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please pray for N & B - mom and son

May 22, 2015

please pray for mom to have peace and understanding of our Father's love and acceptance, to choose life and a good future, not despair and continued cycle of desperation and desolation - she is currently in a serious depression and possibly suicidal - many poor decisions, dependance on false hopes and drugs/alcohol - son is in safe haven with friends, but may be temporary, not sure of the future for either. Pray that son has no bad memories of the turmoil, but finds the hope of our Savior at every turn on his life journey.


May 20, 2015

First, Thanks to God for all of the AMAZING blessings He has realized in our lives. Second, Prayers that He give me Confidence in Him and in ALL that he has made me, for His purpose. I struggle with insecurity, fear, doubt- when I know that God is in control and has and will always take care of me. I let other people have the advantage over me- these are my struggles. I pray for permanent liberation from them, I'd like to exchange them for peace and joy and confidence in Jesus' Holy name, shown by the evidence of the wonders he has worked in my life.

Moving forward

May 13, 2015

Please pray the Lord will bless me with His peace today. I have been struggling moving on from my ex. We broke up a little over a month ago, and the road is long and hard. Especially when I see him at church and church events. Please pray I can get to the point where I don't feel hurt and sadness every time I see him. Please pray the Lord will anoint me with the oil of gladness, and just help me move on. Please pray the Lord will bring my future husband into my life quickly. Thank you.

Madison protests

May 12, 2015

Please prayer for civil and nonviolent protests regarding the Tony Robinson case. For no severe injuries or death to any protestors, police or bystanders. For healing and peace to eventually follow.

prayers for sons health

May 08, 2015

please pray for both of my sons.. my eldest struggles with anxiety.. he has been going thru a rough patch with anxiety and self doubt.. prayers that he can turn it over and watch God fill him with peace and confidence to keep the anxiety at a healthy level.. my second son is going through health issues..he has a chronic illness and it is like riding a roller coaster for him.. he is struggling at the moment and in a lot of pain physically and mentally .. for it wears him down to continually struggle with his disease which has been since birth. so i ask as a mom whom tries to turn it over.. yet us moms tend to try to fix everything.. i turn both of my boys over and know God has a wonderful plan for them. tyvm..

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