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Tragic death of pet

September 01, 2014

Please pray for us.. this may sound trivial to some people.. but we tragically lost our devoted dog Blaze. I can hardly write this... Pray for my husband, my other dog and myself. I just don't understand why this happened. We have been treating her with a blood issue since March. Poor thing was on 4 different drugs, had to wear a booty on her foot due to some kind of tumor/sore.. and she was tough thru it all. She was such a easy going, happy dog. We finally had her blood platelets at normal levels, things were looking up for her... and then the most awful thing happened. Why God?? Why?? My poor grief ridden husband... He didn't see her laying under the front of the truck!! It's such a disgusting, tragic, unfathomable accident.... She didn't deserve to die like that, my husband will be scarred for life. I know its not God's fault, but why couldn't he send a angel or our fairy godmother.. something to help prevent this!! For the last 6 months, I've constantly listen to 102.5 and God's message, I've talked to God more in the last 1year than I have my entire life. I've said my prayer, thanked God for all our blessing. Of late it seems I've talked to him every other minute of the day.... I though He was listening... I feel so let down.. I feel like I can't turn to him. How do I know he will listen now when I doubt he was listen me before! Will you please pray for us. We need help getting thru this pointless, awful, painful, tragic accident. My husband has so much guilt and 'if only's'. I close my eyes and all I see is her sad eyes look at us.. asking "why?".. and I don't know why... why did this happen????? I'm trying to be strong for my husband, for our other senior dog who is now alone, hoping they will be ok.. please pray for us.. please.. God if you're listening please help us...

Luke 1:37

August 31, 2014

Please pray that I have a deeper walk with the Lord jesus Christ and that I grow in grace and knowledge of Him. Please pray that The LORD protects me from enemies seen an unseen and that He uses me for his glory and conforms me unto the Holy image of the Lord Jesus Christ and that He removes anyone or anything that would hinder my walk with Him from my life. Please pray that I am able to get a new job, my own place, and that He blesses me with a Godly, wise, gorgeous, christian wife. Please pray for the Dalton, Leahy, Rosario, Solano, Brown, Arce, Santiago, Wong, Hollenberg, Perez Colon, Bran, Tam, Zaffarese, Wallis, Colimon, Tolan, White,Santiago, Tackas, Thurston, Ortiz, Guevara, Meeting, Robledo, Ramos, Manzano,Garcia, Santiago, Lessig, Lonegan, Abbot, families, Jeremy and his family's salvation as well as my family's, my neighbors, and my co-workers salvation. Please pray also for the salvation of the world and that the LORD keeps, protects, provides, and directs Angel, daniel,Kyle, and allen on their walk with Him. Please pray against every scheme of the Enemy on the planet and that The LORD's will be done on earth, in the church, and in my life as it is in heaven. Please pray that the LORD helps me to Love and to forgive all people and not to bear any grudges. Also please pray that The LORD provides for Walter and his family's needs both spiritual and material. Please also pray that Walter and I become friends again. Please pray for the return of all the backsliders on the planet (please pray for Petey's, Andre's, Luis's, Tracy's, Dorian's return to the LORD). Please pray for Mende's, Kemo's Michael's, Joe, Chris, Charlie, Joe, Michael's Gorgui's, Anatasia'a, Warnell's, Ruben's, Carmello's, Shayla's, Robert's, Anthony's, Ross's, Pedro's, Mary's, Carlo's, and everyone that attends EST salvation). Please pray against everywork of the enemy in my home and life and please pray that the LORD call me to be a pastor after His own heart. Thanks and God bless you.

ISIS terror

August 29, 2014

Please pray for the innocent people being killed because they won't give up their faith as christians. This weighs heavy on my heart and I fear they will come here too.

Abiding in Christ

August 26, 2014

Please pray that I have a deeper walk with the LORD and that He protects me from the enemy, his agents (visable and invisable), and schemes. Aslo, that I am able to forgive, to bear no grudge, and to love all people (especially my family). Please pray that I am able to get a new job, my own place, and that the LORD blesses me with a Godly, Gorgeous, Wise, Christian Wife. Thanks and God bless you

New Job

August 23, 2014

I applied for a new job where I work....a number of people applied to work in this new department. There are a few folks who sit near me and have been talking that they were called for an interview. So far I haven't heard a word. My boss encouraged me to apply because he believed I would be a good fit for one of the positions. Because I hear these other folks talking about being called for interviews and I haven't, my anxiety level has escalated and I am worried that I may not be called to interview I have a job either way. I am doing my best to remind myself that if I don't get one of these positions that God has something better planned for me. But you know that old devil he is doing a pretty good job at attacking me and telling me I won't even be considered. So I am asking for prayers for peace, patience and trust in the Lord that everything will be worked out for my good and not harm. Thank you.

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