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Please pray for my dear son

July 29, 2016

My son is struggling to stay in recovery from a heroin addiction, is on probation, and is looking for a job. He is depressed and anxious about life and himself. Through the grace of God he has recently graduated from college and has a wonderful girlfriend. Please pray that he will reach out to God in this time of struggle, find confidence in himself and peace, and find a job very soon. Bless each of you for praying for him!! Thank you!

Gods grace and peace

July 21, 2016

I am in a very difficult situation and am hoping for Gods grace, forgiveness and goodness to help things work out, so I can experience peace.

Holy Spirit is Welcome Here!

July 21, 2016

Prayers that the Holy Spirit fill my heart & home and strengthen my faith and I can "let go & let God" in my new journey in life. I pray that my soon-to-be ex-husband opens his heart and mind to God, repent, and accept Christ as his Lord & Savior. I'm struggling with anxiety as the date approaches next week of the final hearing as his anger increases. I'm grateful for the calm and peace in my life vs the chaos it had been. I praise God that he's in charge!

Prayer For Trust

July 17, 2016

I am planning on asking out a girl this Wednesday for a casual date the following week or the week thereafter (I already have an event in mind). I am a bit nervous, because I am not a big dater. Pray that the Lord's Will would be done. Pray that the Lord would allow me peace of mind during the lead-up to and the actual "asking out" itself. Pray that the Lord would give me the "proper" words to say, and help me articulate clearly and effectively (I bumble a little when I get nervous). If I am so blessed as to go on the date, pray that I would credit and look to the Lord for not only thanks, but for further guidance regarding the planned date itself. Pray that if the girl declines, that the Lord would give me the strength and courage to trust in him, and be able to move on.

Prayers for crossroad on journey and peace

July 17, 2016

Peace in my life with my family, fiance and job. Need know where God wants me go in this journey on life as I am in crosseoad. Thank you.

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