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October 30, 2014

I have always had a very loving family who raised me to love the Lord. My parents have been married for over 30 years and in the last year my dad has taken up drinking alcohol a lot. He is to the point where my mom wants to leave him and my sister, her husband and their daughter are moving out and want nothing to do with him as he says really mean things when he drinks. I live about an hour and a half away from them so I am not always there. My dad's sister and I are going to talk to him next weekend and hope that he can open his eyes and see what is happening. I just need prayers that my mom will stay strong through this and that God touches my dad and helps him. I recently broke up with my boyfriend who cheated on me and I with everything going on I feel so alone and want to get back with him but I know that is not the right thing to do, so please pray for my family and myself for strength and that God touches us. Thank you!

Pray for work

October 29, 2014

I need prayers for employment. My husband has been carrying the financial burden for the past 6 months and has been extremely patient and supportive. I thank God that he has been able to provide for our three children and myself. I see how this stress is affecting him and our relationship. Every job rejection makes it even harder to be positive and strong. Please pray that the right job comes along very soon. Thank you!

Please pray for purity

October 28, 2014

Please pray for purity in my thoughts and how I live my life. I've been struck with sexual temptations the last few weeks or so badly. And it's affecting my spiritual life I want to live for Jesus and make myself a holy temple for Him.

Choosing the right path

October 20, 2014

In need of prayers to understand what my God-given purpose is. I'm 19 and attempting to decide what to major in and what career to pursue. It's hard to know if I'm making the right decision, and although I keep reminding myself that God's got this and He has the perfect plan for me, i'm anxious about it. I'm strongly considering going into the education field but am constantly questioning myself and wondering if that's what I'm meant to do. Thank you for your prayers!

Job Loss

October 17, 2014

My 3 children and I have had a rough past 3 years and would like to ask everyone for some additional prayers!! My now ex-husband(the father of my 3 children ages 13,10 and 6) lost his job and had what I would call a mid life crisis and has walked out of our lives. Moved out of state and has nothing to do with the kids. They had and continue to have a really hard time with this. He never calls them, no help financially. I am having a really hard time trying to raise them right and work full time all while doing this by myself. Doing so has taken a tole on my work performance to the point that I was fired from my job of 14 years the end of September due to attendance and tardy problems. Prior to their dad leaving, I had near perfect performance and attendance at work!! I know the good Lord will take care of us, but I'm having a really hard time coping with it all right now!! He has a much bigger and better plan for myself and my children but its really hard right now............

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