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April 23, 2014

I m embarrassed to ask for prayers because so many people have it so much worse, but yet I know prayers work. I ask you please to pray that our house sells soon, that God will show our son which direction he should go, should he go back to school, or please that he gets a full time job with benefits. Please pray that our daughter gets a new job so that she can move back to the area, and so that our other son does not having any effects from his tour in Afghanistan. Thank you so much

Prayer, prayer, prayer.... for continued healing & peace....

April 23, 2014

I posted a request the second week of April for prayer for going through a divorce and also a potential health issue..... I went in for my CT Scan and on the morning of Good Friday I was told I had Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. This on top of my husband leaving & also going through a divorce after 31 years taking the only family I had with him..... Lord, Dear Lord... why is all this happening??? I don't think I can take anymore. Please, please keep praying..... Why do things seem to be getting worse?? I just don't understand any of this anymore. I am at the bottom of a very dark place. I know the only way now has got to be upward I hope, but it is getting very hard right now to keep my faith..... why do the good people have to suffer so much in situations like this?? If anyone could offer some kind words for me to help me get to a better place I would really appreciate it. Going through all of this alone without a family now is the worst. Dear Lord please help me...please lift me up & help me to turn my life around....I want to live and I want to make a better life for myself... thank you all once again for taking the time to read this and for all of your prayers over the past months...I cannot thank you enough,...hopefully someday soon I will see that light and things will begin to turn around & the prayers will start working to help me get through all of these trials..... in Jesus name I pray....Amen.

plaese pray

April 16, 2014

;please also pray for restore whole healing process..lost all gave away all even for my parents and brother..all the blessings whole good spirits whole soul mind heart gifts crowns people... everything like whole destiny to someone elses...really need your prayers,,,

plaese pray

April 14, 2014

Plese pray for give back whole good spirits whole crowns people all the gifts whole soul all the blessings back to me my parents and my brother. I messed up healing process and lost all.. gave away all.. Taken to someone elses. And we got their physical evil switched..I still believe and trust Him..please ask God for mercy and give each one of us back compeltely Fully as originally belong to us.. Even I rejected missed lost snatched away stolen didn't follow Him right way..... Even everything I spit out .. Realized spirit of healing restoration and blessings.. Even taken to someone elses bring everthing back to me .us..whole destiny got taken.. Please pray..also ask help and only Holy Spirit control us.. Please also pray for restore my family. Also please pray for me keep my whole soul and blessings snatched away or lost even for my parents and my brother... ;like whole me is taken.. pleaseask God to delete from them.

Please Pray for me

April 10, 2014

I have a job that I do enjoy. I work in the beauty industry. The job I am at, is very passive aggressive. The management team has about 4 people plus 2 bosses. Today I needed to get my car into the shop so I could have it fixed on my day off. Well, I let my manager know in the morning if I could leave early to get it fixed or in the shop so I was able to come to work Saturday without any problems. Well one manager then told me know, then another told me yes, I didn't get a break and I was starving, so finally my manager said I could go when my coworker came back from lunch. Then I saw my coworker come back from her break so I talked to the other manager and he said " Well I think you are gonna take a lunch " and I was so frusterated becaues I was hungry, confused and worried. So I started to cry. Then my manager said " breathe, its okay, I will be right back." So they are all in the back and my boss comes out and all the manages said I could leave because my boss was going to come out and work the last 1hr 1/2 shift I had left. So I go in the back and my female manager who is really nice, told me that they were irritated with me because I cry all the time? Through me off, because I am a genuine soul, and that is only because of GOD. I cry here and there at work, ( yes I am sensitive.) but they said I "Cry all the time at work." what the heck? I felt bad leaving to take care of my responsblitie and I started to cry even more, because I knew I would be thinking about that my boss was unhappy with me . I seriously am such a team player, I am a great worker and they all know that. But to talk down about me behind my back really hurts because I do my best and I bend backwards for them. It was just like a slap in the face, and its making me not even want to go back to work on saturday. I feel totally disrespected and unappreciated. Not exactly sure what to do. Please pray for me and write me some encouraging notes, because I need some. Thank you.

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