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Rising From Ashes

February 09, 2016

My parents just experienced a house fire Sunday morning. They are now displaced for 2-3 months while the house is being repaired, as it is uninhabitable for the time being. I know that since everyone is safe that nothing else really matters. Heck, I wasn't even in the house when the fire started. I moved out 6 months prior into my first apartment with my new husband. But I still feel as if it were my house that burned and am now displaced. I still feel in shock and now I have to go to work as if everything is fine. Please pray for my parents, brother, and their pets who all managed to get out safely that their health stays good. Please pray for a speedy restoration of the house. Please pray for strength for me to get through life as normal now and for the strength to support my parents in their time of need. Please pray for my husband as he supports me now.

prayers for sons surgery

January 27, 2016

asking for prayers for my son who is going in on friday for shunt surgery due to his hydrocephalus. he has been suffering for years with constant headaches due to excess fluids. dr has tried to correct situation but nothing to this point has given the much relief he needs. they will be putting in a new valve that has only been used once on another patient. but they have had good results. Lord i pray that my son gets the relief he and so many suffering with this disease with this new valve. pray for the wisdom of the doctor and his skills to perform this operation. i also pray for my older son who has so much on his plate with a surgery he had 3 weeks ago. he struggles with health issues and i pray that he too will get relief and turn to you Lord for all his needs. tyvm

Lump in Breast

January 27, 2016

Last night I found a lump in my breast. I have had normal mammograms for the past two years I've been getting them so I pray that it's nothing. My grandmother passed away from breast cancer years ago so it runs in my family. I have an appointment this Friday with my doctor so I'm asking for prayer as I go into this appointment. Thank you so much & God Bless!

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