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Please pray for us

August 22, 2016

Please pray with me for all my family members, grandrandkids, adult children and spouses, one is separated but planning on getting a divorce. Please pray they get back together again and please pray for my husband and my financial needs. May God bless all of you also.

Please pray for my dear son

August 18, 2016

My son could really use your prayers. He is starting a new job on Monday, thank God, but may be required to go into residential treatment tomorrow for an addiction. I believe that his addiction can be addressed through other forms of treatment rather than intensive inpatient, although I want what's best for him and also realize that God knows what is best for him. Please pray that he will be able to remain in recovery, get the help he needs to stay in recovery, but will also be able to start this new job. Pray that his recovery will continue to be successful. He has done a wonderful job these past few days. I also need God's assistance to heal our family wounds from my son's past hardships. Thank you so much for your prayers. God bless!

Pray for healing

August 16, 2016

Please pray with me for healing for all families who are hurting (including ours). Please pray that God's love and Jesus' divine mercy might fill our hearts and our love so that we can forgive each other and love each other as God loves us. Thank you for your prayers, I am praying for your needs today too. God bless you all.


August 12, 2016

God, please let today be the day You move Michael to break through. Show him Your way and Your provision. Help him embrace what You are trying to give him. Throw any fear, selfishness, doubt, or anything not of You into the pits of hell where they belong. Please don't let the sun set without Michael being back where he needs to be. Please show your limitless power and restore today. In Jesus' name, Amen.


August 12, 2016

She needs a good man in her life. her xboyfriend, ,father to her child, is in and out of jail. has never been a real dad to Genna. her current boyfriend isnt good either wont keep a job, caused her to lose her apt, always accuses her of cheating. PLEASE PRAY GOD WILL SEND HER A GOOD MAN!!

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