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Feeling Broken

February 08, 2016

I've wanted to be a mom my whole life. In November I learned that I can't have kids. Today a good friend had a baby. Tomorrow I have to smile and celebrate my co-teacher's gender reveal party for our students. On top of it, my step-sister is going in for an abortion at 18 weeks along. I don't understand. I want to. I don't like being jealous. I'm divorced (infertility takes a toll) and alone--- and so empty. I could use some comfort and peace. Please pray that God will hold me through this week.


February 07, 2016

I am seeking a resolution to my troubled relationship. I pray for my significant other to find peace and figure out what he truly wants even if that isn't us. For there to be a clear path to follow and for us to find peace.

Prayer for restoration and the wedding is still to go on

February 06, 2016

My wedding is currently called off and my fianc is seeing other people. our wedding is completely paid for he seems confused because sometimes he will want towork it out other times he doesn't please pray for us to restore our engagement and be married faithful and raise our family in a martial home full of love happiness and peace.

Finding my way back home

February 03, 2016

I have been struggling. Struggling to feel at peace. Struggling to not feel anger, resentment and unhappiness in my life. Struggling to be okay with who I am and who I have become. I have been pushing God away, in large because of events that have occurred. I blame Him, even though it is the hurt and anger taking over. I want to get back home. I pray to find peace and most of all happiness again. I pray to get back in touch with God. I pray to not let my negativity get in my way and become me. I pray to be more positive. I pray to stop worrying so much about myself and worry more about others, but still have the capacity to take care of me as needed. Please I ask for all the above prayers. I need/want to feel God in my life again.


February 02, 2016

I ask for prayers for me and my husband, we are going through some bad times due to my affair and we need prayers for healing and forgiveness. He is carrying lots of pain and resentment I pray for his peace and healing. I am also dealing with conviction and fear. I pray for myself and my marriage to get out of this rut and move forward so we can get on a track of being a family and have the lord as our guidance. Thank You.

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