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Latest update from Rick

October 16, 2014

I posted a request asking all of you to pray for me as my creditors are threatening me. Latest update, Benson gave me till Monday and SF gave me till Tuesday to pay. Please continue to pray for me that YY Joeline and AY will not be nasty, especially YY Joeline, I need God to soften her heart. Please pray that the court case that Benson took up against my sister (she is my guarantor) will be close and dropped miraculously. I also need God to send me a huge financial miracle. Please pray for me! Thanks to those who are praying and continue praying for me, it is once again proven that prayer works! I really appreciated it!


October 14, 2014

I have posted other requests for my marriage I pray my husband be brought to his knees for the choices and sins that destroyed our marriage. I believe and have faith

Latest update on: Need prayers before I call my creditors

October 13, 2014

Dear all, I was the one who posted an urgent request asking all of you to pray for me before I call one of my creditors. I thank you all for your prayers, I called YY Joeline, she didn't shout at me but miraculously spoke to me in a very calm manner, which is usually not the case. Though she refused to give me another week to pay her, she is willing to give me another 24 hours to raise the fund to pay her. Our prayers are working and miracle is on the way. I would like all of you to continue to pray for me , I need a financial miracle urgently, and all my debts will be paid off. Pray for the salvation of all my creditors as well. Thank you all once again for the powerful prayers!

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