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Marriage Turmoil

February 08, 2016

My wife and I have been struggling in our marriage for 15 years. We've attempted counseling multiple times without success. We have two young children with some special needs. Tonight, in anger, I said some things to my wife that were extremely hurtful and absolutely inappropriate. The "Christian" man. I called her names I've NEVER called her before, something I'd never dreamed I would do, especially to the woman I love. I have no idea what came over me. We're both exhausted. We've both been running in multiple directions, doing the best we can to take care of everything. My wife tends to be depressed and negative. The glass is usually half empty. I don't think she buys the Christian approach. I certainly didn't do anything to help that tonight. I've prayed for our marriage for so long. As much as I don't want to see our marriage end, I am at a complete loss as to what to do . . . except continue to pray. I'm not a quitter. I take responsibility for my actions. I've told my wife I was wrong and that I'm sorry. Still, it's very difficult to see a positive outcome for us. It seems like it will take a miracle to get this straightened out, yet I know God is able to do just that. Again. I work hard to live as a Christian and set an example for my kids. Tonight, I feel like I have failed. Thank you in advance for your prayers.


February 04, 2016

Please pray for me that my husband "Carl Ray" comes back home very soon. He left me just before Thanksgiving. He is living with a friend of his. He needs to come home so we can work on are marriage. Thank You.

My Daughter need prayer

February 04, 2016

Please pray for my daughter, she is in her first semester of college for Nursing. This is her dream to be a nurse and help others. She currently works in a long term care center and loves her residents. She needs to have an overall 80% on all her skills tests and written tests, work or she cannot go to her clinical site in March. She had her first skills test yesterday and studied hard but only received a 70%. Please pray moving forward that she would get an 80% or better for all remaining test. She suffers with anxiety and depression and if she fails it will be so devastating for her. Please pray for her to have unending knowledge in her studies and that she will study the right information to pass her classes at 80% or better. Thank YOU!

Sons marriage

February 03, 2016

Please pray in agreement with me, for my son, Bob, and his wife and my grandsons, They have separated- (she needs time apart to think)- Please pray for his wife to be reminded of her love for him and not be blinded by the attention of other men, please pray for my son to see what he needs to do to help reconcile and also please pray for his emotional and physical health- and the marriage and especially please pray for these precious little boys- their whole world could change.

Need Prayers to save home!

February 01, 2016

I was laid off from my job at the end of June 2105, and have not been able to find work - I am limited physically in what I can do. Unemployment has run out, all the income we have is my husband's disability (he has a terminal heart condition). My husband is getting weaker every day, and worries about me, how I am going to live once he is gone. His condition is worsening - he is not able to stand without falling, and this week the motor on his wheelchair went out, and the Veteran's Administration is slow in getting it serviced. Please pray that I will be able to find some sort of work that I can do from home, as my husband needs someone with him at all times. Asking for prayers that my home based cookie business will bring in enough income that I will be able to stay home with him. Please pray that we will not have to sell our home! Lord, you know our situation, and our needs. You know this home was built specifically for my husband's disability needs. Father, our future is in Your hands. We ask that You take care of our family. We ask that You keep my husband comfortable and ease his pain. We ask that You lead us to the path that will allow us to remain in our "forever" home. Lord, we know You hear our prayers, and will lead us in the right direction. Amen

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