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Please Pray for Employment

October 18, 2016

I have been out of work for quite a few months. Please pray that God would clearly reveal to me what His Perfect Plan and Purpose is for my life concerning employment.

Relationship Questions

October 07, 2016

I have always struggled to find the right guy and it seems as though I always pick the wrong one. My last couple of relationships the guy I was seeing cheated on me. I was very hurt but put my trust in God to help me heal from that. I did (or thought I did) and met a great guy that I thought God put in my life for a reason only to find out now 6 months later he is seeing other people and lying to my face about it. I love him very much and I am starting to feel like this is what I deserve as this seems to continue to happen to me. I need prayers that I will find the strength to let go and end this relationship and not stay in it because I am scared of being alone. I also need prayers to continue to put my faith in God and let it be up to him what happens and just trust him. Thank you

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