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Friend troubles

April 30, 2016

My best friend of 3 years has always been very abrupt and negative. I didn't mind it originally because I was so similar to her. Now however, the more I listen to life 102.5, and the more I expose myself to optimistic, encouraging people, the more I realize the negative effect my once best friend is having on my life. I have tried to help her become more positive, however she is suffering from chrones disease, chronic migraines, and other diseases I don't even know about. She's so young and has such a heavy burden on her shoulders that she's trying to deal with alone. I've tried to help as best I could and tried to get her to seek professional help, however she refuses. Our conversations have been fewer and fewer and are now almost nonexistent. I have stayed with her because I feel as though I can not abandon her in her time of need, and I am one of the only friends she has. I have tried so hard to help her, but I can not. I have realized this past week that she is forcing me not to do what I want and instead to do what she wants. I have not been experiencing the things a normal high schooler should. She has also restricted my conversation regarding my church, which is something very important to me, so when she asked I don't talk about, I was extremely saddened and taken back. She is Catholic and I am a Christian so don't know exactly why she doesn't want me to talk about it. She has also been very passive aggressive about my decision to go to prom, because she doesn't want to, and she's been making me feel very guilty about my decision. I have put up with her for a long time and am not sure how much longer I can do it. I don't know what to do because I feel as though I can't leave her, but I also can't stay friends with her. I have been praying about this for a while, however am not sure what God wants me to do. Any advice anyone has would be much appreciated. Thank you for praying for me and also please pray for my friend who is going through unimaginable pain every day.


April 29, 2016

I humbly ask for prayer, for a family that no longer speaks. Also certain people don't want anything to do with church (and perhaps even God). Please pray for hardened hearts to open. Thank you.

Work & Grace

April 28, 2016

By Gods grace about 12 weeks ago I landed a good job that I enjoy. I request prayer for continued grace and favor with my bosses, coworkers and other people I encounter here. Also, would you ask God to make this job long term for me ? Thanks,

Don't want to lose my social security benefits tomorrow

April 18, 2016

Thanks for viewing my prayer request. Tomorrow morning at 8:30 I stand before social security with a hearing officer I have been drawing benefits for 16 years and they seem to think I am magically healed from my attack and all my health isues. This is the first appeal but it would be great to have them reconsider and just put everything back to the way it was before. I don't want to have to get an attorney and go before a judge but if I have to then I will. I have heard a lot of people that are disabled lately getting their checks reviewed for no reason then they have to fight to keep it. I pray that the lord allows them to change their minds tomorrow and keep my medical and social security benefits going I would have no money no job and no where to live if they stopped it. I pray that everything will go good tomorrow in Jesus's name amen

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