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July 26, 2016

plese pray for me guide me protect me pray for all over seas and all of my family reatives and also pray for that i found place and also pray for oall of nationals too even this hmong lady mai or other one pray for me join this young life and also prtoect little children and also homiless and protect me make sure stand up and not listen to people not good make sure we all get alone with each other too also myt family over seas in flippines even my aunties and my mom too and fmaily here too in jesus aman amen

Mother's heart is hardened

July 18, 2016

I became a believer almost 2 years ago, and the Lord rescued me from a truly bad situation. My Mother is not a believer, and angry about my becoming a beleiver; and just angry generally. In the last few years she has become involved with a group of people that has impressed upon her that it is she that is doing or making things happen and giving praise to a false god; when in fact it is the Lord she should be holding up and giving thanks to, and not herself and not this idolatry. This has led her to become self centered, and she regularly expects and effectively demands praise for everything and anything. I love my mother, so please don't misunderstand, she is an amazing woman, however, her recent behavior leads me to beleive darkness has replaced light in her. Please pray that God works in her life to remove the demons that surround her, that the darkness in her leaves her body, mind, and sole, that in the name of Jesus Christ comand all demons, the devil, and any evil to be gone from my mother. Amen. Also pray that she comes to the Lord to become a beleiver so she may be saved, and the anger vacates her mind, body, amd sole, and love replaces the anger. Amen. Thank you all in advance for your prayers :-)

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