. I just need covering of strength and calmness along with His mercy to get through this time. I have been ignored for 6 months in my efforts and recommendations. The way the administration is handling my strengths, help and support is by terminating my contract. I just the encouragement on how my being covered with the blood of Jesus is all I need to get through this time. Please pray for my strength to continue and I can get rest through this stressful time. Also please pray I will get unemployment help until I find the next employment. I need your encouragement. Thank you for this.

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