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My hubby and I

July 25, 2014

Hey you , thanks for taking the time to read this prayer request. My hubby and I are in a little jam. His is unsafe to drive, we were blessed with a good car for myself. I am praying GOD would make a way for him, because, we are newly weds, and have not much MONEY SAVED for a car. :( ( a good one, we travel to our jobs) and he is blessed with his work truck right now, but I just ask that he would have his own! :( And can you please pray that we would be on a healthy routine together, going to the gym, prepping our lunch, breakfest, and just being on top of things. We used to be, but this summer we have had lots of unexpected things through us off our trail. I pray that GOD would bless us so MUCH in our marriage and life together. I love him dearly and I know he loves me dearly and we both LOVE the LORD. Thank you so much. xo

family and spiritual issues

July 20, 2014

I am in need of prayer warriers for myself and my children for financial, spiritual,and protection. As a single mother I am dealing with the stresses of day to day living financial and emotional support for my self and my two children. My daughter is 22 and is home now after not making it in college. and is just maintaining a job. but not getting on with her life in a good way. My son at 16 is in need of mom more but I have to split my time between the two. My ex husband is around but is not always the spiritual guide I need for my children. or the financial help. I am overwhelmed by all I need to do for myself and my children. Prayers for all aspects of my life is needed. Love to sing at praise and worship at my church. But it is a fairly new church for me and I do not have the support I had at our previous church. my children are in need of spiritual and emotional help. Direction is needed for my daughters life and confidence in who my son and daughter is in the Lord and to send them a great mentor. Besides myself.

help please

July 18, 2014

there are multi parts to this request. Please pray for my ex husband he had a rough childhood, and the last year and a half has done may wrongs against our children and myself. Please pray that he find god and do right by our children. My ex husband left for another women when I was pregnant with our second child, and during this time I met a kind loving,honest and respectful man given the circumstances at the time we did not work out, please pray that this man and I find a way back to one another and have a long joyous relationship. god bless you all.

Messed up. BEautiful disaster

July 17, 2014

First off, I am thankful everything the Lord has done. He is my rock, regardless of how selfish I can be, he always loves me. I am so happy for all I have, I just feel unacommplished because I can not discipline myself. I work 9 hour days, on my feet all day, and I just have no energy or focus to do or prepare for my other goals on the side. I started smoking cigarettes again and I have also been abusing my prescriptions to keep me going. I just feel messed up mentally. Please pray for me to become normal again, I am quick to anger. I just hate that I am trapped in a body I do not want to be.


July 15, 2014

After almost 20 years of marriage my wife and I divorced in Feb. She told me she had not loved me for the past five years. I still love her very much even though she has left me with so much heartache. I know I will always love her. Please pray for the strength I need to forgive myself as well as her so that I am able to start to move on with my life. Sad, lonely, and afraid. If someone knows of a good self help book on divorce I would appreciate it. God bless us all.

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