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Breaking through blessings

September 16, 2014

I am asking for so much wisdom rigth now. I ask in Jesus name that God would pour out His love favor and blessings over myself and husband, and our families. I declare that I am losing weight, and getting a part time job at the tanning salon. I am praying favor with my school and teachers as well as my husband. I pray for our minds to be filled with Christ. I plead the blood over my family friends and everyone who stands with me. I claim that this year 2014 is going to be ted and I Eph 3:20 year. IJNIP Amen Courtney


September 16, 2014

I just want to give up on life. The one girl ever capable of understanding me is someone's girlfriend, I'm now 40 lbs overweight, my subjects are in trouble in school, and it seems like no one will talk to me anymore. I keep beating myself up, and I don't even think I'm capable of anything anymore. I'm even considering dropping my classes. I want and need to feel God again. Because I have chased away all those capable of being my friends.


September 14, 2014

I am a adolescent girl who is depressed. I don't feel like I should be allowed to though. I have a good life, supportive family, am in college, and grew up in a nice christian home, but I can't make myself be happy. I feel like I'm ungrateful and selfish because there are so many other people with life worse than mine. I have been binge eating in order to make myself feel better, but that has stopped working and now I have to eat just to feel okay. This has caused me to gain about 40 pounds and that just makes me feel worse. I don't know what to do anymore and have been having a lot of suicidal thoughts lately. I don't think I would ever act on those thoughts though because I feel like that is one of the worst sins, taking away God's ability to work through you. I just feel so helpless and trapped.

Family, finances, relationships, loss of job

September 12, 2014

I have three grown sons in their 30's who, for some reason, choose to no longer speak to each other, and it tears me apart. One lives in San Francisco, one lives in Ohio, and the youngest lives in Tennessee. Even though it's difficult to get everyone together anymore, they don't even speak to each other by phone, Internet, Facebook, etc. it makes it very difficult to try to plan anything for holidays because my middle son, especially, won't visit if either one of his brothers is home. We have a neighbor who is very verbally abusive to my husband and I, and it is making it very difficult is enjoy our own home. We have contacted law enforcement, and they can't really do anything unless he does something illegal. I fear that something awful might happen to myself, my husband, my dog, or our home. We don't want to have to move, we don't feel we should have to. I lost my job seven months ago, my unemployment compensation has run out, and I have no job prospects. I apply online for jobs that I could do, but hardly anyone has contacted me. I have had only a handful of job interviews, but no offers, except for one company that hired me, I started on a Friday and they let me go the following Monday. They said I didn't learn their computer system quickly enough. I have over 24 years experience in customer service in the hospitality industry. Needless to say our finances are taking a hit. We had to get a home equity loan to pay off bills. Thank a God my husband is working, but nowadays two incomes are a necessity.

Prayers for myself, my son & someone I love

September 12, 2014

I feel selfish asking for prayers for myself. I long forGods peace emotionally, financially & over all. I have a special needs son whos been getting more & more aggressive/violent. I also have someone else in my life whom I love very much that is emotionally unavailable yet longs for love & peace. The devil has been hitting hard lately in many ways & just when I think I have things going well he comes back for more. Thank you

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