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Angels Among Us

August 24, 2015

My grandparents are beautiful people. My Great-Aunt was diagnosed with Alzheimer's two years ago. Since then, she's gone downhill quickly. My grandparents have very little and have never once complained or shown pity on themselves. Every day once they're done with work they go over to spend time with my Great-Aunt. They have been doing this for over two years now and their dedication to her and to the overall well-being of others completely humbles me. Please pray for them. Pray for their happiness and that people show them the love and care that they deserve, since they've done nothing but love and care for others. I admire them and I know that if I can be half as good of a person in my lifetime as they are, I'll be set. Thank you!

Healing and success for my son

August 20, 2015

God has blessed me with the greatest gifts in life, my children. Please, please pray in agreement with me for my son Matthew. He is,a recovering herione abuser. He is clean and sober by the grace and compassion of our Lord, Jesus. Because of a mistake he made at 18 he now has arecod that prevents him from finding a job. With no job he has no place to live and many days goes without food. I know my God is greater than all the adversity that has been set before him. Please pray that my son may find favor in God's eyes and by his Holy Spirit, doors will be open and he can find his true calling to serve God, others and survive in this cold world untill he is with his true Father in heaven. I rarely hear from him , and as a mother, nothing breaks your heart more than to know your child is suffering. With these words I place my son's life in my Saviors hands, as I do all children. Thank you and God bless.

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