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please pray for my marriage, family & court case

October 01, 2015

I committed a horrible sin about a year ago, and my wife and I have been separated ever since. I caused deep emotional pain for her, and she no longer trusts me and hasn't allowed me to see our 2-year-old son for the past year. I repented immediately and have been getting help through Christian counseling and Celebrate Recovery (I got my 1-year chip tonight). Though I've been praying relentlessly for God to restore our marriage and family, my wife made it clear that she plans to divorce me. I'm facing criminal charges resulting from my sin, and must appear in court Friday, Oct. 9th, when I'm expected to accept a plea bargain and will be placed on probation for a misdemeanor. The terms of probation may end up being very excessive, and I'm concerned the terms may make it very hard for me to function in society. I've always been an honest, decent person and have never done anything like this before. I'm heartbroken and scared right now. Please pray that the judge will be lenient on me (I assure you I'm no threat to anyone), and that my wife would have a change of heart and allow God to restore our marriage and family. PLEASE pray that I will soon be able to regularly see and have quality time with my precious son, and for God to give me peace. Thanks


September 29, 2015

Dear Lord, please watch over my sister. I pray for guidance, courage, and peace for her, as she struggles with frustrations at work. Help her find her calling, and peace in her heart. In Jesus' name, Amen

Prayer for employment for my husband

September 28, 2015

Please pray that my husband finds a job soon that is a good fit for him and that he can support our family on. His job ends this week and our third child is due in less than ten weeks. Prayers for strenghth, peace and a healthy baby would also be much appreciated. Thank you.

Finding myself and faith again

September 28, 2015

Recently I have been going through many changes in life. I have kinda fallen from church and praying. I have relationship issues and now we are on a break. I found Jesus again and prayed it's helping me find peace. It just reminds me that prayer works even tho things aren't fixed yet I understand where it's at and what needs to be done.

for Sarah and Cody

September 25, 2015

I pray the Lord stands post in between & with Cody and Sarah NOW and stands post in between & with their relationship together NOW, & that the Lord stays there in the midst of them always, and immediately mediates for them through His Love and Sacrifice, quickly improving their communication, self control, wisdom, LOVE, tolerance, understanding, commitment, DEVOTION, peace, JOY, COMPLETE SATISFACTION, endurance, harmony,FAITHFULNESS, mercy, favor, strength, fortitude, perseverance, affection, pleasure, honesty, cheerfulness, good will, HAPPINESS,ROMANCE, UNITY, DEDICATION,TIE, AND gentleness FOR EACH OTHER AND EACH OTHER ONLY, WITH AND IN CHRIST OUR KING, THROUGH HIM AND ONLY IN HIM, FOR ALL OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP AND MARRIAGE TOGETHER. Lord deliver them from every evil & temptation, deliver them from EVERY SINGLE bad fruit, bad character, harm, loss, doubt, adultery, separation, illness, disease, wayward person, wayward ways, etc, now and for good. in Jesus Christ our Savior's Name, we pray, Amen.

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