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Prayer for two children being molested

February 28, 2015

My friend, who is incarcerated, has asked for prayer. She wrote this to me: I became aware that my youngest 2 children are being molested by my mom's husband and she's aware of it and is allowing it. They are now hiding my children from everyone and moved from our home house. I've had my family calling CPS and it seems like nothing is happening but I know God is about to open doors so we can find them. We found out she's hiding in Dallas, TX, but no address to find her. I'm praying the police step in and help, but right now nothing has happened. I'm yet to give up but the flesh is weak, but my spirit keeps me pushing. Please pray for all of us because this hurts a whole family and scars that will take time to heal.

divine intervention

February 27, 2015

Failed my board exam for nursing so ashamed reapplied but afraid.nothing seems to be working for me.God please help me ..having a bad month.need God


February 19, 2015

Support for my daughter and her husband who will be finding out today what the black spots on her husband's lungs are. With God's support they are nothing to worry about !

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