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Prayer request from Sean C. in CA.

March 27, 2015

03/27/2015 - Request for prayer support from Sean C. in CA. Please pray for the Lord's full household salvation, mercy, love, peace, rest, grace, help, strength and comfort, truth and light, complete healing and good health, protection, and all that's good from God for all of: Israel, Jerusalem, The United States of America, the Body and Church of Christ, me (Sean C.) and all my family and relatives - including my mom Patricia, my sister Kathleen, my uncle Joe, my aunt Carol, and all who are with us. Pray that the Lord would physically, mentally, and spiritually heal and restore us; deliver us from all pain, oppression, distress, and sicknesses; grant to us all our prayers, needs, and desires of our hearts according to His good will; draw us near to Him; deliver us from all evil and the Evil One; and keep us safe and free in Him. Thank you.

Waiting for a Lung Transplant

March 27, 2015

My daughter in laws father has auto immune disease. She lost her mom to breast cancer 4 years ago. Her dad is in the hospital not doing well. Cant breath, lots of pain, needs to be stabilized. Needs a lung transplant waiting gets harder and harder. Desperate need of prayers.

Please Pray For Me

March 26, 2015

I am a 65 year old divorced woman thats a care giver/legal guardian for my adult special needs daughter. My daughter has cerebral palsy from birth and now has been diagnosed with Dementia. I am currently try to make my lil wood and vinyl sign business a go, to bring in the extra money we need. I am a fixed income and currently that money is stretched very thin. Due to the very good temps our heating bill is extremely high and our cupboards are getting bare. Please pray for us, for me getting this lil business going. Pray for the money to help us with food and to pay our bills. Thank you


March 24, 2015

A mother asked for prayer for her living situation. She make have her condo foreclosed on. Her daughter spent her life savings. Her son is disabled and needs treatment. Please pray for her and for guidance.

Please pray that God blesses our daughter & those hiring

March 24, 2015

Our daughter never thought she'd be a single mom. She prayed long and hard for the strength to make the best decision for herself and her children. She has struggled emotionally & financially but was able to be home with the kids while they were little. She has put herself thru grad school over the last 4 years; she will graduate in May. Please pray that God leads her to a school that needs her; that He opens the eyes of those interviewing to see the good teacher that she is. She is "holding on" with Faith and Hope as she looks for a full time teaching job.

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