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Urgent prayer for family and child

December 19, 2014

Please please please pray for my 7 year old daughter and my family as we are dealing with allegations of abuse from her biological father and his wife. We recently went to court and the court decided to not change our custody arrangement at all and I wanted them to reduce placement with her father due to his instability and unsafe situations in his home. They decided not to do this and now he took placement of my daughter last weekend and they took her to the er and alleged abuse against my husband and my home. We had to deal with police and cps who determined that nothing is happening in our home and we have a good home and she is safe. they reported this to her father and he hung up on them. now my daughter has to go with her biological father for six days and I need god to keep her safe. I need god to put his healing hands on my family as my husband is considering divorce because he has young children that are in jeopardy and he doesn't want to lose them as a result of these false accusations. Please pray for us, they have closed the case on us but I am in fear my daughters biological father will continue to do this to my family and my daughter.

Prayer Warriors For My Daughter and Her Babies

December 17, 2014

Thanks for the ongoing support. My daughter is strong with your support and I know without each of you sending up prayers she would not be holding up and moving forward. As we learn more of the abusive relationship she has been in (mental and emotional abuse) . . . we've learned of her fianc's threats of suicide, slicing his arm in front of her eyes while she was 8 months pregnant with twins to show 'he is afraid of nothing', the binge drinking (please pray for his healing as well, he has so much life ahead of him only being in his early 20's, we pray he can get the help he needs and live a long, healthy life) . . . My daughter struggles but has taken the high road when she found the grandparents came in and took all the gifts they gave to the babies. She went to apartment to find all the clothing from 0-12 months removed from the apartment, along with baby wash clothes/towels, play mats, mobiles from crib, blankets, diaper wraps, lamps, piggy banks (along with any money in it), stuffed toys and they left a note to say they were coming back to take the crib, swing, and dressers which they had purchased for babies. My daughter is not angry and I know that is totally due to your prayers and encouragement. We ask for your continued support and encouragement to get us through this and please pray for the dad as well as his parents to heal their issues whatever they may be. Prayer warriors . . . thank you for your endless support! You give us more strength than you know!

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